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To Share A Card from a New Card eck Today '' Heart and Soul Angel Cards" by Angels McGerr

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello all again: Before I share this message, I want to give you a little background info on these cards. As I said, they were designed and made by Angels
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2007
      Hello all again:
      Before I share this message, I want to give you a little background info on these cards.  As I said, they were designed and made by Angels McGerr.  They were published in 2006 by Quadrille Publishing Limited, Alhambra House in London and were printed and bound in China.
      The deck consists of 48 cards, with 12 each for each suit.  And these suits are:  Essence of Love:  Pagiel's Suit of Heart's Desire;  Essence of Love:  Suit of mystical Animal Guides; Essence of Light:  Seraphiel's Suit of Soul Purpose Angels and Essence of Light:  Suit of Sacred Hallows Light Tools.
      The first card I drew for all of us today is from the Essence of Light Suit and is on 'Anachel. the Guardian Angel of Grace.'
      Because I was unable to find Anachel, 'The Angel of Grace' or any other 'Angel of Grace' and the card provided did not really show an angel, just wings, I decided to use this special creation by my friend, Gaele, from Australia, to represent the 'Angel of Grace' today.  First of all. she is moving and then she has violet wings, and since that color represents spirituality, I thought she was a very good representation of the 'Angel of Grace,' in the absence of the real one. However, if any of you have in your files a real true 'Angel of Grace,' I would so like to have it in my files so I could use it next time the situation called for it.  In the meantime, I hope you accept this one for today's message.
      This card is said to be the card of rebirth:  walking in your personal Star power.
      Then the rest of the message on this card tells us:
      "Anachel confirms that no matter how things may seem, in fact all is perfect.  Your life runs completely in accordance wit the 33 Spiritual Laws of the Universe.  Anachel wishes you to trust that at the right time (nor approaching) your soul purpose will be revealed.  Part of this purpose was to gain much understanding and wisdom, and so you will be able to help others work to meet the Spiritual Laws -- for the angels tell you that all is karma, all is grace.
      "You are on track in the Divine blueprint of your life; it is just that you need to be patient.  Accept and trust that you will walk in your personal power.  You are at a key stage of spiritual development; the foundations are being put into place for the vital contribution that you will make in due course.  In the meantime, surrender as much of the lesser (lower) ego as possible, for it obscures spiritual vision.  We all struggle with this in our imperfect world, but Anachel's loving support enables you to build the self-belief that allows you to let go of fear and self-doubt.  Then your higher ego -- your Divine self -- will emerge, as the angels guide your soul journey on the Way of Love and Light."
      I love this woman's work and also still have more of the Gold and Silver Guardian angel cards to use, but I just felt led to use these new ones tonight ,, probably because the first card I selected was so special.  So I do hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
      For now, to each of you, good night and may your sleep be restful and relaxing while  it is filled with peaceful and beautiful dreams as well.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs.
      P.S.  I started to use Elvis' recording of this song, but then I remembered that Gaele had sent me this one a while ago and decide it might be more appropriate tonight.  This woman's name is Nana Mouskouri (I do hope I spelled it right), and I do hope you all enjoy this version of this beautiful song.  Just for information, Elvis' version is still my favorite, but  this one is a very close second.  Enjoy! 
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