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Imperishable Gems

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  • B K
    Who is He? He neither has a physical body, nor has a subtle body. He is invisible point of divine light and might. He does not come in the cycle of birth and
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 3, 2007
      Who is He?
      He neither has a physical body, nor has a subtle body.
      He is invisible point of divine light and might.
      He does not come in the cycle of birth and death.
      He does not enjoy the sensual pleasures as we all do.
      He does not create any physical bondage with any one. He is always free.
      He is always perfect. There is no gap between what He thinks, says and does.
      He lives in the world of silence and not omnipresent.
      He comes to our physical world at the fag end of the Kali Yuga (Iron Age).
      He comes to meet us in the most auspicious confluence age.
      He comes in Bharat (the present India), the eternal land, the Garden of Eden.
      He imparts Godly knowledge through the lotus mouth of Brahma (Adam).
      He donates the Imperishable Gems of knowledge.
      He adopts His spiritual children through Brahma once again.
      He bestows the third eye of wisdom to all His adopted children.
      He is always soul conscious, ever pure and beautiful.
      He is eternal and exists always. He has no beginning and end.
      He is having Love, Peace, Purity, Bliss, Wisdom, Power, and Mercy etc in abundance.
      He is truth, benevolent and kind.
      He is the treasure store of the above qualities.
      He does not change from His stage of perfection. He is always constant.
      He is altruistic server. He is bestower and benefactor.
      He is the liberator of the mankind.
      He is the bestower of boons and visons.He is a very great donor.
      He is egoless, humble, vice less and bodiless.
      He is Supreme and almighty authority.
      He is the creator of heaven on earth. He is a magician.
      He knows the past present and future of mankind.
      He is the master of all the three worlds namely, silent, subtle and movie worlds.
      He loves us and He teaches us Raja Yoga.
      He is the remover of sorrow and bestower of Bliss, happiness and prosperity.
      He is our father, mother, teacher, satguru, most beloved, friend and child.
      He recreates soul conscious world through Brahma.
      He sustains the soul conscious world in Heaven through Vishnu.
      He transforms the body conscious world through the power of Raja Yoga meditation.
      He keeps us all in His heart throne.
      He takes us all back to our sweet silence home (world) by keeping us in His eyelids.
      He is the one whom we have kept in our heart throne.
      He accepts us. There is no one other than Him for us.
      He is very sweet, unique and yet incognito. He has no parallel in all the three worlds.
      He is a divine magnet and we are immersed in His spiritual love.
      He can be realized through Raja Yoga. Now or never.
      Imperishable Gems - Comfort Zone
      What is a comfort zone?
      A comfort zone is an imaginary boundary of living conditions, inside which one feels more comfortable, secured and feels at home.
      It is similar to a mental conditioning.
      A person creates an imaginary comfort boundary, which does not exist in reality, and would love to be inside this boundary.
      A person’s personality can also be described by the comfort zone.
      We may not like the country where we are living. The cost of living is very high.
      Still we may not leave the country because presume that the sense of security we derive may not be available in another country or elsewhere.
      The environment in the office is not so good but our job is well secured.
      We get a lucrative salary package.
      We would still stick to this present office, because we are not sure whether we would be provided this much salary elsewhere or not.
      Normally, it is observed that the so-called successful people step out of their Comfort zone often, to achieve their goals, which are other wise impossible to achieve.
      To come out of the comfort zone, one has to experiment with new way of life and methods and look forward to different experiences, which otherwise they would be deprived forever.
      The comfort zone, may also result from the baseless belief, superstition etc, which has been handed over to us by our elders, whom we have unconditional faith and belief.
      An eagle egg got mixed up with the other eggs of the hen.
      The eagle chick that was hatched along with the other hen chickens still believes that it is a chicken born for hen.
      On the other hand in reality it is an eagle chick and not a hen chick.
      After couple of months the eagle chick grew bigger in size than the other chicken and realized that it is eagle and not hen anymore.
      Now it attempted to come out of the comfort zone and it was successful and flew away into the higher planes of space.
      Most of the times, we are not having the truth about the self and about the eternal plan of God for us.
      We are eternal beings, immortal souls, and children of God, created by God in His own image. We are eternally peaceful, loveful, joyful, blissful souls. We never die. We only change our physical costume our bodies.
      We belong to God. What ever we give out will come back to us multiplied.
