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To Share Message from Doreen Virtue's 'Saints and Angels Oracle Cards for Us All Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone for the last time tonight: I did not realize that it was going to take so long to find stationery to go with this message tonight, so now it is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2007
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      Hello everyone for the last time tonight:
      I did not realize that it was going to take so long to find stationery to go
      with this message tonight, so now it is getting really late, too late to be
      reading messages tonight.
      To my sorrow, it seems that when I lost all of my files last week, I lost a lot
      of my nature files that would I was unable to download for some reason. 
      And in those I lost were the ones that had either a road or a highway or a
      lane in them.  Therefore, after going through all of my stationery files two
      times, this is the only stationery I could come up with even remotely related
      to travel.  That is, unless you live on an island, I think that being an
      island where you can dream would consist of travel for the rest of us.
      Consequently, I wanted to find stationery on this subject because the card I
      drew for all of us today was the card entitled:  'Safe Travel.'
      And the message from this card for all of us today is:
      "This card signals a safe passage and lets you know that St. Christopher is by
      the side of the one who is traveling.  This trip is blessed by the angels, who
      will ensure that all the details are taken care of.  The transportation, luggage,
      meals and accommodations are being overseen by Heaven, so this way is clear
      for an enjoyable trip.
      'This can also be a message that it is time for you to take a trip.  Have you been
      hankering for a relaxing vacation?  If there a place that you are drawn to for
      research or business purposes?  Is there a loved on whom you would like to
      visit?  If so, this card is a validation that it is time to set this plan in motion.
      'People have long carried St. Christopher medals to ensure safe journeys.  He
      became the patron saint of travelers because of his occupation, which involved
      carrying people across a river.  Legend says that he was a large man who
      could easily transport anyone, no matter what their size.  One day, a small
      boy asked to be  taken across the river.  Despite his small frame, the child's
      weight nearly made Christopher collapse.  Upon reaching the riverbank, the
      boy revealed his true identity.  He was Christ.  This saint's name means: 
      'Christ bearer.'
      Don't you just love to learn new things?  Being a triple plus Gemini, I always
      love to learn new information, and I have to say that, even if everyone else
      has heard this story before, I have to admit that this is my first time hearing
      it.  As the old adage goes, 'A day is never lost if you learned something new."
      So once again I do hope you all enjoy this message as much as I enjoyed
      sending it.  I am so very glad to have these Doreen Virtue cards to share with
      all of you because it always does my heart good and touches my soul to share
      her messages with all of you.
      For now, let me bit you a good evening and a very pleasant good night. 
      Since tomorrow is my birthday, my son is going to take me out to eat where
      we go every year on my birthday -- to Red Lobster -- so I am not sure what
      time I will be on-line, but I will be back -- some time tomorrow.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S. Midi I used tonight is called 'Traveling Man.'  We all know that this
      song was recorded by Ricky Nelson, when he was popular and way before
      he died.  Enjoy!   
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