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Fw: To Share Message Today from Angel Card Drawn from Angela McGerr's Gold and Silver Guardain Angel Cards with Definitions from 'The Book of Angels'

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: The card I drew for all of us today was the one on Ithuriel, who is the Guardian Angel of Your True Self. In addition, according to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2007
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      Hello everyone:
      The card I drew for all of us today was the one
      on 'Ithuriel,' who is the Guardian Angel of Your
      True Self.  In addition, according to information
      from 'Paradise Lost, ' this guardian angel is a
      cherub, 'discovery of God,' who represents
      memory and Divine Command."
      This guardian angel tells us:  "If invoked from the
      heart, I show you the person that you really want to be, but perhaps have imprisoned for the moment.
      It is time to release your inner self from behind the bars you have erected, and embrace Truth and Freedom.
      He then goes on to tell us:
      "Why is the real you behind bars of your own creation?  Have the circumstances placed them around you, temporarily or permanently, or have you simply ceased to follow the guidance of your heart?
      "The path of your life can be viewed as a glorious crystal mountain, at its summit is the golden crown of your real aspiration -- inner peace.  Each face of the mountain reflects all that is best in you.  Catch a glimpse of your reflection and marvel at your true potential, one in which absolutely  anything is possible.  At present, however, you may be imprisoned at the foot of this mountain and gazing toward the summit, feeling trapped in life.  My golden energy dissolves the prison bars and shows you a route to follow.  To be sure, it may not be an easy climb, but I urge you to start your ascent, for you do have the ability to reach your summit.  All it takes is enough determination to break out of the prison you have constructed around yourself, and take the first step upward toward real happiness and contentment.  The higher you climb, the easier it gets to feel trust, love and acceptance of whatever lies ahead.
      "When you reach the golden crown of inner peace, place it upon your head and give thanks for the journey.  As you wear the crown and look down from the summit, you will see that, far from being the complicaticaed situation you had anticipated, like true greatness, it is all very simple indeed."
      Again, a somewhat long but very interesting message for us all today.  Remember, when reading my angel messages that I always use a  larger font (18), rather than a small one, so this message is not all really that long; it just seems to be longer because the font is so large  And do keep in mind that the reason I use the larger font to make it easier for everyone to see.
      Be that as it may, this message does discuss the idea of those of us who have hidden behind bars of our own creation.  I know I have done this a few times in my life, especially when I have been hurt really bad,  just to keep from being hurt all over again.  However, whatever reasons we may use to hide ourselves behind bars or walls for protection from others are never good enough.  Instead we need to find ways to heal from whatever has hurt us and then face the world with an open and receptive heart, filled with love for those around us so that we will always have all the love we may need in our lives. This love can come from a husband or a significant other, a family member, a friend or a loved one.  Love is love, no matter what the source and we all need to fill our lives with total unconditional love and give it to everyone we meet each day because, if we do not, we are really missing out on feeling and sharing the greatest force in the Universe.
      Continue to enjoy your evening and may your night be filled with all the sleep you may need to enable you to do everything on your 'to-do' list tomorrow.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Music that came with this stationery is called ' Guardian Angel.'
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