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Difference Between Worship of Woman of God and Woman of Flesh

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  • Rasa Von Werder
    Difference Between Worship of Woman of God and Woman of Flesh http://groups.yahoo.com/group/womanthouartgod/ Some of my devotees are thinking that worship of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2007
      Difference Between Worship of Woman of God and Woman of Flesh


      Some of my devotees are thinking that worship of ALL WOMEN is pleasing to
      God, and that ALL WOMEN DESERVE TO BE SERVED BY MEN. Nothing of the sort!
      You respect all women, just as you respect all life - making no particular
      judgments on face value. But serving is another matter. When you SERVE
      someone you allow them to INFLUENCE you, guide or command you to some degree
      or other, you become subject to them. In a sense you agree to the authority
      of this person, and you are saying to them,

      'I will obey you.'

      What happens when you open yourself that way to another human being? I have
      asked my devotees to open their hearts and minds to me so that I can enter
      their psyche with my GOD POWER. When you receive a woman as your mistress
      or lover or partner, you are doing an action like that, it goes with all
      intimate relationships; something of you goes into them, something of them
      goes into you, but ever more so if you are the underling or 'servant.'

      You men who are indoctrinated in femdom think as long as a woman wants you
      or says she does, and pays attention to you, and gives you some respect or
      kindness, that you should pull out all the stops and do as she commands, but
      this is dangerous. She then has power over you, and you must be careful who
      wields power over you, as you are a child of God, and God has to be first in
      your life, and God has rules, and God has A CERTAIN SPIRIT, which, if not
      present in a person, makes that person some other spirit, and that other
      spirit is either the world and the flesh, or even the devil. Now if you
      serve a woman not of God, then you are worshipping or serving lower forces,

      How is your soul dragged into Hell?

      I had a devotee once who was torn between obeying me or being with his
      'mistress'. I got him away from her once, when he asked me for help,
      because she had led him to a point of despair. I told him never to go back
      with her again, but six months later, he moved in with her. Of course, he
      told me that it was ok; it was fine, he had to do this for financial
      reasons, as two could live more cheaply together than apart, but I knew it
      was sex - he was addicted to the Femdom style of sex. But this woman is a
      fiend and an atheist, enveloped in spiritual darkness, and now he had formed
      a partnership with her. Some of these men think they are saviors, that they
      can help or save these women, but it is nothing of the sort, these women are
      stronger than they are and they will sooner pull you into Hell than you will
      lift them into Heaven. These men also fool themselves that they are
      quasi-ministers helping these women and alleviating their sufferings, but
      they are in denial of their lower self, which pulls them downward, away from
      God and into temptation. They are giving into the devil, and making fancy
      excuses for it.

      I am by no means saying that sex is a sin, and you cannot move in with a
      woman to save money. I am saying you have to stay away from women NOT OF
      GOD, and especially when you have already been saved and warned by your
      Guru, to stay away, but you disobey and go back, then - I hate to say it -
      you could be DOOMED.

      Now you might think it is overstating the case, that moving in with an
      ungodly person, or entering into close relationship with them is not a sin,
      that you are not lying, stealing and cheating, nor are you stabbing or
      murdering anyone, so why would you be doomed?

      Because consider how the majority, not the minority of people go to Hell,
      and why? They do no extraordinary sins, they just act like everyone else,
      taking the same broad highway TO HELL as do all the other folks. What
      exactly is this broad highway that people traverse, suddenly ending up in a
      place where they see iron bars falling down around them, and the flames up
      Hell rising up from underneath, and they are trapped forever - this I saw in
      a frightening vision. What does this majority of people do in particular to
      deserve Hell. They do NOTHING. What do you mean, GuruRasa, they do
      nothing? And God sends them into Hell for nothing? What kind of a cruel
      God would that be?

      Not cruel at all. If you do NOTHING you go to Hell, you have to do
      SOMETHING to gain the Grace of God, and that something is that you must open
      your heart and mind to God, you must DESIRE GOD and do something about this
      desire, otherwise, you are lost, you will not be BORN AGAIN, and therefore
      you will be spiritually dead. The great mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich said
      that it will be easy for God to judge in a split second who is righteous and
      who is unjust. The righteous shine with Light, there is no Light whatsoever
      in the unsaved ones. When you are born again or baptized, the Light of God
      is ignited in you and begins to grow. God is inside all of us in a
      vestigial form, in the sense that God is there, but we have no contact with
      this God, it's like God is encased inside us, but we have to open ourselves
      to let God flow through us. If this is not done, we are spiritually dead,
      and all dead people sink down into Hell. They are not necessarily lying,
      cheating, stealing, stabbing and murdering, they are simply not born again.

