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The Ooranya Kalori - Your Rainbow Message for Today - NUMBER 049 - 4 March 2007 - PLEASE HELP ME TO SEE CLEARLY

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  • Rupunda. Moving with the Rainbow Wind an
    Radiating Compassionate Rainbow Love from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love (c)Elija Rupunda (The Ooranya Kalori)- 4 March 2007 All words and graphics may be
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      Radiating Compassionate Rainbow Love from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love

       (c)Elija Rupunda (The Ooranya Kalori)- 4 March 2007 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
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      Please share The Ooranya Kalori with all as you are guided in your heart·

      Everyone of us (no exceptions) sees through the lense of our beliefs and emotions or wants and expectations
      Our Beliefs may be Political They May Be Religious They May be Racial, They May be .......................................
      Our Emotions May be Positive, Joyful, Happy, or they May be Hateful Miserable and Negative
      Whatever they are they create a lenses through which we see and feel veering in our lives
      and so we see through OUR LENSE
      so that even if you and I look at exactly the same thing, person or event we will see and feel differently about it
      We see other people through the lenses of our perceptions and what makes us feel nice
      I like to see a Woman wearing High Heel Shoes
      Its one of the first things I look at
      That's one of MY LENSES
      Now my Personal Preference does not stop me looking further its just my first lenses
      (after all High Heels are not practical all the time)
      I am aware of this lense so it no longer stops me seeing the person for who they are
      Yet many of us are not aware of our preferences and perceptions and lenses and so we decide based on these lenses without even realising them
      Now at 61 I have been programmed for a long time by a lot of events and people and more
      That's why my recent experiences have been about de programming, disassembly and more
      in our Re assembling of ourselves we have to ask that our Lenses are re assembled so we see
      Without someone else's lense
      We know that even CLEAR LENSES produce Colours when held at a particular angle to light
      is in fact
      So what does SEE CLEARLY MEAN?
      Allow me to suggest it means to see with a heart and eyes of COMPASSION
      as we have shared this week
      Compassion that sees the Angel (GOD) in everyone
      Compassion that sees that no matter how "Bad" a person may be or how bad the situation
      Compassionate Love Changes
      and how we see and respond
      We do NOT have to stay quiet when we see injustice
      If we see IN JUSTICE we are (in my view) obligated to DO SOMETHING
      even if that something is only
      With COMPASSIONATE LOVE I am grateful for
      Freedom, Happiness, Love, Success, Abundance and all things good for (Name or Situation) and Me Also
      This is why we seek to acquire a Rainbow Body
      because then we see through every prism of light
      not just the seven traditional rainbow colours available to our naked eye
      but the Kaleidoscope of Colours that God sees in us all
      In Colour Healing we know that Different Colours produce different results based on the need of the body or tissues so we use different lenses to shine different colours of light
      We need different colours and lenses as appropriate
      We need a Colour Specialist to Diagnose the Needed Colour
      Yet the Colour I NEED
      will be
      Different to the Colour
      YOU NEED
      (Interestingly as I pen these words on the Beyond Tomorrow Programme is on the Discovery Channel and showing how new cameras with fish eye lenses are being created to see what before we could not see in a photograph)
      Now in our Re assembly - Reprogramming
      we need to work on our Lenses
      Watch the News again and consciously change the Lenses you use
      Look at the news as if you had a different Political View, Racial View, Religious View
      Look at the News with your Compassionate Lense
      Using your compassionate lenses does not take way your feelings and emotions you will still be attracted to a beautiful woman or handsome man according to your preference you will just see what you did not see before
      Try it
      Enjoy the experience

      Music attached: Angel Eyes


              Let Yourself Receive


      “Allow others to give you loving care. Receive without guilt or apologies,”


      You’re a giver and you help others in so many ways. Most of the time, you truly enjoy giving. So when you let other give to you, they experience the joy of giving.

      You give them a gift each time that you’re a gracious receiver.


      By receiving you replenish yourself and balance the male and female energies within and around you.

      By allowing yourself to receive you swim in the flow of life,which washes away stagnant energy, bringing in new forms of abundance creative ideas and all types of opportunities. Even the simplest act of receiving is healing and it is a powerful step in the manifestation process.

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