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    Dear Angel Message Family, The new moon in Gemini happening within 24 hours of Mercury going retrograde in Cancer is especially crucial right now. Deep
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2007
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       Dear Angel Message Family,
      The new moon in Gemini happening within 24 hours of Mercury going retrograde in Cancer is especially crucial right now. Deep emotional healing, especially of home and family and past issues, is up for each one of us on the planet . I felt guided to send this message from my friend Lorelei to help you make room for yourself. During this time be loving and compassionate with yourself. Take time to meditate. Don't run from painful feelings, that will only delay their healing. Instead, view them and experience them with empathy for that part of yourself that is generating them.   Empathy for the wounded parts of the inner self will be the environment for healing that will turn this time into a springboard of miracles and initiation.
       So many of us have been taught to avoid painful feelings at all costs.  This new moon is a time to turn that around and learn how to heal our inner wounded child.
      "Healer heal thyself."
      "If to thine own self be true, thou cannot then be false to any man."
      "The kingdom of heaven is within."
      Doing our emotional work can be likened in some ways to the three days in hell preceeding the resurrection.  Facing our deepest pain, fears, anger, loneliness and despair can seem daunting.  I think you will be amazed, however, at how easily these feelings heal once they are allowed to flow in a safe nondestructive environment of self-empathy and caring. 
       We will all be doing it together. Some of us with courage and joy, and some of us resisting every inch of the way.
       During this time, though, these issues will come up.
      May your emotional healing journey be midwifed by the angels.
      "All that I do, ye shall do and more."
      With love,
        You can feel dynamically recharged...physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually...just after the Sun and Moon unite for the first time in 30 days at the GEMINI New Moon, beginning at 11:14 tonight...June 14, (in case you're reading this tomorrow.)
      And then at 7:40 Friday night, June 15, Mercury, the planet of communication with the giant reputation, begins its tailspin until July 9.
      Now, don't panic...because you've heard stories about Mercury in retrograde from people who know just enough about astrology to be dangerous.  When Mercury is in retrograde the message from the Universe says that it's time to regroup...to review and reevaluate your life.
      The combination of the GEMINI New Moon and Mercury's retrograde journey occurring within 24 hours of each other makes this a very powerful time because Mercury is the guardian angel planet of GEMINI.  While Mercury will only be in retrograde until July 9, it will cycle in CANCER, the most emotional and sensitive sign in the zodiac, until August 4.  That's a long time for Mercury to journey in any sign,
      So, what's the opportunity during this time, you ask? First of all, the New Moon in GEMINI invites you to be ever curious, always open to new ideas and new sources of information.  Look at what gets your attention and how your current diet of information is affecting your life. With GEMINI's love of communication, focus on opening up areas of your life that have been mired in conflict or misunderstanding. Communicate your wishes, dreams and desires to those who can help you...and take their advice to heart.
      Mercury in CANCER, especially in retrograde, can really affect you in your gut.  This will be a test of your emotional self-reliance.  Emotional self-reliance means that you are completely responsible for your own emotional needs no matter what your relationship details.  You may be in the midst of the greatest love affair in your life or completely alone, and the lesson is the same.  YOU are the only one who can truly meet your emotional needs.
      Remember to honor your EMOTIONAL BAROMETER.  It is your inner guidance system.  As you emotionally evolve through the Mercury in CANCER retrograde cycle, the lesson is to take charge of your life and your emotional body in some way.  Your attention is directed inward, to catch up with your inner child, heal old wounds and eliminate what's unhealthy for you. In order to do this, it's essential that you...
      Bottom line, Mercury retrograde offers this simple cosmic advice:
      For more on the planetary weather and a dose of my infectious enthusiasm, visit  http://loreleilive.com/daily.html
      And until we connect, I wish you blue skies, green lights and LUCKY STARS!
      I Love You,

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