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VAGINA MONOLOGUES - Dealing with False Female Prophets

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  • Rasa Von Werder
    VAGINA MONOLOGUES - Dealing with False Female Prophets http://www.womanthouartgod.com/main.php Thanks, William. What gets my goat is these females show up at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2007
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      VAGINA MONOLOGUES - Dealing with False Female Prophets


      Thanks, William. What gets my goat is these females show up at my group
      without even a 'howdie do' to me, no respect. They then start chatting, and
      soon, holding forth. I could see it coming, that is why I challenged her a
      tad, then a bit more, and her evil nature and accusations came out
      immediately. She is another Demon in Skirt.

      I learned from past experience that I cannot leave my group fallow, without
      my Presence because what other women do who are big on ego and small on
      grace, are basically trolling for my sheep and ready to put a dagger in my
      back. They are not here to cooperate or work together, they want what they
      can get, even if it is the service and respect of a few of my men.

      What also sickens me is how gullible and naive the men are, and how easily
      they fall for the next woman - any woman. Any vagina that comes along and
      presents herself as an authority figure WITH NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER, NO
      TRACK RECORD, NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS except her fetid imagination, these guys
      start chatting, and then, they are ready to go off with her. What is it
      about men, who are usually sensible, logical, intelligent, even brilliant,
      that makes them so weak in the knees with women? Why can't they be
      satisfied with me, on my group, and why do they seek verbal thrills with any
      woman that comes along, all the while ignoring me, the one who has ability,
      power and a great track record?

      It is no different than a woman coming into my house, shrine or monastery
      with my devotees in their little rooms. She comes in, does not even
      respectfully greet me, starts talking in the house, and pretty soon, tells
      everyone she is either the Goddess or the next Messiah or whatever her brain
      conjures up. Why do the men fall for it? Why do Raleigh and Thomas fall
      for it? Why do they get taken so easily? How desperate are they - what is
      the problem? Is it seeking variety, is it wanting all women - no matter who
      they are - with wispy claims of authority - loving them?

      Again, it is like the woman who has a millionaire husband, but she does
      access his money. The house is dirty, the children in rags, the food on the
      table is meager, and yet, this spouse is rich. All the wife has to do with
      the husband who provides richly is access his money and put it to use, but
      she is too stupid to do so. This woman ignores the millionaire and speaks
      to every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along, most of whom are ne'er do
      wells, deadbeats, wankers, whoremasters and so forth, and the wife will

      I am the millionaire husband, the Guru who has all the Gifts of the Holy
      Spirit including the Gifts of Power - Healing and Miracles - and I am an
      expert in Union with God and a true Matriarch, and I have Holy Spirit Power
      and Anointing to transmit to everyone here, and furthermore, if they would
      sit down and ask, I can answer any question about God and talk intelligently
      about Matriarchy and relationships. This would keep our group active and
      lively, for no matter how busy I am, I always take time to answer sincere
      questions addressed to me. But my devotees and friends ignore me, and any
      whore or slut that comes by who is ready to knife me, they are chatting away
      amiably with her. What is going on here?

      Here you had an example - a woman with no credentials, obviously serious
      flaws with four failed marriages (I can understand one or two, as people
      are flawed, but to choose the wrong partner four times in a row shows lack
      of judgment, discernment and reasoning ability), and she brags about having
      four children, so she is proud of that? My dog has her beat, she had six
      children. Does not take any sort of supernatural courage, power or strength
      to beget children, all animals do it. But begetting children to the Spirit,
      that takes power. She is unemployed, which is not a sin, and one can
      forgive this certainly, but she has time on her hands TO HOLD FORTH ON MY

      She speaks of this mythical 'Crown' on her head, which she will gladly give
      me, which I believe is a DUNCE CAP based on what I know of her.

      OK, so she's crap. But what is wrong with my devotees? Why do they run
      after these women and get involved and ignore me? What makes them so
      beautiful and me so undesirable? What do I have to do to get my own
      devotees to associate with me on my groups?

