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The Ooranya Kalori by Rupunda Being progressive

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  • Rupunda. Moving with the Rainbow Wind an
    Being progressive I share the second in the Series of Malaysia s National Vision, my apologies for the delay this was published a week ago while I was (and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2007
      Being progressive
          I share the second in the Series of Malaysia's National Vision, my apologies for the delay this was published a week ago while I was (and still am) in Hospital
        L I F E S T Y L E

      Sunday May 27, 2007

      Being progressive

      I pledge to be progressive in my thoughts and actions’ reflects the second chakra – I feel, respect and planning for the future, which corresponds to the sixth challenge of Vision 2020. 

      IN the last two weeks, have you seen a change or transformation in yourself? If you have stayed true to the discoveries you made and have been using your personal mantra, your answer will be yes.  

      As we progress through each of the chakras, we will transform ourselves into true visionary Malaysians (and if you live in another country and are reading this online, you can use this as well). 

      The moonstone is a gem of feeling and emotion.
      Achieving our goals is not an overnight process. It is something we have to work through bit by bit. That is how the revolutionary evolution to compassion and our rainbow body is achieved. Remember you need your personal mantra (117 times) and your personal sacred symbol to start as we ask ourselves the hard questions. 

      The crystal that will help us today is moonstone, a gemstone of feeling and emotion. Being primarily feminine in nature, it is extremely attractive to women. It is an excellent stone for men who wish to balance their male/female polarities. 

      Moonstone can enhance, or bring forth our intuitive and psychic nature. It is a gentle wake-up call to activate all the so-called feminine powers of intuition, clairvoyance and healing. It is one of the gentlest, yet most direct gemstone tools for inner healing.  

      It is useful in piercing the walls we have built around our feelings. Moonstone softly illuminates that which we often do not want to look at in life. Combine the moonstone with the four-eyed dZi (a symbol of the four major Bodhisattvas). The four Bodhisattvas are Maitreya (popularly known as Laughing Buddha), Avalokitesvara (popularly known as Kwan Yin), Manjusri, and Mahasthamaprapta.  

      Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings who have put off entering paradise in order to help others attain enlightenment. The Bodhisattvas upon death leaves the cycle of life-death-rebirth and enter nirvana, but out of their great compassion for all other beings, choose instead to remain to aid humanity. They devote all their power and energy to saving suffering beings in this world.  

      The Bodhisattva is motivated by compassion and guided by wisdom in his quest to guide and aid suffering beings. This dZi bead is endowed with the significance of these four major bodhisattvas, and increases the wearer’s wisdom, releases human suffering and brings forth general good fortune in human life.  

      This dZi bead assists to gather wealth and luck, serves as a protector, wards off evil spirits, clears obstacles, increases merit and longevity, helps to overcome negative forces, subdues demons.  

      Defining creativity 

      How do you define creativity? The Wikipedia tells us it is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts. I guess another way of explaining creativity is a mindset that looks to the future in a progressive way, leaving old concepts behind. 

      Do you consider yourself a creative person? In other words, are you still a Third World mindset person hanging on to the past or are you constantly changing the way you think to be more progressive? Are you open to new ideas from every source 

      Do you follow through on your creative ideas? Having a new idea is great, but if we do not follow through, we have wasted it. I believe that every idea is a gift of God who is saying to us “I trust you to make this idea a reality.” 

      When we fail to follow through, we are in effect saying to God, “Thank you for trusting me but I am sorry I cannot trust you back!” 

      I pray that we all will start trusting God and ourselves and follow through on the ideas that are divine gifts. 

      Do you often direct your creative energies into negative paths of expression? Any time we are intolerant of other’s actions and beliefs, we are directing our creative energies into negative paths of expression and we are hurting ourselves. If you have ever visited a bomoh to have a spell cast on someone you do not like, you are misusing your creativity. 

      Code of conduct 

      Do you exaggerate or embellish “facts” to support your point of view? It is easy to exaggerate when we are telling a story of an event or experience to support our point of view. Perhaps we are not telling an untruth, but it is the same, as someone may rely on our exaggerated facts to make a decision. Our exaggerations can hurt ourselves and ourselves. 

      Do you keep your word? Yes or no, and if it is no, it’s time to start doing so. Keeping our word defines you and there is no excuse no matter what your position and role is.  

      When you do not keep your word and honour your promises, you are not someone who should have any position in society. 

      What is your personal code of honour? Of ethics? What do you define as right and do you do it? 

      Do you negotiate your ethics depending on your circumstances? When someone who can give you what you want does things that are contrary to your code of honour and ethics, do you sacrifice your own standards so you will get what you want? Are you willing to say what has to be said and make a stand? 

      Do you have an impression of God as a force that exerts justice in our lives? Pay close attention: God dispenses justice, and that is God’s job, not ours. God has not, regardless of the religious path we follow, delegated any authority to any human to act on God’s behalf. So if you think it’s your “job” to enforce God’s justice, you need to think again.  

      Points of control 

      Are you a controlling person? Do you need to control others, what they do and when. You do not like being controlled, so it’s time to stop controlling others. Allow them the same freedom that you yourself desire and you will find your life opens up to many new opportunities. 

      Do you engage in power plays? In other words do you manipulate events to enhance you position? 

      Do you make compromises that violate your inner self for the sake of financial security? Have you ever used your weak financial situation to justify making a decision that violates your integrity? 

      How often do survival fears dictate your choices? Do you stay quiet for fear of what may happen to you?  

      Can you master your fears about finances and physical survival, or do they control you and your attitudes? When we are in integrity and we act in integrity, we have to trust that we will be protected by our integrity, even if it means speaking out from our heart full of love and compassion.  

      Remember, compassion is allowing each person the freedom to explore life’s pathways within the teachings most needed for them at this time. Compassion also understands the truth of your own integrity. 

      What goals do you have for yourself that you have yet to pursue? Remember God does not ask us to succeed. God only asks that we try because when we try, miracles happen. 

      What stands in your way of acting upon your goals? Really, what is stopping you from taking the first step? Unless you try, nothing will happen. Trying may be as simple as asking a friend for advice and helping you to take your first step. 

      As we move through each of the nine challenges, which are personal challenges, we will find that the transformation that occurs in ourselves far outweighs any perceived losses by our giving up what we think are our “rights”. 

      Being progressive in thoughts and actions is so important to our health and our nation’s health. Islam Hadari and its 10 non-religious objectives are supportive of Vision 2020 and its nine challenges.  

      However, all the plans, visions and objectives we have are worth nothing unless we each personally commit to and incorporate them into our lives. We are not doing anywhere near as well as we could and we all know it.  

      My prayer is that through this series, words will become action and together we will take our place as the real example to the world. 

      The Ooranya Kalori (the Rainbow Message Stick) is brought to us by Rupunda (Hj Mohd Hazri Humphreys). Rupunda (He Who Moves from the Dreamtime with the Rainbow Wind in the Rainbow Body) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer who wants to shows us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes by returning balance to every aspect of our lives. Visit Rupunda at www.cosmicevolution.org/CirclesofLifeJagGY.html



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