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Fw: allan is my friend - angel monads - gorgeous photos

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  • Gaele Arnott
    Story of The Monads : Ufo s explained: the New Psychic children this was sent to me by a friend as a result of my moment post on pineal gland - It may be of
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      Story of The Monads : Ufo's explained: the New Psychic children
      this was sent to me by a friend as a result of my moment post on pineal gland - It may be of interest to some
      with love

      Story of The Monads : Ufo's explained: the New Psychic children

      Tuesday, December 05, 2006

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      Monday, November 13, 2006

      ELDER CHILDREN (psychic children)
      Incarnation SOUL GROUPS awakening latent DNA

      Link to recent activity

      Image copyright owners should contact the author

      in the first instance for permissions and links

      About the author.
      Allan Moffatt, is an angel shaman, author and acupuncturist from Australia. He says’ the job of an angel shaman is to make you aware of what you are ‘perceiving’ but not allowing yourself to have recognition of.’ This lack of recognition may lead to a ’blind spot’ in our perceptual field. The shaman sees what it is and can tell you, then you too can see it. For example, when Christopher Columbus first sailed his funny looking boat into a harbour in South America , at first , the natives could not see it. It was too foreign to them. Here I am telling you about the Angel Monads.

      "Allan is a deeply spiritual man and a natural angel shaman. Some shamans beat their drums or shake their rattles. Allan in his quiet unassuming way calls up the angelic spirits.". Steve Schuitevader Ph.D. (Process-Orented Psychology)

      More about the author link

      Page overview
      Why are there no photos of the soul? What does the soul look like? What are the structures of our soul previous to our conception and subsequent incarnation?
      Then there are the photos of UFOs. We always assume they all have living beings of some kind in them. We do not assume they are pilot-less.
      Is there a connection between souls and ufos?
      We explore this in relation to the Monads


      PART 1
      Monad overview

      This section is about monads in general.
      In the centre is the monad, at the top level.
      At the next level are the twelve oversoul groups
      and at the third level are the twelve soul groups.
      Then the individual soul on Earth.

      For more
      on the
      I am University teachings of the Monads go to link

      Labels: monad

      •An impression of the gold monad as it travels through cosmic space.
      There is an angelic quality to it
      and a definite structure.
      Here is the origin of diamond consciousness

      This crop circle gives a symbol for the monads.
      Around the circle are 144 points:
      the angle on the pentagon is 144 degrees:
      The arms of the pentacle are 144 degrees.
      144 degrees is called a Biquintile
      and is an important aspect in astrology.

      Earth core chakra
      The Earth core is an important home base
      for the energy of the incoming monadic structures.
      These MONADS have their origin at the galactic centre or the universe centre.
      There is an interchange relationship
      going on between these three centres
      which governs the evolution of the Earth as a being,
      and thenceforward to all of Life on Earth,
      including human consciousness.

      Earth’s precession
      The Earth revolves around the galactic centre every 26,000 years
      and the galaxy revolves around the Universe centre every 120,000 years.
      The 26,000 year cycle gives our fragment selves commonly called past lives
      and the 120,000 year cycle gives our remnant selves
      such as in our memories of Atlantis and Lemuria.
      At this point in time year 2000 t0 2012
      we are in a change over of cycles as they relate to Earth.
      Thus we have the possibility of contact with evolutionary beings
      who have not influenced Earth
      for many thousands of years,
      who have but faint memories of life here
      and need some human consciousness contact in order to catch up.

      Galactic centre

      triple-suns elohim
      The sunlight we receive has a threefold nature
      as it comes from three different sources,
      Solar, galactic and Universal
      corresponding to the three different stages of the Monad .
      It is estimated the light from the second sun is 1/80 th the light from the first
      and the light from the third sun is 1/949 th the light from the first sun.
      The angels of the sunlight
      are called Elohim.

      A Heart from the sky
      Here we see how the sunlight is living and creative.
      A monad is a being of pure consciousness, not just a scientific fact.
      There is beauty here,
      with warmth and love,
      as feelings.

      galactic light
      Here we see something of the nature of galactic light

      univers-al light
      Here we see an example of the univers-al light as it arrives during an eclipse.

      Whale tail in the sunset
      The angel monads can be likened to galactic whales,
      sailing through the universal ocean of love and compassion.
      Imagine how big the consciousness of a whale
      might be compared to ours,
      then imagine one that lives in the galaxy, something like a comet,
      but with consciousness, and hence communicable to..................
      And this being as a being of light can enter
      into all of earth's activities
      and is benevolent.

      independence day
      This is not a real photo.
      But it does portray something of the concept of Motherships
      to give us an idea of the connection between ufos and monads.
      It is taken from the movie "independence Day'.
      Of course everything was negatively portrayed to make more drama.
      The process of ascension consists of journey
      back through the three levels to the monad cores,
      finding the lost fragments and remnants.
      Then descension back to Earth occurs, with these intact.
      To do this the physical body has to be adjusted.
      If this process occurs unconsciously it is called 'alien abduction'

      Compare with this cloud photo over a thunderhead over Arizona.

      PART 2


      Here is how Archangel Raphael,
      angel of healing and of the Earth,
      appears to me.
      He has been leading me on this
      journey of discovery
      into the understanding
      and function of the angelic monads
      since 1990

      first or white monad
      The year 2000 saw the coming of the first or white angel monad.
      Its healing function relates to belief in drama and trauma.
      As the children of a particular soul group incarnate or come toward birth on Earth,
      they pass the angel monad and are imprinted with the pattern,
      and as a soul group
      will tend to have that healing function
      as a life purpose.
      Thus the children born near year 2000
      will like to wear white or crystal as colours or clothing

      BLOOD MONAD 2001

      Blood angel monad - SACRIFICE
      Year 2001 saw the coming of the Blood monad whose healing aspect was belief in,
      sacrifice and suffering.
      We no longer need to make sacrifices of any kind especially of the blood kind.
      That year was earmarked by events of 9/11


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