      When we give happiness we will get happiness.
      When we give peace we will get peace.
      To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
      The only positive way to change our destiny is to start performing continuously good deeds from this very moment.
      God our father, teacher and guide has created, a real comfort zone, in the confluence age, wherein everyone will feel more comfortable.
      Inside this God’s comfort zone, every one will give their best to others, and hence, feel secured, feel loved, feel cared for, feel care free, feel contented, feel fulfilled, feel elevated, feel a sense of achievement, feel successful, feel easy, feel at home and feel blissful eternally.
      Raja Yoga enables everyone to enter in to the comfort zone that God has made us in the confluence age through our elevated feelings, thoughts, words, and actions.
      Now or never.
      A Better World
      Every one aspires for a better world, and if given chance, would love to enhance, the prevailing good conditions, of the present world, where we all live.
      When one thinks of a better world the following questions arises in the mind.
      What is my better world?
      What do I want to become in that better world?
      What type of neighbors I would like to have in that better world?
      What I will do to achieve that better world if I am given the chance?
      To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
      Whoever is creating their better world, obviously would also rule that better world.
      To become the ruler, one has to rule the nonphysical self and the physical self.
      The physical self, is the perishable body, which has the five sense organs.
      The nonphysical self, is the eternal soul, which consists of Mind, Intellect and Resolves or Impressions.
      Raja Yoga enables everyone, to be the ruler of the self now and there by, to become the ruler of their better world, in the near future.
      Some are looking for chances and some create chances for others.
      Those who create the chances will become the Chancellors. Now or never.
      The Planets
      The matter consists of the five physical elements namely earth, air, fire, water and ether (or space).
      What is the relationship between the matter and consciousness?
      The basic difference between the human consciousness and the matter is that the matter can not create thoughts.
      On the other hand, the human consciousness (part of the human souls) can create thoughts, feel, imagine, decide etc.
      The matter has physical energy such as potential energy, kinetic energy, heat energy etc.Where as the human consciousness has spiritual energy namely the thought energy.
      The human consciousness is superior when compared with matter because the matter does not know that it exists.
      The planets are made up of matter only and hence have no consciousness.
      The human consciousness performs actions through the human body. (which is an instrument and made up of matter)
      So the other planets can not influence or alter or change the life or fate of human souls who live on the planet earth.
      The matter is troubling the humanity at present, with earth quake, flood, volcano, and storm etc, because it has become impure due the cumulative impure thoughts created by the humanity.
       The human souls, with the collective power of selfless, pure, benevolent thoughts, can purify the matter and energize it to the fullest potential (which they possessed initially).
      Raja Yoga meditation enables the human souls to reestablish the lost link with the Supreme soul and thereby purifies them. The purified souls in turn purify the nature or matter.
      What ever we give out, we would receive it back, now or later.
      If we give happiness we will receive happiness.
      If we give sorrow we will receive sorrow.
      We give out in three forms namely, Vibrations, Words and actions.
      We communicate in all the three ways and receive the return in all the three ways.
      Our vibrations would be powerful if our attitude is powerful.
      The attitude depends upon the state of mind.
      The state of mind depends upon the knowledge we have at the sub consciousness level.
      The attitude can also be made powerful if we are
      • Selfless (no expectations from others)
      • Vice less
      • Desire less
      We have the power to think whatever we want, irrespective of the circumstances.
      When we think about some one our vibrations reaches them instantly.
      Sometimes we dial the telephone number of some one, and invariably we hear them saying “Oh my goodness I just remembered you”.
      If our attitude is filled with good wishes, good intentions, for others, inturn we will also receive good wishes from others instantly.
      If we still have some negative feed back and feelings about people, whom we have met so far in our life, it is time to erase them, from our sub consciousness now.
      Raja Yoga enables the self to learn the art of giving out blessings and good wishes from the heart, for our global family and receive the same in return. Now or never
      Light and Darkness are the two extreme opposite points of the same straight-line.
      The same thing could be said of the following as well.
      Heat                             x            Coolness or less heat
      Power                          x            Weakness or less power
      Happiness                    x            Sorrow or less happiness
      Love                            x            Hatred or less love
      Purity                           x            Corruption or Impurity or less purity
      Soul consciousness            x            Body consciousness or less soul consciousness
      The physical energies have respective sources from which they emanate or dissipate or get transformed into another state.
