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Fw: To Share Today's Card Message from Doreen Virtue's 'Daily Guidance from the Angels Oracle Cards'

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: I hope you are all doing well today and that God and the Universe are being good to you all. Here, the weather is very bad and we are under a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      Hello everyone:
      I hope you are all doing well today and that God and the Universe are being good to you all.  Here, the weather is very bad and we are under a tornado  watch until 8 p.m., after having been under one since last night.  It has not yet turned into a warning, for which I am very grateful, but I do
      have a watchful eye out for how it is all going to turn out for us in this area.
      The card I drew for all of us today is the one on 'Daydream  And this is why I used this stationery because if anyone is an example of day-dreaming, this woman seems to be   I know that she may also be looking out to see to see if her husband or significant other is on the horizon after going on a long journey.   But I still get the feeling that while she is standing there like that, that she is doing a lot of daydreaming.
      That said, the message from this card today is:
      "You will more easily hear and receive our messages if you daydream regularly.   Relax and open your mind to receiving, without directing your thoughts.  Just notice any feelings, visions or ideas as if you were watching a movie. 
      This is the seat of creativity."   
      Now the rest of today's message on this subject from the instruction booklet are:
      "The angels sent you this card because they wish you to be open and receptive to new ideas (as well as to their messages) .  It is very important for you to engage in daydreaming now as a way to receive inspiration and wonderful ideas.  Don't try to make anything happen.  Just follow the trail of your thoughts naturally, as they flow into new ways of looking at things. 
      Write your ideas in a special journal and ask your angels for guidance in which actions steps to take to enact these dreams.  Take action without delay when you are guided.
      "ADDITIONAL MEANINGS FOR THIS CARD:      Be open and receptive to new possibilities  *  Allow yourself to dream big  *  Give yourself permission to relax and let go  *  Try something new that you have always wanted to do, but never did before  *  Brainstorm with yourself or others for new ideas."
      A very special message for all of us, one that I really enjoyed because I love any messages that remind us to be open and receptive to both angel messages and new possibilities in our lives.  I happen to believe that if we are not open and receptive that we may not hear messages from the angels and may
      never be able to learn about new possibly and ideas in our lives.
      So this message today was very special and inspirational for me.  My wish is that some of the rest of you here also found some 'food for thought' in these words today.
      I hope you are all having a very special evening and that your night will be filled with special, renewing sleep, like the sleep of the angels.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.P.S.  Midi I used today is called 'Dreaming.'
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