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Message from the Angelic Command

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  • cmdrlyur
    Message from the Angelic Command Entering the energy of 2007 - a message from Angels We are entering new energy in 2007. Everything and everyone is in its
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2007
      Message from the Angelic Command
      Entering the energy of 2007 - a message from Angels

      We are entering new energy in 2007. Everything and everyone is in its
      place now.

      The coming times will bring many challenges. But no matter what is
      going to happen, you have to be calm and in peace with yourself.

      As it is now, we cannot change the global chain of events. We can
      only help those who want to be helped - but we cannot force to help
      everybody. It is not up to us.

      It is very important, no matter what, to stay in positive energy.

      - do not dwell in sadness
      - do not let yourself be affected by negative people
      - do not let yourself be affected by negative events in the world
      - do not try to change the world's events - it's up to God and not up
      to us
      - do not interfere
      - help only those who want to be helped and save only those who want
      to be saved
      - work with nature, not against nature
      - pray to our Good Lord Jesus
      - know that you are protected by our Good Lord Jesus and Angels
      - know that Jesus loves you!
      - shield your mind

      Remember that sad, depressed, lost, lonely, easily influenced people
      with low self-esteem can easily become the portals for negative
      energy. Don't be one of them. Shield your mind.

      Imagine you have two large Angel wings. Now, imagine wrapping them
      around you, so they protect you against the negative vibrations. Do
      that every day before you go out of your home. It will really work.

      Trust your feelings. Trust your Third Eye. Your feelings is the only
      truth - everything else is an illusion.

      Don't eat meat. By eating meat, you insert the karma from the killed
      animal (and its pain) in you and it blinds your Third Eye

      Don't play with New Age, occultism, etc. There are many things in New
      Age as channelings, etc that are performed by people who don't know
      what they are dealing with. And sometimes they open a portal to some
      unpleasant things.

      Know that no matter how bad it gets, everything is Good.

      Know that there have to be necessary changes to this planet/its
      population before this planet (and her people) can level up.

      Remember to speak in the language humans can understand. If you want
      to help, heal, advice, etc - you have to speak their language.

      There are good aliens watching over this planet. The last remains of
      negative aliens (who work with the planetary rulers, etc) are
      fighting their last battle. And they will not win, because the Light
      will win.

      Spread the love - unconditionally. Know that love comes not from
      other humans, but from you. You have the power, you have the love.
      Let it blossom.

      God bless.

      Best regards,
      Lt. Commander Mae
      Note from Cmdr.Lyur :
      Lt. Cmdr. Mae asked for confidentiality, so if some of you have some
      questions, I would be happy to get some responses from her. She is
      working for the Angelic Command in this sector. Contact me at
      The Angelic Command works in harmony and in concert with the Golden
      Light Fleet (name that we use all over the planet, similar to Ashtar
      Command, but we have dropped these words copyrighted in the USA
      because of the many misuses of it.) Angels and Archangels come and go
      aboard the ships and seat in the councils, but you won't see wings,
      which are merely symbolic of their functions. Moreover some of them
      like Archangel Cassiel
      (see picture included in My Pics at
      http://www.myspace.com/144723546 ) is in charge of a whole sector of
      the fleet, such in his case the sphere of Saturn, which he is
      governor of. The Solar Tribunal is also on Saturn as well as the
      headquarters of the Saturn Command, which is a special task force in
      our Fleet, a number of star people belongs to the Saturn Command. The
      Fleet of the Galactic Confederation of Light and the Angelic Command
      are like two arms of the same divine forces, all of course under the
      supreme spiritual command of Esu/Orthon(Jesus-Jeshua)
      Their work hand in hand, the star people of the Saturn Command could
      be compared to the special commandos of Archangel Michael, same kind
      of seals if you see the analogy. Only their functions differ, in a
      sense that they are complementary. For example the star people of the
      Saturn Command have special abilities to trigger the dark buttons
      inside people and situations, and push these at the surface, where
      they could be then identified by our Fleet, and the special forces of
      the Angelic Command send in to remove and transmute. A lot of this is
      being done at this time, most star people and angelic envoys involved
      in that activity of showing the dark energies, which in turn trigger
      huge and vicious attacks from these energies. Reports are still
      pouring it of all these attacks on our people on Earth. Which again
      emphasize the urgency on the matter of protection, please read my
      various texts on the subject, that I will put again in the pages at
      my.space (blogs)
      How could you know where and how you fit inside these various forces
      and units, as a star people or angelic envoys ? At various times in
      this life span you have some events that would start awakenings on
      these matters. Also the people who received my readings reported a
      great help to trigger these galactic and angelic memories. Angelic
      capabilities are also provided in my readings, see at the end of the
      blog "Goodbye Milky Way" :
      Feel free to come to my page at my.space and register yourself as of
      my friend there (to have a page on myspace.com is free and very easy
      to do) :

      Cmdr. Lyur, International Speaker, Writer
      list of news to receive infos :
      Note on the pic of Archangel Cassiel : made by Amassia, one of the
      first officers of Ashtar when she was on Earth. She also painted many
      other members of our Golden Light Fleet, see page pictures of the
      command on my website www.starshiplight.com All these pictures are
      copyrighted and cannot be used without my permission. I received from
      Amassia in person the duty to take care of these pictures. I have
      seen some of them used without permission on various websites that
      are not exactly in phase with our mission, even some of the names
      have been changed. I thereby request all these websites to remove
      these pictures and to contact me to make things proper at
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