      Similarly the Spiritual energies also emanate from the Common source namely Supreme soul (God).
      If we (human souls) move away from God, our Spiritual energy gets dissipated.
      If we (human souls) move towards God, our Spiritual energy gets enhanced.
      If we are soul conscious we go close to God.
      If we are body conscious we move away from God.
      Raja Yoga enables the self to go close to Supreme soul and hence to enhance the spiritual energies instantly. Now or never.
      There are two types of delight, gratification, joy, happiness or enjoyment.
      One is Physical and the other is Metaphysical (non physical or Spiritual).
      Physical pleasure is based on the body and bodily relations & matter and material things.
      Body and material things are different permutation and combination of matter.
      The matter is always undergoing one change or another. It is not constant.
      So the pleasure or happiness we derive from matter will also be subjected to constant change and will not be permanent and would be diminishing day by day.
      We the souls experience all types of sensual pleasures through the physical body.
      Our physical body has been given to us by our physical parents.
      The wife, Husband and children, servants, relatives etc have been acquired also through physical acquaintances.
      Hence the pleasure we derive from establishing relationships and association with human beings are not permanent and they are very temporary and ephemeral.
      The truth is that they will leave us any moment before we leave them. (before we leave our body or before our body dies)
      On the contrary, we can also have all the relationships with God, the Supreme Soul and derive permanent happiness. God does not have any physical body.
      The Pleasure we get from Supreme Soul is called super sensuous joy.
      As God is permanent and constant, by having all the relationships with God, we can permanently derive immense, super sensuous joy.
      Raja Yoga enables the self to experience supersensous joy or bliss always. Now or never.
      The sun is in one place physically in the cosmos.
      The rays of the sun reach the earth.
      We can even see the image of the sun, on the surface of the earth, inside the water stream or a well.
      It is just an image of the sun and not the actual sun. So sun is not omnipresent.
      We may see any event, which is taking place at different locations of the earth, in the TV channels simultaneously.
      The above does not mean that the event is taking place inside the TV screen.
      We are only watching the event, which is being telecast simultaneously.
      We can have a conference call to some one who is abroad, through telephone.
      In the above facility the same person’s voice could be heard at different locations.
      This does not mean that the person is present simultaneously in all stations or inside the telephone instrument.
      Similarly we can have communication with God through the power of our thought irrespective our physical locations on the earth or from space or even from moon.
      This does not mean that God is present every where.
      God is present only in one place, as we are also present in one place, at a particular time. So,God is not omnipresent.
      There are three worlds. Incorporeal world, subtle world and corporeal world.
      The bodily human beings (souls) are present in corporeal world.
      The purest forms of human souls, namely angels, with the subtle angelic (nonphysical light body) are present in the subtle world.
      God is present only in the incorporeal world. God has no physical body.
      Raja Yoga enables the self to have loveful, purposeful, communion with God easily. Now or never.
      Ashok vaatika
      Sri Sita came out of the line drawn for her by Sri Lakshman.
      First of all she wanted to make a dress out of the skin of the golden deer.
      In that pursuit she was separated firstly from Sri Rama.
      None the less, she had also sent Sri Lakshman, to search for the otherwise safe Sri Ram, from possible attack of Raavan.
      Sri Lakshman did not leave Sri Sita alone. He drew a circle and begged Sri Sita to not to go out of the line, before he left her, in search of Sri Ram.
      Now Raavan came in the form of a Brahmin to take away the lonely Sri Sita to his kingdom.
      However, he could not cross the line drawn by Sri Laxman and stayed out safely.
      On the other hand Sri Sita decided to cross the line to offer food to the Raavan, who was standing out, in the form of Brahmin.
      The moment Sri Sita had crossed the line, she was abducted by Raavan to Ashok vaatika (Land of no sorrow).
      In the so called Ashok vaataika Sri Sita was kept in a beautiful jail by Raavan separated from Sri Ram (God) and Sri Lakshman (His holy teachings).
      In the Ashok vaatika Sri Sita must have obviously experienced sorrow.
      Similar to the above, the world, we all live at present, looks like a Ashok vaatika(land of no sorrow) but infact it is a Shok vaatika(land of sorrow); wherein  majority of us are experiencing extreme suffering and pain mentally if not physically or both.
      In the Shok vaatika, which is the kingdom, ruled by Raavan, every female and male is under the clutches of the five vices, namely lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. (which are shown as the ten heads of the Raavan).
