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  • Kate McCarthy
    ... Polly.... All of a sudden... I m reading about dangers of calling up angels.... as though they are supposed to be something to be afraid of. As I said in
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 5, 2007
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      ... Polly....
      All of a sudden... I'm reading about dangers of calling up angels.... as though they are supposed to be something to be afraid of.
      As I said in my last letter... one of the reasons I have felt so much healing this year... is that when I meditated, I was meditating with love and passion towards heavenly beings.   I've not thought of any of this as more than a sense of deep and passionate prayer, for the greatest good of all.... in all circumstances and events.  I do not think of this form of prayer as 'magic' or think of myself as a magician.... though others in the group may be doing that.  
      Some of the letters being written are suggesting some seriously frightening things.  Up till now... and even now... I've not had any negative situations happen to me... or to anyone in my life.  On the contrary... if something was not going well in my life... there may have been changes, but they have all been for the greatest good.
      I'm not sure who this person is....but, continuing to want to give everyone a chance, I've read the emails with his information.  I asked the angels to give me a sign... and began to think that perhaps Dr. Vanderpool was more intelligent than I,  and that being less knowledgeable on the subject... I should have an open mind. 
      the Angels did give me a sign.....and when I went to the link regarding Franz Barton being in error.... the link he had on one of his last emails... it popped up as a site that was reported as a phishing site.... 
      I just don't have a good feeling about this information.  It is negative and scary.  
      I apologize if anyone thinks I'm being a fuddy-duddy... but, Ugirpon meditates better than "Iwotfug"....  in my heart and soul... I am being guided and told not to utilize this information.... and what happens next week... when someone else decides that there is another code... and then the week after that.... and the week after that. 
      We end up focusing more on the study of truth than the truth itself.

      ... I just believe with all of my heart... if you have the purest of thought.... and are filled with the flowing love that we are supposed to be filled with when doing this...everything is going to be okay.   If your requests are unselfish and loving... and you constantly ask for the good for all.... that is what heaven will bring.
      Am I wrong to vocalize my opinion?  
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