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To Share Message from Angela McGerr's 'Heartand Soul' Angel Cards Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone for the last time for right now as it getting time for me to take a rest from the computer as I have been on-line over four hours without a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2007
      Hello everyone for the last time for right now as it getting time for me to take a rest from the computer  as I have been on-line over four hours without a break (except for bathroom breaks, of course):
      I used this graphic that I snagged from one of Polly and Cynthia's messages as a depiction of the 'Angel of the Blue Star; which is the angel from whom today's message comes to us. 
      While this graphic is very beautiful, it was just a substitute today because I really wanted to use an angel graphic that is called, appropriately, 'The Blue Angel,' because I thought that angel would really enhance today's message.  However, for some reason, I was unable to find that graphic in my graphics files.  So, sweet Polly or precious Cynthia or Gulshan, if you are reading this and know which angel I am talking about (and I believe that it was Polly who told me the name of this particular graphic was 'The Blue Angel' ), if either of you have this special angel which I believe is sort of  a side view with the entire graphic being blue -- if I remember correctly, would you please share it with me again because it has always been one of my favorite angel graphics?  It is one I have not used in a while because somehow it got lost during one of my computer crashes.  So if any of you have this graphic, I would so love to again have a copy of it.
      Now for today's message from this special and beautiful card deck:
      It is a card from Seraphiel's Suit of Soul Purpose Angels, and it on 'Sanusemi who is the Guardian Angel of the Blue Star.  This is called 'the card of finding and teaching spiritual  peace/bliss."
      Here then is the message from this angel for us today:
      "Senusemi, of the Ennead (angels of the Blue Star empowering the Thunderbird), comes to guide you at soul level.  The Blue Star is linked to the origins of Earth and her partner Venus and may be called the route home, a destination on the Ry of Love and Light, and the vibration of transcendence through Merkaba that some call enlightenment or personal Ascension.
      "If this resonates, Sanusemi invites you to connect with him through your crown.  His image embodies the sacred dynamics of five (Blue Star, Thunderbird, Moon, Microcosm) and six (Flower of Life, Merkaba, Sun, Macrocosm).  As you open your heart of unconditional love to these powers, a miracle can happen.  You see through the eyes of Thunderbird, feel the power of her heart.  In fact, you can become a Thunderbeing whose wings transcend the 44:44 Angel Star Gate.,  The veils part and spirals of Love (Mer) flood your heart with peace.  You take the evolutionary flight of the Soul (Ka) to the Blue Star, and, through  crystalline sacred geometry merge with All That Is (Ba).  As you return, you  hold the protective Mer-ka-ba Light Body around you.  Your consciousness has expanded into a vessel from which sapphire healing energy flows in infinite Light holograms from your heart, fulfilling your soul purpose."
      I found this message to be special and wonderful; however, I do not believe that I yet have reached the stage of enlightenment where I can go to these places.  Or if I can, I have yet to figure out how to experience this beauty, joy, peace and love.  I will say, though, that reading this message really makes getting this enlightened sound very, very wonderful indeed.
      Again, continue to enjoy your day and do take some time to get out an enjoy Mother Nature a while today, no matter where you may live.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Midi I shared tonight is called 'In the Arms of An Angel.'  Enjoy!
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