      Mz Kennedy tried to get men to go with her by inviting them to write to her
      at yahoo, but she did not leave - which means they probably did not write
      her. Everyone wants to be in public, where the action is. My devotees who
      need private guidance do contact me privately, but it is never about Union
      with God, it is always about relationships with people (their love life with
      girlfriends or boyfriends, and I find this also a pain in the butt, but I
      have to help because that is where they are at).

      I shall never forget the quagmire I had to get Raleigh out of when he got
      involved with one of these women - who was giving him satanic rituals to
      uninstall me from his heart and mind. For a short time she succeeded in
      getting him out of the grace of God, but he came to his senses and it was
      made right, but at a considerable cost to my time and energy.

      You guys who run off with women and try to keep it hidden from me, God
      knows, and if I am your Guru, remember, when you turn on your loving Guru
      and try to hide it will be like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after
      they sinned. God/Guru will find you, and then pass judgment. While I am
      with you as Guru, you are relating to God through me, as I am the One God
      sent, and to diss me is to diss God, and there is a price to pay for that.
      Remember this statement, it is 100% accurate and not a fantasy, take it

      My devotees are like innocent, gullible and naive children, after all, those
      who are active are all men, and men need help. Try and recall what I told
      you before, that just because a creature has a vagina does not make her a
      messenger of God, a Messiah, a true Matriarch or a Guru. It is the spirit
      that quickens, not the flesh. Look to the spirit of a person, not the
      biology. Yes women are biologically superior and have nurturing power, but
      in this world they are seriously flawed and not realizing their potential
      nor are all these women in a place of grace and Union with God. TEST THE

      My new code name for these creatures will be VAGINA MONOLOGUES. These women
      are no different than the Patriarchal men who think that just by virtue of
      having a penis, they rule the world. In other words, they have some special
      right to all the privileges and perks of life. These women are like that,
      and some day, when Matriarchy comes back, it will be worse. There will be
      many demons with vaginas hurting others, there will be a minority of women
      who will be tyrannical and cruel, harming, not helping people and their
      eternal life. TEST THE SPIRITS.

      The other salient point is THEY COME TO MY GROUP because they want to STEAL
      WHAT I HAVE, WHAT I BUILT UP, instead of working, sweating to create their
      own following. It takes WORK, TIME, MONEY, EFFORT, to have a following, and
      they do not want to work that hard - it is easier to steal. And steal is
      exactly their intention, steal my resources, friends and devotees and at the
      same time, having total disrespect for me. And my friends don't get wise to
      this and actually enable these demons?

      Five new books almost ready:

      'Dream Interpretation'

      'Bodybuilding Book'

      'Breastfeeding Book'

      'Celebrities in Purgatory'

      'When Women go to War'

      These are close to being done so watch the internet venues for them under
      Rasa Von Werder. Meanwhile, these are available:


      Also check Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, iUniverse, all book venues, 250 of
      them carry Rasa books


      From William Bond

      I personally have nothing against Mz Kennedy and hope she goes off and

      creates her own group and following.

      I agree with what Rasa say; I'm afraid the Matriarchal movement is

      reliant upon people like Rasa and Beata to get things done. There does

      seem to be a number of women out there who do try to get a Matraichal

      movement going, but when the going gets tough they give up. Whereas

      Rasa when she is knocked down, she is willing to climb off the canvas

      and have another go.

      The matriarchal movement does seem to be caught in a catch 22. People

      by nature are sheep and like to belong to large groups or

      orginizations to feel safe. If there was a large Matrairchal group out

      there a lot of people will feel safe in joining it. But they won't get

      involved in Matriarchy at present because there is not enough people

      into Matriarchy who are willing to talk and write about their beliefs.

      The point is that the Matrairchal movement does need strong female

      leaders. Rasa is the only one I know who is willing to put herself out

      and try and make things happen.


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