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The Ooranya Kalori - Your Rainbow Message for Today - NUMBER 118 - 4 June 2007 - So learn and then you will teach because you know and live

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  • Rupunda. Moving with the Rainbow Wind an
    Radiating Compassionate Rainbow Love from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love (c)Elija Rupunda (The Ooranya Kalori)- 4 June 2007 All words and graphics may be
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      Radiating Compassionate Rainbow Love from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love

       (c)Elija Rupunda (The Ooranya Kalori)- 4 June 2007 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
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      Please share The Ooranya Kalori with all as you are guided in your heart·

      I am sharing today's message from room 383 at Damansara Specialist Hospital in Malaysia having been here for the last two weeks and with more time ahead
      The operation to cut nerves in my left groin (messed up in previous operations) was successful however as a result of 4 operations since September 2005 my body has become addicted to pain killing drugs and now I have to learn how to be without them.
      It is a case of I had to take the medicine during and after the operations now my body has become dependent
      The process of cleaning my body is painful ways I could never have imagined
      the withdrawal symptoms are like I could never describe but I have some idea of what it is like for a Drug Addict trying to become drug free
      I am sharing how I felt on Saturday night
      Partly for me but for those who are at times in despair
      (Please note: I am still on NO MAIL on all groups as availability of internet is infrequent so if you wish to e mail me please send to ixjaguarlight@...  and I will eventually get it)
      A Few days ago a very close friend sent me a Winston Churchill Quote
      "When you are going through hell - keep going"
      Well I feel like I am going through hell and I am Keeping Going
      I tried to sleep and became terrified and I did not know why
      This is how I see it looking Back
      I am scared and terrified
      and I know not why
      I know I am loved
      protected and more
      I feel my guides all around me
      I'm terrified and I don't know why
      What am I scared of i ask and ask
      Is it death  - No I know
      Is it ......... question after question
      and still the answer is NO
      I try to sleep it will no come
      the medicine it does not work
      no matter what i say or do
      I terrified and it will not leave
      I am all alone and feel deserted
      even though I can feel
      Kuan Yin and others with me still
      Why I ask and no answer comes
      I'm terrified and i don't know why
      Why I ask and ask again
      the answer comes
      Right Time Right Place Right Reason
      EH!! I ask
      What is right about this ?
      You will know I hear in love
      when the time is right
      unless you know you cannot help those who also need to heal
      for millions are dependent on many things that hold them back as well
      You pain is clearing karma for
      you and others to
      so bless you pain and bless each day
      and as you heal
      so will others to
      Know this now and know this well
      A teacher you have chosen to be
      so learn and then you will teach
      because you know
      and live
      Compassion and you are ONE
      Today's Graphic was in Gaele's Moment Message of 17 May
      Gaele's messages are  archived at:
      In her message she shared (in part)
      I've found the research into Tulip fascinating, mainly because of it's connection to the Middle East (Persia) and the symbology which this brings into our lives within current world events. How appropriate that Tulips symbolise perfect love. Iraq and Iran nowadays make up the bulk of the Persian Empire as it was once known. What better way than the thoughts of perfect love could we direct to this area. I know there are other areas of the world just as traumatised and without the media coverage to highlight their anguish. To these areas I also direct the thought of perfect love. As perceptions wage back and forth on Islam and Christianity Tulip allows us to understand how the Divine thought of Universal consciousness surpasses such divisions. Of course there would be those who have contact with the tulip that know it's history and significance. For me, it was a revelation indeed how this beautiful specimen of God's hand can allow us to see that we are all One within the  community of HuMankind. Flowers do not carry concepts of the difference created within the minds of human about humans. We each carry the seed of perfect love waiting to bloom in recognition of soul connection within us all. Each of us is connected in some way to the other. All we need do is recognise and love each part. Differences of mind created opinions would resolve if we began to recognise the perfect love within us all. 

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