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Fw: To Share Daily Word for Today with Everyone

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone again: Because today s message is about dreaming of anmd planning for the future, I thought this was good stationery to use because for those of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
      Hello everyone again:
      Because today's message is about dreaming of anmd planning for the future, I thought this was good stationery to use because for those of us who are grandmothers or even great-grandmothers, isn't the future in the hands of all of our grandchildren or our great-grandchildren?  So while I hope I do have a few years left on this beautiful earth and there are still many things I wish to accomplish, I know that I do not have nearly as many dreams for msyelf as I do for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
      That said, let me get to the message for today. 
      The Daily Words for today, then, are 'My Future.'  And the dialy though is:  "In harmony with God each day, I am preparing for my future."
      And the rest of todayis message from this booklet is:
      "Dreaming of the future and settng atainable goals for myself are exciting and invigorating.  There is great joy in envisioning what my heart desires and what I can contribute to the people I love and the world in which I live.
      'In faith, I know that my future is secure.  It is not controlled by external circumstances or other individuals.  God is my guiding force.  In harmony with God each day, i am preparing for my future.
      "As I enjoy making plans and setting goals, I affirm that whatever I may need or whatever good I desire is already here, right now, just waiting for me to realize its full potential.  Affiring this truth buids an awareness of the activity  of God in my life."
      A beautiful and special message for us all to contemplate on today.
      And, just for information,  I am not being negative when I say that the future is in the hands of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.   What I am sayng is that I know that I am not going to make a big mark on the world because, if that had been in the cards for me, it would already have happened by now.  All I can do now is try towalk my spiritual path daily by beind the best person I know how to be, to give as much love and peace and hope as I can to others I meet along my path while sharing as many angel messages and as much angel love as I can at the same time.  But for my children, my grandchldren, and my great-grandchildren, there is stll a chance that they could make e some big changes in the world  or do soemthing really special wuith their lives somehow b ecause they are still out in the world, interacting with all kinds of people every day in their chosen careers.
      Then, we have our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  While not all of them will make a difference in the world, there is always a chance some of them might.  For example, one of my grandchildren is in college studying to be lawyer; he is a very spiritual and idealistic young man who has a lot to give the world.   Who knows what he might be able to accomplish or change in his chosen career?  Then, in addition, his brother is studying to be a high-school teacher.  What other profession offers someone more of a chance to make a differecne in the world because they have the chance to mold young minds every day they teachj their classes?
      I am mot saying this because I think my grandchildren are better than anyone else because they are not -- everyone is the same in God's eyes.  It's just that these are only two out of my nine grandchildren, who right now, might have a chance of making some effective changes to the world.  I have some others who will be lucky to graduate high school.  These are the only two, so far, who had the chance to go to college and make something of themselves because their parents planned ahead for it and maybe because of the way they were raised.  I am just using them and their choices as an example of ways in which our grandchildren might be able to make a difference in the world.  I am sure you all have grandchildren who will have like opportunities to change the  world for the better.  Who knows, maybe among them is another Jonas Salk or Mother Teresa or someone else of like stature?
      Anyway, I do hope you all enjoyed this message and that your are all having  a wonderful , joy-filled and stress-free evening.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  The midi I used today is called 'Visions of Another World,' which, to me, means that  means that if everyone in the world really set their mind and goals on making positive changes in the world, who knows what would happen and what changes all of our combine efforts could help make happen?   
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