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      Happy February,

      This second month of the new year has certainly started out
      incredibly busy. It has been a good time to really practice
      P’taah’s suggestion to give thanks that there is always
      enough time to do everything I want to do!  

      One thing I am seeing is that it doesn’t matter how you
      manifest it, abundance is abundance is abundance. So
      today’s message from P’taah continues that conversation
      about Abundance.

      So as we come up to Valentine’s Day, we wish you a great
      abundance of love and all good things.

      With much love,

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      Love is the truth of who you really are." ... P'taah

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      *****   Message from P'taah  *****

      Q1:  My problem around lack, and my belief in it, is that I
      ‘have’ but I fear that I could lose, you know? That’s a
      very big fear for me.  

      P’taah:  Indeed, and there are many who feel rather
      precarious in their abundance. All right, so indeed it is
      to bring it back to the Now.  

      Q1:  And in every moment, focus on the abundance?  

      P’taah:  Indeed, because all of that is about projecting
      into your negative future. “What will happen if I lose
      everything?” Well, indeed then you may play the ‘What If’
      game.  “And then what?"  And then you realize that it is
      all nonsense and all you have is now and in this now, what
      do you lack? Absolutely nothing.  

      Q1:  I realized the other day that I had actually within me
      a perception that in fact the world was my oyster, that
      anything was possible because I feel at a moment of
      transition. I don’t quite know where it’s going and I felt
      all the possibilities there and was very joyous about them.
      Then at the same time completely gripped by a fear about
      “What if…”    (laughing)  … without taking it to its
      logical conclusion, just being stuck in the fear.  

      P’taah:  Indeed, but if you do get stuck in the negative
      possibilities, then play the “Then What” game, because
      really, when you come to the logical conclusion, it is all
      such nonsense.  

      Q1:  Absolutely.  

      Q2:  One thing I find that really is not serving me, and it
      goes along with this, is when something happens, especially
      something negative, I find myself re-telling and re-telling
      and re-telling the story. Each time I create the same fear
      and negative energy that I had the first time and it kind
      of escalates.  It’s something I really wasn’t aware I did,
      but I do and I think of a lot of us do that. Something bad
      happens, and I tell this one, and I tell that one, and all
      of a sudden it’s major.    

      P’taah:  Well, you know, as we have always said, beloved,
      you all do love the drama. And that is all right.  You
      understand?  That is all right. You get caught up in your
      little whirlpool of drama and then that dissipates and you
      are back in your balanced center point. You would not do it
      if you did not love it!  

      Q2:  (Laughs) That is true. I love being the victim

      P’taah:  Indeed, it is a good game when you know that it is
      not true. It is likened unto going to movies, where you can
      sit and be gripped by the excitement, the horror, the
      thrill of the chase, etc., etc. It is all very wondrous
      because it isn’t real, and of course, in a way, neither is
      your life. It’s just a game.  

      Q1:  Another angle of it for me is that I seemed to have
      created a world around me with a lot of people who don’t
      believe in what we are talking at all and therefore I find
      I am on my own taking this route.  And if I ever discussed
      this, they would say to me that I was completely mad to
      think that I can just, you know, give thanks for everything
      and I’ll be all right.  

      P’taah:  Beloved, you know, there is always something very
      wondrous about this. It is simply to say to those who would
      laugh at you, “Look at your life and look at my life.”  

      Q1:  Yes, well, except I feel they would consider that
      extremely arrogant.  

      P’taah:  Indeed, that is so. However, that is what you may
      console yourself with because the proof of the pudding is
      in the eating. When your life works for you, when you are
      happy, when you are abundant, when you are fulfilled, when
      life is joyous and playful and exciting then you say, “This
      really works!”  

      Q1:  The only thing, P’taah, is I think if I had started
      with nothing and had made it all happen, then I could claim

      P’taah:  Beloved, we would just mention this. Some years
      ago you still had everything but you were very deeply,
      deeply unhappy.  

      Q1:  That’s true.  

      P’taah:  Life did not work for you.  

      Q1:  Yes. Thank you, that is a good point. So I did do
      something to turn it around.  

      P’taah:  Indeed you did. Oh, beloved and you know, this is
      the power for all of you. If you do not like the way it is,
      change it. You have that power. You are grand and powerful
      spiritual entities playing this wonderful game called life.
      If you do not like how it is, change it. The difference is
      that now you know how to change it and have brought
      yourself from a place of dire emotional circumstance to a
      place of joy and fulfillment.  

      Q1:  Yes, even I can hardly believe it!  

      P’taah:  You see? And that is for all of you as you listen
      to these words. If you have been upon this path of
      changement, of transformation in your life for sometime,
      and you have your doubts about your own power, and even
      doubts about the efficacy of what it is we  speak, then
      look back at your life. Look at how it was and look at how
      it is and look at the change and look even at the
      incredible expansion of consciousness.  

      Now these things you do not notice day by day as they
      occur, you see? It is likened unto a small child growing,
      learning first to stand, then to walk and to talk and then
      soon to recognize words, to then be able to read and to be
      able to write, to be able to grasp concepts and ideas, you

      Q1:  And then never remembering ……  

      P’taah:  And you are not remembering how it was before you
      learned these things.  

      Q1:  Absolutely, yes.  

      P’taah:  You can remember your schooldays when you look
      back how it was at one stage that you really did not know
      things. But you have not noticed how you have changed,
      grown into maturity and in your maturity still there is the
      opportunity for the expansion of consciousness.  You see?  

      Q1:  Yes.  

      P’taah:  This certainly is a great help when you think,
      “Oh, well, nothing is really changing.” Yes, it is changing
      and yes, you have the power for more change, for more
      transformation. Nothing is ever stuck, really, except in
      your mind.  

      All right, beloved ones.  Sufficient for this day.  We love
      you grandly and look forward to continuing this discussion
      in our next Now moment together.  



      Light Source P'taah©2007

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