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To Share Anel Message for Today from Angela McGerr's Heart and Soul Angel Cards

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone again tonight: I wanted to get this out earlier, but I spent the last thirty minutes trying to find a graphic of Eth , the Guardian Angel of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2007
      Hello everyone again tonight:
      I wanted to get this out earlier, but I spent the last thirty minutes trying to find a graphic of 'Eth', the Guardian Angel of Time.'  In  truth, what I real;y found out once again is that I must be the world's worst researcher because could not find any angel or archangel graphics, but so far, I have never been able to find either angel or archangel graphics for any of the cards I use, so I a, just going to use a substitute for tonight's angel..
      Because the actual card for tonight uses an image of wings on it, I am using this graphic of wings, just so I could have something to share tonight.  However, if any of you should have a graphic called 'The Angel of Time,' in your pictures files, I would so love to have it -- just in case I ever draw a card on this angel again.
      And, in addition, if anyone can give me some tips (or better yet, some links) as to where I can find graphics of guardian angels, archangels and other angels on-line, I would be so love to have them and would so very grateful t o receive this information..
      That said, let me now get to the message from this card for today.
      The card for today is on 'Eth:  Guardian Angel of Time.'  This is the card of 'now' messages and time traveling.
      Now for the rest of today's message:
      "Time holds the power of three:  past, present and future, though in reality, it is fluid and entwined like Eth's Celtic symbol.  Eth suggests that  you need to understand that you may never be more alive, happier or more spiritual than you are now, at this moment, in your present cycle.  If this resonates, be more aware of your present and don't spend your days, dreaming of the future or past -- remember that both intertwine with the 'now.'  All of life can be viewed as 'now' moments and should be lived accordingly.  The ancient Persians had a saying: "And this too shall pass away."  If you are working through a challenge, remember this and be comforted, but if life is glorious, enjoy fully every single moment.
      "At another level, Eth enables you to travel on timeless  waves of eternal Light.  As you see perfection of soul through each lifetime, Eth opens the Time portal to the stars. Light streams through all time-space continua: with positive will and intent, your heart can be a time traveler, aiding the part to be healed by Love and thereby helping to safeguard mankind's future.  As with all heart-send healing, this returns manifold to sooth and smooth your own past rifts, gently re-calibrating your 'now."
      Again, a very special message for us all to think about and contemplate on today.  I do hope that somewhere in these words, if you decide to read them, that you find some words of inspiration or at least of interest.
      Continue to enjoy your evening.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Because this message is about time, I wanted to use a song about time, and believe it or not, this was the only recording I had of this song -- which is called 'Only Time' by Enya.  However, listening to it again makes me realize how very important it is for us to always 'live in the now' because we never know what is going to happen next and the only time we know for sure is right now -- this minute.  And I, for one, know that the day this incident happened is one I will never ever forget, no matter how much time passes.
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