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Fw: To Share Daily Word YMesage with All of You Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello all of you yet again: Because of the words of today s message, I am again sharing this beautiful and special graphic that original cam to me from sweet
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2007
      Hello all of you yet again:
      Because of the words of today's message, I am again sharing this beautiful and special graphic that original cam to me from sweet Vivian.  It seems so appropriate when I talk about God because we get the word of God in the Bible and through Jesus' words written there.  So I do hope you all enjoy this message for today.
      The daily words for today are:  'Spiritual Path,' and the daily thought for today is:  "I trust God to lead me on my life's path."
      How great and trusting is that statement for all of us! I really do believe that if we put our trust  and faith in our God ( who or whatevery uo may deem HIm or her to be in your life) He (She)will lead us on our life's spiritual path or walk, whichever you may call it.
      And the rest of this message for today is:
      ":Each day as we continue on our journey of life, our goal is to have a greater awareness of God.  Along our path, we will find those whose companionship we treasure, and we will travel wit htose who are are greatest teachers.  On occasion, we may come to an oasis where we pause and are refreshed.  We may also experience uphill climbs that strengthen us and increase or stamina.
      "Within each of us is a compass that directs us.  Within each of us is the ability to find the answer to every question on our hearts.  Just as the Israelites received manna from heaven, so too our needs are met as we trust in God to priovide for us and to lead us forward."
      Great message to think about and ponder on today.  I happen to believe it as well as believing that we are all given challenges of all kinds as we walk our daily path, just as we are given love, support and assistance to overcome these challenges, if we just take the time to call on our God an His (or Her) angels for help.
      Again, this may be the last message that I share with some of you tonight, and should that be true, please know that until I can interact with you again, I will hold each of you close to me in my heart, in you own special place.
      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
      P.S.  Thanks again, Vivian, for sharing this special graphic in the first place because I seem to use it an awful lot, don't I?
      .P.S.2:   Midi I shared today is called 'God Will Take Care of You.' Enjoy!


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