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Simply, the present moment - the soul and Higher Self

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  • Gaele Arnott
    Simply, the present moment To spend time with your Higher Self and Soul what better opportunity than to sit at a place such as this. A little bit of heaven
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2007

      Simply, the present moment
      To spend time with your Higher Self and Soul what better opportunity than to sit at a place such as this. A little bit of heaven found on Planet Earth.
      If you are 'lucky' there is somewhere near to your home which offers the same opportunity to sit in centredness as does Turner's Beach in Tasmania.
      I photographed several views and aspects of this beach during the 24 hours I visited here and yes I did get to sit in the sunshine, away from the 'breeze' and meditate. I thanked God for allowing me the opportunity to experience this beautiful scenery with technology available to share with you parts of Tasmania. The day was as beautiful and the sky accurately recorded for colour as the graphic shows. I didn't contemplate at the time of the visit on the 10th April 2007 the who or how of the Higher Self as it meets with Soul. I was gifted instead the photos of Turner's Beach, to sit and recall the warmth of the people and the place as I drifted into thoughts of how to answer the questions of Soul and Higher Self as directed to me, as a result of the past few days posts.
      I can only reply within my own knowing. "Knowing' gained through almost 40 years of actively pursuing the question for myself and even now I'm open to allow my view to change should something else occur to change my direction of thought. It is a topic discussed within my Reiki Masters group/s as well as in group discussions in "Beyond Reiki" - each time someone will come forward with a viewpoint slightly different to what has been known previously - it may reinforce the 'yes!' confirmation or open the door to more research, learning and discovery. Such is the way of any quest.
      I know and have shared that many believe that the seat of the Soul sits in or through the Pineal Gland.
      For me the 'place' is more complex and yet so simple that the above answer does not fulfil the question, for me.
      I see and feel the Soul as everywhere within and around me. I see it as the core of who I am and wish to be. Nebulous without form - agreeing to journey with the physical me during this and as many incarnations as is needed to achieve the goal of arriving home again. Home is where?
      Home is that place in an infinite non-defined space where the Universal Oneness of the I Am resides.
      and yet I Am, the I Am
      perfection in all ways. Created in perfection for the journey needed
      Staying in perfection as I live Now in this moment
      not knowing or needing to know more than is given to me in this moment.
      This is the beauty of the soul.
      Philosophers and religious leaders may give you an answer that resonates for a time
      but they too are on a quest to find and understand their soul.
      Certainly the Pineal gland will allow opportunity to access and relay information received from Angels, Archangels, Universal energy or The Higher Self.
      Is the Higher Self different to the Soul?
      My belief system suggests yes it's different and that each have a different role within our journey.
      Each love and honour the other so much that at times they are co-joined as one to assist you on the physical path of Life's Journey.
      The Soul brings the blueprint as accepted by you when you chose to incarnate.
      The Higher Self understands and works with you, the physical self to bring the blueprint from vision into reality.
      The Higher Self understands the shadows as well as the light side of personality.
      The Higher Self is able to feel and experience emotion which the Soul does not experience.
      The spirit is the driver of the soul but it also is detached from emotion and outcome.
      The Soul holds the Blueprint - the spirit directs as the Soul decrees.
      The Higher Self works with ego, personality, emotion in order to obtain the most perfect result required by your blueprint during Life's journey.
      As with any blueprint there are aspects which cannot be accounted for nor indeed predicted, as your blueprint crosses the path of others following their Soul's journey.
      Some are already on your blueprint but there are times when someone or something will stumble by "mistake" into your field.
      Like any architect will do, as many contingencies as possible were considered when drawing the blueprint for your life. The big BUT was emotion. The Blueprint was drawn from a place of detachment - without emotion.
      Now as you follow the guidelines to complete the blueprint you find emotion plays a much larger role than was considered at the time of the drawing.
      here is the role for the Higher Self. The Higher Self has learned to work with and understand the Soul's Vision and knows all the aspects of the physical you.
      The Higher Self shows choice and allows the Spirit to interact with the Will.
      Free Will and Choice were gifts given to compensate for the aspects not understood at the time of creating the Blueprint. Free Will and Choice also grant opportunity to assess the aspects which occur outside the original blueprint contingency plan.
      God/ Goddess/ Universe is all knowing but as any parent will tell you the child can not be protected and guarded as everything. Any parent will try and protect the child as much as possible but ultimately the child needs to be responsible for the path it takes.
      The Soul does not care if the blueprint is finalised in this journey.
      The soul has no emotional attachment to the outcome - it will be just as it's meant to be.
      The physical self says but I have to finish this quest just as it's laid down in the blueprint.
      The Higher Self shows how Will and Choice may learn to detach also from the outcome if we allow the Shadow side of ego to step aside.
      The Ego which is driven by Spirit may learn that as we sit in the moment we have indeed learned exactly what the blueprint showed.
      In the beginning there was One - the I Am
      you, we, I are the I Am
      and in knowing this, it matters not where the Soul, The Higher Self or The Spirit reside.
      Centredness is enjoying the moment
      and all are then in balance one with the other.
      it is in love from my heart and soul to your heart and soul
      Gaele Arnott from here in Brisbane, Australia on Tuesday the 2nd May, 2007
         Wo Oh Ni Ai  (I love You)
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      Today's graphics were created by Gaele in PSP IX
      The photograph was taken by Gaele at Turner's Beach Tasmania
      It is my intent that each day's graphic and music contribute to the healing for the Planet and in any way which is appropriate for you. If you sit with just the graphic and the music, the words become secondary. The words are only my description of the intent within the art.
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