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Invocation at Eastertime

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  • Karen
    »§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§« * Invocation at Eastertime *
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2002

      * Invocation at Eastertime *


      On this day of Easter I honor Jesus/Sananda
      the Christ and Archangel/Mother Mary for their
      parts in preparing the consciousness of Earth
      citizens for the Aquarian Age. I call forth
      the presences of these great beings to be with
      me in this Easter hour. I hold the image of the
      resurrection Flame and call forth Archangels
      Gabriel and Hope to bring the energies of
      resurrection for humanity and for myself into
      focus within a great lens of Light. Let this
      day honor the action of resurrection: let it
      be a recovery of abilities and gifts that are
      not yet within our reach. Let the energy of
      renewal of connection to Source be now infused
      within each human heart.

      I call to my Christ Self, asking that this
      aspect of myself come into dominion over me
      now. I ask that it be felt as a gentle wind
      lowering into my crown chakra, filling my
      entire body with the power, wisdom, and love
      of a Christ. Bring into blossom the seeds
      that were planted so long ago when resur-
      rection and ascension were demonstrated and
      seeded 2000 years ago. Let the flow of Christ
      energy go out to all who choose to inhabit
      their Christed Selves and be resurrected into
      the glory and power that once was prevalent
      on the face of our dear Earth. Let the
      demonstration that Jesus performed 2000 years
      ago, be now understood and expanded so that
      all of humanland who choose can now under-
      stand our part in the blueprint he offered
      to the world. Let the example of his teachings
      and his ascension as well as the unconditional
      love and concentration of Mary be imprinted
      within each of us, so that we become the
      teachers we are, experiencing unconditional
      love and profound focus, and the command
      necessary to bring out bodies into the
      higher vibration that we call ascension.

      May we all live our lives in the Posture of
      Blessing all life. Let us move into the
      compassionate heart -- forgiving any who may
      have harmed us. Knowing only ignorance of
      the Divine Plan and ignoring God would and
      could result in harmfulness to a sister or
      a brother. Let be resurrected this thought-
      form: we are all part of the Eternal Self.
      There is only One Ascension -- the Ascension
      of God. Amen


      from Invocations to the Light
      Wistancia Stone

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