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Let Spirit Come Through Me to You

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  • Dr. Patti "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD
    Dearest Friends ~ I just wanted to send this message of assistance out to all of you in asking for help as I am currently raising funds for our move to New
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
      Dearest Friends ~

      I just wanted to send this message of assistance out to all of you in
      asking for help as I am currently raising funds for our move to New
      Hampshire by asking for a small fee for Spiritual/Psychic Readings, so
      I am posting this info out....any help in love offerings you can be my
      dearest friends, I would be infinitely grateful to you:).....

      If there is anyone who is interested in receiving the divine wisdom
      from Spirit and your Spirit Guides in a spiritual/psychic reading from
      me, please feel free to email me at

      This is a little info about me that a friend put together to help me
      out that gives people a bit about me and the type of readings I provide.
      Please feel free to repost and share with anyone who is interested.

      What Destiny awaits you? Do you wish to have answers to the questions
      about your life, family, romantic relationships, or career? Do wish to
      know why you are here, what your life purpose is?

      Come here what it is that your soul wishes for you to know with a
      reading from World Renowned Spiritual Medium Dr. Patti "Diamondlady"
      Diamond. Here are just some of her qualifications.....

      Spiritual Medium, Doctorate in Spiritual Divinity, Spiritual
      Counseling and Healing Minister, Reiki Master, Ascended Master,
      Wholistic Intuitive Practioner, Aromatherapist, Crystal Therapist,
      Meditational Therapist, Aura Reader, Tarot Reader, Dream
      Interpretation, Shamanic Healer, Trance Channeler, Chakra Therapist,
      and Vibrational Healing.

      Dearest Friends, As a Doctor of Spiritual Divinity and a Spiritual
      Medium, I am blessed with innate spiritual gifts in many areas of
      expertise that have touched, moved, and inspired thousands of people
      just like you. Tarot cards, aura sensing, connecting with your soul
      and your Spirit Guides are just some of the ways in which I can help
      you to see the light of who you are as a spiritual being.

      We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and in having such
      an experience we re-member, or experience the memory of, the spiritual
      beings we are. If you choose Spirit to guide you through the clear
      channel that I am, I will assist you to come to remember the soul of
      who you are by tuning into what it is your soul wishes for you to know
      at this moment. I read and advise on what it is you desire to know for
      your life with excellent accuracy. I am able to hear and see what your
      soul and your spirit guides are wanting you to know...

      Spiritual Channeled Soul Readings

      Channeled Soul Readings support those who choose to be gifted with the
      Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience. These
      sessions bring forth the all inclusive wisdom of the soul into
      conscious awareness to facilitate movement on a soul's path.

      All of the wisdom of our soul is with us and within us always, In All
      Ways, and there are moments when we invite assistance from another
      soul to confirm or illuminate our deepest inner wisdom and inner
      knowing. This is the purpose of the gift of a Spiritual Channeled Soul

      As a spiritual trance medium, who has channeled messages and healing
      energy from the soul for thousands of souls around the world, so shall
      I be that clear channel for you. I provide a clear channel of
      connection and communication to that of your spirit guides, loved one
      whom have transformed (or as we call it here on this earth dimension
      as crossed over), and that of spirits whom have messages to gift to
      you on your spiritual journey to provide channel insights within your
      chosen Life Experience to bring you joy, peace, and assist in
      transformations of the soul.

      With your permission, I connect on a soulful resonance to bring forth
      messages and healing energy from within you and out to you for further
      remembering, exploration, and transformation combining both universal
      wisdom and the wisdom of your soul, within soul to soul one on one
      communication and message, these two essences BEing as One within One
      Spiritual Soul Channel Reading for you. Each reading explores
      your Soul Life Purpose, what your soul is inviting you to remember,
      embrace, and treasure within this Life Experience. Using the ancient
      wisdom tools of trance mediumship, as well as intuitive guidance, I
      will explore with you, your spiritual destiny and the specific gifts
      you have chosen to experience within this Life Experience. I will also
      identify the cycle of energies you are embracing in this moment in
      direct application to your current life situation.

      Each Reading will assist you with the choices that you are choosing in
      and for your life's path and Soul Life Purpose, recognizing your inner
      wisdom, and identifying and assisting with the energetic cyclical
      patterns, axioms, e~motions, and illusions that we choose that are
      being invited to be shifted which will gift you with the Absoulute
      Love (soulful love, AbSOULute Love, the love we feel, experience, and
      express from within the heart of the soul), Inner Peace, Bliss,
      Spiritual Oneness, and all that you so desire for your Life
      Experience. While offering an overview of the soul's path in this Life
      Experience, each reading also focuses on soul resonance cycle patterns
      within your Life Experience in the moment and your life choices and
      why on a soulful resonance that you have chosen these choices with
      regard to such matters as relationships, career, geographic location,
      family and business matters. If you have been asking for clarity about
      your life path, or would like to connect more deeply with the
      Spiritual Soul BEing that you are, then this is the reading that will
      gift you this experience. Many souls have expressed to me receiving
      major shifts of consciousness and healing during these Spiritual
      Channeled Soul Readings.

      I would be honored and blessed to give you a reading and am excited to
      speak with you soon.

      Please email me at diamondlady1025@... to schedule your

      *Please Note: I am asking for a small fee for readings as I am raising
      money for our move from California to New Hampshire this June, so in
      anyway you can be of assistance in our raising funds for our move to a
      new exciting life in the country and a less expensive one too as cost of
      living here in CA is just too much for us to stay and cost of living in NH
      is way less, so any assistance you can give to helping us to raise
      money for our
      move, I would be infinitely grateful to you:)

      May your life be filled with many blessings of Absoulute Love (soulful
      love ~ Ab SOUL ute Love), Infinite Light, Abundance within its
      infinite forms, Peace, & Bliss always, In All Ways.

      Infinite Love and Light,

      Dr. Patti "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD
      Dancing Dolphin Diamondlady
      Director, The Diamondlady International Spiritual Oneness Center
      Spiritual Medium, Author, Visionary, Ascended Master
      Director, Academy Services, Life Long Learning Academy

      Dr. Diamond's books Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual
      Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience & Life Long Learning
      ~ Transforming Learning -
      Discovering Learning Through Living Life In Unlimitless Possibilities,
      available at

      Ezine articles expert:

      Reach me on Myspace at: My URL

      My Blog URLs
      http://blog.myspace.com/diamondlady1025 &
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