      Now I might add a few other pointers about the spiritually dead, and even
      those who are saved but not exercising a good relationship with The
      Almighty. The flesh is always calling, calling, and so is the world. If
      you listen to it day in, day out, and give no time for God, no attention,
      constantly making excuses, you have no relationship with God. This of
      itself is gross wickedness - that if you do nothing to show forth your love
      of God, who is the Greatest and Most Wonderful Being Who has given us all we
      have, then we are cheating God of the Praise and Honor She deserves, and we
      are doing a gross injustice and terrible great sin against Her. For this,
      we are lost, or if not lost, we have much to answer for the time that has
      been wasted.

      Now this will explain that woman you are toying with who doesn't seem so
      bad, who has some kindness at times, and does some nice things for you, but
      deep inside, if you go underneath the surface, you know somewhere in that
      fuzzy brain of yours she is not of God, she is dangerous. Get involved with
      this woman intimately, and you will soon see, your own energy level will go
      down, down, down. Your thoughts and feelings will deteriorate, your
      devotion to God will grow cold, and you will lose the feeling of the
      Presence of God, - then you are lost. If GuruRasa is not around or

      to save you, what then?

      On the other hand, there is the woman of God. I do not seek to enslave or
      use up anyone, I am of God, with God, for God, and my work is to bring other
      souls into the Kingdom. When men or women install me into their heart and
      mind, it opens them to this Power, and this great Divine Energy manifests in
      them and stirs up their own energy field, and they come closer to God. Some
      get born again, some have their heart centers opened, some have been pulled
      in to the highest center, the Sahasrara, where you see the halo on the heads
      of Jesus, Mary and saints. That is the Sahasrara being open and shining -
      it shines throughout the body and especially the head. When you serve
      GuruRasa, you are SERVING GOD, and when you serve God, you are GREATLY
      REWARDED. You have to have trust and faith in it, but sooner or later, you
      will see the manifestation of such service, how blessed it is.

      Go the other way, serve a woman not of God, and you will pay. You say why
      would god punish me? You are punishing yourself, just like if you smoke,
      you get tar in your lungs, throat and mouth, and then get cancer, did God do
      it? If you eat food that is carcinogenic, neglect exercise, and get sick,
      did God do it? We do these things to ourselves, and then, when it is time
      to face our own karma, is it God who did it or we ourselves? It is we who
      did it, we caused our fate, God had nothing to do with our sins.

      When I warn men who are my devotees and friends to stay away from ungodly
      women, I am not jealous in the sense that women get jealous, I fear for
      their immortal souls. Once I help a devotee get away from a wicked woman,
      and he goes back to the scene of the slime, he is in double danger, because
      the first time it happened, he was not warned, but the second time he was
      and now knows better, he cannot claim ignorance or an honest mistake,
      GuruRasa got him out of it again and again, and he went back to it willingly
      and with his eyes open, perhaps in denial of the danger. It is then that it
      gets more serious than ever, because if GuruRasa drops you, God drops you,
      as if you disobey the messenger of God, you disobey God, God works through
      Rasa. So don't think you can disobey Rasa and go directly to God and say,

      'Ok, God, Rasa will not forgive me and get me out of this, so I ask you to
      forgive me and get me out.'

      But God just might say to you,

      'You disobeyed Rasa who I sent, so now, I will not help you...pay the last
      farthing and you will get out through your own merits.'

      The last farthing means you will meet your karma, the dreadful result of
      your sins, you will suffer, and it might be extreme, whereas if you obeyed,
      your punishment would have been alleviated. To sin and then to have no
      mercy from Guru or God means you get the full brunt of what you did, it may
      take years to unravel and pay off your debt, it is not fun.

      In conclusion, you DO NOT have to serve all women, make sure a woman IS OF
      GOD or SPIRITUAL before you get involved with her and you will be on safer



      Ah, souls in purgatory, so few know them, so few pray for them, so few
      access them. To reach a soul in purgatory, is like trying to find a site
      on the internet without the correct url. Say the world and internet has
      existed since the beginning of time and there are not millions, billions,
      but untold trillions in cyberspace. Now find them. YOU CANNOT ACCESS A
      That is why to have a ministry such as demonstrated by Rasa is ONE OF THE
      MOST UNUSUAL ON EARTH. Why does God give Rasa this power, why would God
      connect her with these famous souls and many unknowns? Why would God trust
      her, because trust there has to be, the unloving and crude cannot contact
      these sensitive and hurting, tortured souls. Because she prayed. Recently,
      since this book came out people are asking Rasa about their dead relatives.
      If you want to access the dead, do what she did, pray, pray and pray, have
      Masses said, stay silent and alone, , and God will help you. Don't have
      Rasa do the work for you! The same with dreams, if you want to understand
      dreams the way Rasa does, meditate and work on them for hours. Buy her book
      and study it. There is no free lunch, OK, the free lunch is once, and after
      that, you have to work for it.

