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Fw: June 11th

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Monday, the 11th of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.


      The Sun conjoins Betelgeuse at 4:07 AM and trines the Moon at 5:42 AM



      Success through the shadow. The emotional intuitive realm combines with will. This combination expresses the kinds of energies we experience today. When we work with our wounded emotions, we are able to bring our shadow side to the surface and acknowledge it with love.

      As we learn to heal our damaged emotions, we are able to transmute these feelings and mental attitudes into more heart focused energies that are more useful to our Soul-purpose.


      The Moon parallels Neptune at 6:47 AM. and trines Jupiter, Hades at 10:22 AM.

      The emotional intuitive, realm combines with wisdom. This influence gives devotion, generosity of spirit and a kind disposition towards others. Our thoughts turn towards home, family and there is a desire to maintain domestic peace and happiness.

      Our sensitivity is wide open, allowing us to receive the wisdom of Jupiter which opens up the heart, supporting the blending the heart and mind.

      Emotional difficulties may involve being tied to the past, contending with depression or secrets about the past.


      The Moon sextiles Mars at 11:35 AM and conjoins Uranus at 2:17 PM


      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with love and will.

      The influence gives us the strength, courage and healing to support our convictions. Past attachments need to be released in order to align with Soul-purpose. Separative feelings and attitudes can be transmuted into more evolved, heart-centred energies related to the Sixth Ray of Devotion.

      Supporting and healing others who are going through similar experiences to our own may be in order today. Our perception into human nature helps us and guides us towards emotional resolution and attunement to Soul-purpose.

      Working in group situations is effective because it provides good focus and achieves maximum efficiency. Emotional depth-work can be very effective in a group format.


      Mars Parallels Antares at 4:01 PM.

      One of the Royal Stars of Persia called "The Watcher of the West". This influence gives a great store of energy and optimism prompting us to undertake ventures we would otherwise hesitate to attempt.

      Being a royal star, it can bring great success as long as we do not go to excess or become obsessive because this could work against us. By keeping a balance between success with one's goals and the quality of life, the potential mistakes is avoided.


      The Moon sextiles Chiron at 5:13 PM and Mercury sextiles Lilith at 5:21 PM.

      There is deep resonance with our emotions and the healing process. We benefit from a greater understanding of how our emotions can affect our spiritual progress. This position gives great compassion, balance and healing energy from Chiron and Galactic Centre.

      The emotions and mental attitudes that may now be coming up for healing are rejection, favouritism, rivalry, competition, triangulation, sexism or stereotyping.

      The Mercury station on a critical degree of Gemini has ramifications for the next several weeks, affecting our thinking patterns. This point in Gemini is activated, we are called upon to integrate the higher spiritual qualities of Gemini and to transmute the potential negative qualities such as superficial thinking and rigid, separative mental attitudes.

      Mercury channels the Fourth Ray of the Art of Living which harmonises opposites and develops new resolutions. Gemini is a primary receiver of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom, opening our hearts to inclusive love. We are called upon to transmute negative mental attitudes into more heart-centred inclusive ones.

      Some of these mental attitudes may be coming up in our own minds during this time. We need to acknowledge them with love and compassion.

      These attitudes are likely to hinder our spiritual progress because they do not bring us closer to Oneness(see The Law of One or email for the information). They are likely to stem from damaged emotions and negative socialisation. Damaged emotions can be transmuted into more heart-centred feelings through emotional depth-work(see Trauma Clearing or email for the information).


      The Moon in Aquarius trines Mercury at 8:38 PM and the is begins a 4 hour lunar void cycle.

      The emotional intuitive realm combines with wisdom. At this time we are able to be in touch with our feelings to an unusual extent and are better able to express them to others. There is an opportunity for reprogramming and refinement of our mental patterns.

      As we attune to our Soul-purpose, we are guided towards being at the right place at the right time. Right action means harmlessness(Ahimsa) in thought, word and deed, being in present-centred awareness and attuned to the joy of spirit.

      This 4 hour lunar void cycle gives us the opportunity to reflect on our spiritual progress and integrate our emotions into our personality. Relaxation, prayer and meditation are recommended.



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