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  • Constance Kosuda
    you may also be interested in my friends website - www.creativeeducationalsystems.com, they speak of Enlightened Education - freed from ignorance and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2007
      you may also be interested in my friends' website - www.creativeeducationalsystems.com,   they speak of "Enlightened Education" - freed from ignorance and misinformation,   and glean from Howard Gardner's "Theory of Multiple Intelligences" -

      they are spiritually based - and multicultural  throughout -

      I love their work, and have seen it in action.

      "Rupunda. Moving with the Rainbow Wind and Body" <rainbowjaggy@...> wrote:



        L I F E S T Y L E

      Sunday March 4, 2007

      Helping our children excel
      Find out about a tool that can help our children be both right and left brain thinkers. 
      WE all know that our children are the future and that unless we get our education act together, and now, we are going to be among the “also rans” in Asia and the rest of the world. 
      As long as education is used as a political tool, we are never going to make it. The fact that tuition is such big business is a testament to the failure of the system as we know it now. 
      In this graphic, Natassha Lyea, 13, and Diana Sabrina, 13, stand in the centre of one of the mandelas created by Gaele Arnott to enhance learning. They’re holding their Selana/Tiangana in their hands.
      The stress placed on our children to get five, six or more As in the UPSR or SPM examinations is something that is more about the pride of the parents than about equipping our children to excel in a way they can contribute to the Malaysia we all seek to achieve. 
      I will continue to say, and perhaps one day someone will listen, that until Vision 2020 is the core of our education system, we will fall further behind. Our education is left-brain based, whereas as a nation, we need rightbrain solutions. 
      We know the problem, and recently the Prime Minister, in launching the National Education Blueprint 2006-2010, called for our schools to produce students who can think out of the box. The blueprint, which is said to be integral in our journey to Vision 2020, still does not include teaching Vision 2020 to students, not to mention the teachers, and as I have said before, the nine spiritual challenges of Vision 2020 are integral in achieving the think-out-of- the-box students the Prime Minister calls for. 
      Teachers must be seen for whom they really are – Buddha taught that to be a teacher is the highest distinction a soul can achieve.Do we treat our teachers like that, or is teaching the job you get when you cannot get any other job? 
      Teach this technique to your children and if you are a teacher, incorporate it into your teaching routine. Switch-on both hemispheres of your brain by touching your right hand on your raised left knee. Then, place your left hand on your raised right knee and keep doing that for a couple of minutes. Look at the multiplication sign X while doing this. 
      The X represents your corpus callosum, which switches off your right brain. This exercise switches on the right brain to work with the left. 
      Last year, when I shared how to make Malas with everyone in this column, little did I realise that I had “accidentally” discovered a powerful tool. This tool, when combined with the right mantra, could open doors to many possibilities. 
      One of the purposes of this column is to introduce techniques and concepts that make us all thinkers as well as doers. 
      The Selana/Tiangana (Selana means comfort and light: Tiangana means pillar of eternal light) being introduced today, when used properly, will create the think-outside- the box mindset we desperately need. 
      The Selana/Tiangana is made of 39 crystals in a circle of 13 citrine, 13 amber and 13 of either lapis, chalcedony, sodalite, blue topaz or blue turquoise crystals, depending on the person, with seven moonstone crystals in the tail to signify the achievement of the seven auspicious needs perfection, fame, career, wealth, health, longevity and relationships. 
      Each takes a week or more to make, incorporating the energy of the sun, moon, rain, thunder, lightening and more, and is energised with sacred geometrical symbols by Gaele Arnott with special crystals from other parts of the world. 
      I am going to give away five of these to students (aged between 10 and 18). Hjh Zurainah Musa, Managing Director of Permata Kancil, will judge the entries. 
      I am inviting some companies to sponsor additional Selanas. If you would like to sponsor, this is a way you can contribute to the creativity of our children. 
      Those chosen (see below) will receive their own personally designed and created Mandela (A4 size and wallet size) to carry with them. They can frame it as well as keep it in their school bags, together with their own unique mantra. 
      Personal mantras are used because no two students are the same. The mantra should be repeated in three sets of 39 times a day, in the mornings and evenings, and when you study or attend tuition. The smaller Mandela should be kept with you always. The larger one can be framed and kept where you study. Anything we can do to help our children learn with enquiring minds has to help our nation. For schools in the Klang Valley who want me to explain to parents how they can create these opportunities, I will freely do so. 
      We know that colour and sound enhances healing and growth, so it’s time to introduce these into our education system from Standard One to Form Six, then into college and university. We know that the only way our nation will grow is for us to become much more creative in our thinking. 
      We know that everyone talks the talk, but who walks the talk? It’s time our school classrooms are painted in colours that enhance learning (soft yellow with soft blue). It’s time our school uniforms use colour to enhance creativity as opposed to uniformity. 
      Consider the amount you spend on tuition to help your children “pass exams” and then decide whether you want to start your children on the “out-of-the-box” approach that will help them all their life. The Selana/Tiangana will serve them for many years if it is made properly and looked after properly. 
      To know more about the Selana/Tiangana, write to me. Include your name, address, IC number (if you have one) and school and tell us in 200 words why someone you know should receive a Selana/Tiangana (include their name, IC, address, school (you will also receive something if your letter results in someone receiving a Selana/Tiangana) . 
      School associations who wish to access these tools should write to me too
      The Ooranya Kalori (the Rainbow Message Stick) is brought to us by Rupunda (Hj Mohd Hazri Humphreys). Rupunda (He Who Moves from the Dreamtime with the Rainbow Wind in the Rainbow Body) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer who wants to shows us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes by returning balance to every aspect of our lives. Visit Rupunda at www.cosmicevolution .org/CirclesofLi feJagGY.html and write to him at starhealth@thestar. com.my The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. The Star does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to such information. The Star disclaims all liability for any losses, damage to property or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.




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