      This book is amazing as Rasa had gotten all men celebrities, and just as she
      was about to publish the book - it was finished - she received Anna Nicole
      Smith. Why did she receive her? Because she was curious? Because she is a
      meddler and did séances? No, because she said the Holy Mass for Anna. Once
      the link was made, by almighty God, helped by Errol Flynn as guide, she
      could read the mind of Anna.

      You might wonder how Rasa can channel or read minds. It is done through
      charity, empathy or compassion, the ability by the Holy Spirit, to enter
      into the skin or mind or heart of another. These are not feats the ordinary
      person can do. Rasa is not an ordinary psychic, as she does not concern
      herself with the earth plane, but only the deeper and higher levels. She is
      not curious, she wants to understand God and anything that concerns the
      Kingdom of God. If you want to have the talents of Rasa, cultivate the
      devotion of Rasa.

      If you want God to trust you, earn that trust. No human can get to a soul
      in purgatory unless God trusts them to help that soul

      . NEW BOOKS FROM RASA IMPORTANT Her favorite so far!:



      Not many understand the principles of God's justice and purification. That
      which is imperfect cannot merge with Perfect Purity and Infinite Bliss. This
      is Truth, Love, Radiance, Beauty and Power, all the superlatives. If one
      does not meet the standard after repenting their wrongs, they go to the
      'Theater of Justice.' Guru Rasa Von Werder began a ministry to Souls in
      1981, being chosen by Our Holy Mother herself, to take charge of Errol
      Flynn. Rasa did penance and prayers for Souls on a daily basis and among
      them were great celebrities whose accounts she writes. The most recent
      prize Rasa assisted was Anna Nicole Smith, who ascended in 64 days, breaking
      all records, and still waiting for Heaven are Anthony Quinn and Richard
      Pryor. Some of the greats who ascended are Elvis Dean Martin, Sinatra,
      George C. Scott, Rudolf Nureyev; Dr. Robert Atkins, and believe it or not,
      Timothy McVeigh. Anyone can be forgiven.

      Theater of the Mind - Dreams, Symbols & Meanings

      by Rasa Von Werder

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      communication system from the unconscious mind to the conscious Q 2 What are
      SYMBOLS? A The MEANS by which the unconscious SPEAKS to the conscious Q 3
      What is the PURPOSE of dreams? A Dreams accomplish these things and more: 1
      They SAVE LIVES and SOULS.................................... 2 Warn us of
      danger; physical, emotional and spiritual to ourselves and others 3 Tell us
      the true feelings, intentions or interior state of others 4 Reveal our own
      interior state, sins, virtues and gifts, phobias and desires 5 Explain
      mysterious situations or incidents 6 Explain WHAT WOULD BE if we did a
      certain thing 7 Explain the reactions of others to us if we met them or
      communicated with them 8 Explain what TO DO or NOT TO DO

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      herself on saving souls and bringing them to realization and enlightenment.
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      Werder of Goddess Anna.

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      Duality vs Nonduality and what it means, ASHANKAH YOGI offers articles on
      Karma, Celibacy, Kundalini, Vegetarianism, Consciousness, Lila,
      Restrictions, all these in relation to God Realization. Rasa tackles 'Why
      Mary Appears to the Human Race,' 'The Secret to Saving Souls,' 'What is the
      Truth?' 'Should a Guru Promote Herself?', 'Does Everyone Heal and Transmit
      Shakti?, 'The Dire Consequences of Lust,' 'What Can the Guru Do For You?',
      'Secret Principles of Yoga,' 'Preparing People for Self Realization,' and
      'What is Mind?'

      Then Rasa explains the steps and lifestyle leading to seeing God Face to
      Face and finding Perfect Union.

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      Advaita,' 'Zeal and Aggression of Gurus' as well as their battles and
      conflicts. 'Do We Need a Spiritual Guru? Explains Ashankah as well as 'Where
      is God' from the Vedanta perspective.

      The book ends with the marvelous vision of Ramakrisha. It began with Rasa's
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      garden, the most beautiful of men, then Jesus embraced him and merged into
      his body!

      If this link gives you trouble please put LuLu.com in your browser and ask
      for RASA VON WERDER - BOOKS. These are available in print and downloads.


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