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Myth and Fact with Priorities

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    Myth and Fact of Soul Conscious in Soul World and being Detached in Physical World. Nyare aur Pyare - Detached and Loveful. It is said (myth) that , in Soul
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2007
      Myth and Fact of  Soul Conscious in Soul World  and being Detached in Physical World.
      Nyare aur Pyare -  Detached and Loveful.
      It is said (myth) that , in Soul World , the Soul remains only Peaceful and while coming into action, in the Physical World, we experience other qualities like Love and Happiness.
      When we say Loveful we know the expression of Love and Happiness from the face which is nothing but the outcome of Peace, we can see the expression of Peace, Love and Happiness from the face.
      When we say Detached, the facial expression is seriousness, it is the experience of Unlimitedness, Vairagy, Disinterest.
      What is the state of mind of being Detached ? Is it the same that of the facial expression or something different or it is the experience of Soul World?
      Being Detached is the combination of experience of Peace, Love and Happiness, same that of being Loveful, but the only difference is, here it is the experience of ONLY Internal – Soul, not coming into the body consciousness.
      In reality, the Soul , while being in the soul world, remains not only  Peaceful but remains Peaceful, Loveful and Happy. And that is the reason it is called Sweet Silence Home. Not just a Home of  Silence.
      It is emphasized that even if the life goes away, we should not lose our happiness.But we become serious, in our mind, in the name of being detached.
      So, our nature should  be such that whether we are coming into action - Loveful or remain Detached, being in soul conscious, always we should remain Peaceful, Loveful and Happy.
      When we are Detached, Our face may look Serious/Silent but internally our soul should remain Peaceful, Happy and Loveful.
      If our soul is Peaceful, Happy and Loveful, the reflection of mind by means of facial expression will also be Peaceful, Happy and Loveful.
      The correct sentence (fact) should be that , in the Soul World , the soul cannot experience the qualities of God, that is the reason soul come into the physical world to experience the Love and other qualities of God.
      And whether we come into action - Loveful or remain Detached, our qualities of peace, love, happiness, unlimitedness - vairagy (not getting attracted to limited things by means of broad intellect), powers……experienced by the soul should be same and remain balanced.
      Your experience please…………
      Imperishable Gems – Priorities
      A thirsty and hungry saint knocked the door of a stranger’s house for help.
      The saint was literally feeling uncomfortable and very tired due to his long walk in the hot sun.
      The kind stranger invited the saint inside his house with lot of love.
      He offered him a seat to sit and switched on the fan.
      Then in a little while, the cool water offered to him quenched his thirst.
      The saint took a nice shower and put on the cotton clothes provided by the stranger.
      Then the stranger offered a very simple meal to the saint.
      The saint too enjoyed the meal offered to him with lot of love.
      The saint now needed a good sleep and rest.
      After the rest, the saint woke up from the bed and looking for the stranger.
      He was really feeling very grateful for the kindness shown toward him.
      The following were provided to the saint in succession.
      • Cool air from the fan
      • Drinking water
      • Facilities for taking bath
      • Simple meals
      • Adequate rest.
      To a person who is feeling thirsty, water should be provided (not food).
      A person who is in land of sorrow would like to visit land of peace first and not land of happiness.
      A person who is not feeling hungry will not relish even the very tasty food offered to him with lot of luxury and love.
      Only milk is provided to the infants and babies.
      As they grow older they will be nourished with juice, fruits, semisolid and solid biscuits etc.
      Every one should be provided with the basic needs namely, food, dress and shelter.
      The education is the next priority.
      When the minister’s car, or ambulance van, or fire engine is on the road, first preference is given for them at the traffic lights immediately.
      When we bleed, immediately we will do the needful to stop the bleeding.
      Which is more prior?
      • Peace first, happiness next.
      • Life first, money next.
      • Purity first, life next.
      • Life first, pure food next
      • Water first, food next.
      • Food first, sleep next
      • Health first, wealth next
      • Necessity first, perfection next
      • Basics first, arts next
      • Others first, self next
      • God first, others next
      • Imperishable soul first, perishable body next
      • Bliss first, sensual pleasures next
      Raja yoga enables the self to set the priorities and stick to them judiciously and wisely. Now or never.

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