      Raja Yoga enables all, to liberate the self, from the jail of Shok vaatika and enter in to the real Ashok vaatika (which is heaven on earth) wherein all the human beings will live in 100% Purity, peace, and prosperity and will experience immense happiness. Now or never.
      It is Time
      The birds return to their nest in the evening to join their offspring.
      The cattle are brought back home by the cowboy at the sunset time to meet their little ones.
      Every one’s cars move from their office, towards their homes, to meet their loved ones, every evening.
      The river continuously flow and reaches the ocean at the end.
      The honey bees reach safely to their honey nest at the dusk.
      The lily flowers blossoms at the sight of their moon lover.
      The sun disappears by giving birth to moon light and star light at twilight.
      When the drama ends all the actors relinquish their respective costume and return their home.
      Do you know that it is time to reach our sweet home?
      In our sweet home, up above the sun, moon and the stars in the sky, there lives our father and mother, the teacher and the sat guru, the guide, God, the supreme soul, our spiritual parent, our most beloved, friend and child, the soul mate.
      We have been separated from our Spiritual parent for quite sometime now.
      Those who do not know their spiritual home (and of their spiritual parent) are known as the spiritual orphans.
      Such spiritual orphans are keep on searching and looking forward to meet their lost parent.
      It is time to start creating the thoughts of benevolence and blessings, for all our other fellow brothers and sisters, to make them pure, from our heart.
      The parents have come to take away their sweet children, back their sweet home.
      Yes, it is time to fly back to our sweet home, a realm of serenity, peace, purity and quietness and sweet silence called silent world.
      Raja Yoga enables the self to realize the closeness of time and the importance of acquiring purity, for reaching our sweet home. Now or never.
      Do you value your self? Do you know the value of yourself?
      We are most valuable for ever, all the time.
      Only thing is we are not conscious of our values.
      Who am I?
      I am a child of God. Iam owned by God. God has created me in His own image.
      I am a student of God. God teaches me. He has given me the imperishable gems of knowledge of the Self, God, Creation, The three worlds, Eternal world drama, Action and reaction, Reincarnation, Time, Spiritual Powers and Divine Virtues. God has given me the answers for all my questions.
      I am a follower of God. God is my guide. He will not leave us alone. He will liberate us, from the land of sorrow (Hell, the present world where we all live) and will enable us, reach the land of happiness (Heaven, the future world) via the land of peace (our home, soul world)
      I am a Pilgrim. I am on a Pilgrimage to reach our sweet home, the most Purest and sweet Silent world where our parent, God resides.
      I am a Spiritual warrior. My commander in chief is Almighty authority God. I will be always victorious over the five senses, five vices, and five elements. My subtle powers namely mind, intellect and impressions are also under my control.
      I am a helper of God. As God, my father, possess no physical body of His own, I surrender myself and all my possessions to Him.  I am most fortunate that I have become His instrument.  He uses me in His task of transforming the present hell into future heaven.
      I am an eternal soul. I always remain Peaceful, Loveful, and Joyful. (the degree varies)
      When I am conscious of my eternal original values, this world is transformed into Heaven from hell. When I change the world changes.
      Raja Yoga enables us conscious of our own original values, and uses them for the common good. Now or never.
      Light and Might
      Knowledge is light and also source of income.
      In the darkness even if our eyes are wide open, we need light to see things present around us.
      Physical knowledge is the source of perishable wealth.
      Spiritual knowledge is the source of spiritual wealth.
      Our mind is similar to a naughty horse or monkey. It is very restless.
      To control our mind we need to have an Intellect, which is stronger than mind.
      Spiritual knowledge bestowed by God, increases the strength of our Intellect; thereby the Intellect gains strength to control our mind.
      Knowledge throws more light to the Intellect so that it can differentiate right from wrong, good from bad, ordinary from special, priority from less urgent, worthy from unworthy etc.
      But, Knowledge itself is not sufficient.
      Many a times our intellect fails to exercise control over our mind due to lack of will power or determination.
      We all know that anger is the emotion to be avoided in our interactions. But, we show our anger or annoyance on the people whom we love more, many a times.
      The above clearly shows that our Intellect has the light but does not have the might.
      Raja Yoga enables our Intellect to acquire the might (will power or determination), needed to control our mind easily by linking the self, love fully, with Supreme soul, God. Now or never.

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