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Fw: June 10

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Sunday, the 10th of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours times in GMT.


      The Sun conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius for the next few days.

      Will combines with Wisdom. The clouds break as a more optimistic outlook begins to take hold. Our personal growth never happens at another’s expense. On the contrary, our unfoldment is accelerated as we help others on their voyage of discovery. Bringing knowledge to others deepens our understanding.


      The Moon trines Saturn at 1:10 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with magnetic will. This influence gives patience and reserve strength. Along with Venus in Taurus, this aspect tempers the fiery and airy elements with some solid grounding.

      We may be tempted to remember the past fondly and wish that we could reclaim it. It is better remain focused in the present and never look back. Remaining in the present with our feet firmly placed on the ground, we are poised on the threshold of a new world. We won’t want to miss anything that is happening now.


      The Moon conjoins Neptune in Aquarius at 5:28 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with wisdom. The sensitivity to our surroundings is greatly increased.

      This transit can stimulate our fantasies. Analysing our dreams reveals much and helps to guide us on our evolutionary journey. We may want to be alone in order to attune to the very sacred frequencies of the heart of the Sun. Meditation and sacred ceremony are recommended.


      Mercury conjoins Polaris at 9:10 AM and opposes Chiron, Galactic Centre.

      Polaris or the Pole Star channels the energy of the First Ray or Divine Will and is regarded as the star of reorientation where the art of recovering ‘that which is lost’ is developed.

      Direction, will, purpose and plan are all connected to the vehicle of expression which we call our solar system.

      The First Ray which is the energy of Divine embodied will, has been described as "unavoidable directed purpose". The nature of this energy is to clear the way for us to consciously link with our Higher Self so that we can experience true joy and Universal Love.

      Many of us are healing our emotions, integrating our personality and widening our horizons. We are beginning to experience Universal love and are accessing our spiritual will. Humanity is experiencing profound healing energy on a massive collective scale and these healing rays are helping us to heal our minds and emotions.

      We are urged to utilise techniques of emotional healing such as Trauma Clearing(email if you need information on Trauma Clearing)in order to bring about personality integration. As we experience the healing process, our hearts open up to new levels of love and compassion. We are beginning to open up to new perspectives and ways of thinking.

      When we begin to experience this level of consciousness, we are said to be on the spiritual path. The Ageless Wisdom calls this level of consciousness treading the Path of Discipleship. The first sign of Spiritual Will begins on the Path of Discipleship. The Spiritual Will works with the intuition to open our awareness of Soul-purpose and guides us on our divine destiny. The Spiritual Will of deity comes to our planet via Aries, Vulcan and Pluto through the energy of the First Ray. This is a great reservoir or focal point for divine energy, carrying out God’s purpose.



      The Moon sextiles Pluto at 3:59 PM

      . The Sun conjoins Hades at 5:27 PM.


      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with Divine Love. This influence arouses deep passions. We desire to experience a very profound level of feeling. Acknowledging all our emotions is the key to building a bridge(Antahkarana)between our personality and our Higher Self.

      Becoming aware of our dark side helps us to redeem parts of our personality that have split off or become dissociated. Internal fragmentation, splits, depression, errors of the past, recognition of primitive urges, subconscious shame and humiliation could be coming up for healing now.

      We need to reclaim all aspects of ourselves with love and compassion in order to start the healing process. Our negative feelings are really parts of ourselves that need recognition, love and healing. We need to get in touch with our fears and blocked energy that are holding us back from experiencing our divinity which is who we truly are.

      Our negative thoughts are valuable messages to us about our deeper fears and negative patterns. These are so basic to our way of thinking and feeling that we often don’t realise they exist at all. When we become aware of our core negative beliefs, feelings and attitudes, we can begin the healing process and change our life. Emotional depth-work is recommended.  Remember that emotions heal through being allowed to flow honestly and without self-criticism, in a safe and non-destructive way.  Use eye movement, like the body uses naturally each night during dreaming, moving the eyes back and forth, left to right at any speed that is comfortable to you.  Combining eye movement with the act of allowing your feelings to flow, allows the psyche to process emotions and heal rapidly in a natural way.  The eye movement shifts emotional energy back and forth between the hemispheres of the brain, and healing insights happen spontaneously.



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