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  • Rasa Von Werder
    RASA S 6TH BOOK PUBLISHED! http://www.lulu.com/content/904767 I am delighted to tell you that there are people outside of our Matriarchal community who are
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      I am delighted to tell you that there are people outside of our
      Matriarchal community who are working toward like-minded objectives, and two
      of these are featured in the book, explained below. How much more important
      can it get than the relationship between Mother and child, the future of the
      human race? By disturbing this relationship, the autonomy of the Mother
      with her offspring, they have twisted the balance and harmony of the Living
      Family - Mother and Child. These scientists perceived it in their own

      This book features two great scientists, neuropsychologist Dr.
      James Prescott and Clinical Evolutionary Psychologist Dr. Dale Glaebach.

      James W. Prescott was a health scientist administrator at the
      National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda,
      Maryland. He contends that the greatest threat to world peace comes from
      those nations which have the most depriving environments for their children
      and which are most repressive of sexual affection and female sexuality. Dr.
      Prescott initiated and established a number of basic brain-behavioral
      research programs, which documented that the early life experiences of
      mother-infant separation induced a variety of developmental brain
      abnormalities. He contends that babies should be breast fed and given close
      bonding for at least two and a half years for proper brain growth, health
      and happiness; if not we have people prone to violence, suicide, depression
      and addiction. His studies are monumentally important and certainly worth
      considering toward a Nobel Peace Prize.

      Dr. Dale Glaebach explains how patriarchal religious
      anti-sexualism ultimately caused breast-feeding to become "redefined" as an
      asexual experience. Such "redefinition" of breast-feeding is then linked to
      the sexual repression of women as part of their stigmatization in the 18th
      Century as maternal beings too "pure" to have any sexual needs at all.
      Sexual fears are shown as a continuing plague to a mother's enjoyment of the
      process, even causing her to cease breast-feeding early when such feelings
      arise, to the detriment of the child. He explains that evolution has given
      breast feeding to be pleasurable in the same way that sex is pleasurable, to

      Rasa Von Werder takes note that these scientists are highlighting
      the maledictions of Patriarchy upon Motherhood, childhood and the human
      race, and she sees the restoration of Matriarchy and worship of MotherGod
      the needed remedy. She explains how Holy Mary has been appearing to end
      violence and bring back devotion - Our Lady of Fatima stopped the cold war
      and threat of nuclear annihilation. Hundreds of sightings of the Feminine
      Divine are reported. Worship MotherGod or our planet is doomed she says, and
      a program is presented in this book, beautifully illustrated with hundreds
      of breast-feeding, cute children and artistic designs. Ashley Montagu is
      also well represented here for his teachings on touch and natural
      superiority of women.
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