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Simply, the present moment - 5 Goddess of Avalon

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  • Gaele Arnott
    - Bore da / Good morning - Dydd da / Good day - Noswaith dda / Good evening - Nos da / Good night - Sut mae? / How are you? - Diolch / Thanks -
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      - Bore da / Good morning        - Dydd da / Good day
      - Noswaith dda / Good evening    - Nos da / Good night
      - Sut mae? / How are you?  - Diolch / Thanks
      - Croeso / Welcome      - Da / Good
      - Da iawn / Very good         - Dymuniadau gorau / Best wishes
      - Rwyn hoffi ti / I like you      - Rwyn dy garu di / I love you

      A meeting on an online group with Linda from Adelaide in South Australia, started me on the thought path of Avalon. I initially thought that I was going to create a graphic with some daffodils and the Goddess of Avalon and send it back. As is usual the message is; "expect the unexpected", as it has taken me on a journey of genetics.
      Calling family to my heart and mind, is also through this week by two family members have passed from this life. One has suffered tremendously through 5 years of breast cancer. Last Thursday she said she'd had enough - no more fighting - Monday night her path on earth completed. We celebrate her life - tomorrow. The other is a cousin driving from Canberra back north involved in a car accident on a stretch of road, well known as a horror stretch.
      Each had partners children and friends who grieve at their separation. Now as we gather as a family for both members we heal old memories, create new ones, cement bonds and leave some behind.
       We come into this life with a genetic family.
      As it is with our genetic family, so it is with our soul family. when you meet someone with whom you feel a soul connection and then can trace a genetic connection - wow de wow! the power of recognition is powerful indeed.
      The story of each goddess as represented in the graphic is also representative of our genetic soul and physical roots. From whence we came is an important part of who we are today. We carry the belief and thought patterns through many generations.
      Acknowledging our roots helps us understand the future. To create change we need first understand what it is we wish to change. Why do we want to change it? or why do we want to keep it?
      habit or tradition is no longer a good enough reason.
      If we understand the habit and the tradition then we can choose how we wish our life to continue.
      We have been given the gift of free will, to blindly follow old paths is not what we are meant to do.
      We need to follow our heart into the future. lilt our own guidance know what is best for us. 
      The old path may well be the best route or we may need to follow a new road. We may need to cut into new land to find the new way for us. It may be hard work. Oftentimes when the going gets tough we are giving opportunity to go forward on the old well paved road. It's not right or wrong - just how we need it to be for our own personal journey. To know that if we reach out there is someone there, is always of help. Whether the help be in the physical or etheric realms is also up to us. It's how we reach out to people.
      Sometime we have to take action - we can't always expect help on any level unless we ask. We need to meet and greet in order to be met and greeted.  Balance all aspects of our life.
      Nor can we just take with saying thankyou. In order to receive we need to also give - maybe not always in the same way to the same person - but we need to value what we get.
      It saddens me when I find that someone has reproduced my articles without accreditation. Giving the due credit does not harm the fact that we liked the work enough to share it. It shows lack of self worth in the forwarder that they can 'steal' and not show respect. What does it say to the world? I can only surround each article that I post with love and trust that the right lessons are learned through each post. I don't value myself if I let it go unnoticed. My intent each day is allow healing to commence. We can not have peace on earth if we "steal", have karmic conditions occur. What have we learned through the stories of ancestry and genetics if we continue in old patterns. Every action both good and bad has consequence. We may not immediately see the outcome. Maybe the person forwarded the article in good faith without knowing about plagiarism - these are the lessons we are learning through internet communication. Old methods are changing. Many people didn't need to know about plagiarism, as opportunity didn't come their way to share thoughts and ideas which may well be the same as theirs, which they have not yet learned to express. Most people will willingingly share their work if asked. I was told recently that I'd created a tube of someone well known without permission - not so. I'd had permission from the photographer in the first instance to use his image. The person knew they were being photographed commercially - the tube was being used non-commercially and with permission - fine lines. New ways of thinking and of change - right or wrong in each case is not defined as easily as in the past.
      We created our current morality from the belief systems of our forbears. We followed their social and religious paths. Their path may well be best - our way will be better, for we come to it with full understanding of all aspects of ourself. We accept in gratitude the path our genetic families who have gone before, for their memory is embedded in our sub-conscious, reminding us why we are here - and what we leave behind as our gift of the future.
      Rwyn dy garu di / I love you in Welsh
      it is in love from my heart and soul to your heart and soul
      Gaele Arnott from here in Brisbane, Australia on Thursday the 1st February, 2007
      The Five Goddesses of Avalon
      Blodeuwedd is the Lady of Initiation. She calls us to cast off the garments of expectation and to peer into the darkness of the self to find, and ultimately live, our inner truth. She teaches us to fly where others would see us grounded. 
      Mythological Sources for Blodeuwedd – The Mabinogion - "Math, Son of Mathonwy"; Hanes Blodeuwedd
      Rhiannon is the Lady of Manifestation. She calls us to stand strong regardless of the challenges to our truth. She teaches us to ask for what we need, and grants abundant and loving support to carry us through our dark times.
      Mythological Sources for Rhiannon: The Mabinogion - "Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed" and "Manawydan, Son of Llyr"
      Ceridwen is the Lady of Transformation. She calls us to enter into our darkness to seek out the seeds of our wholeness. She teaches us that the only path to wisdom is through trial and experience. In Her Cauldron, the mysteries of death and rebirth are revealed, and we emerge to initiate the process once more. We ride the Wheel with our newfound insight and understanding, so that we may illume the next phase of our journey with what we have learned.
      Mythological Sources for Ceridwen: The Tale of Gwion Bach and Hanes Taliesin
      Arianrhod is the Great Teacher, holding the energy of the active principle. She is the embodiment of the Wheel, yet not Herself subject to it. She is the force of Bound and Rebound, the Karmic Lesson Bringer that brings the Universe into Balance. All cycles and time are within Her realm of influence. Arianrhod is the Source of Awen, the Divine Spark of Inspiration, although it is through Ceridwen that Awen is bestowed. 
      Mythological Source for Arianrhod: The Mabinogion - "Math, Son of Mathonwy"
      Branwen is the embodiment of Sovereignty and is the Guardian of Avalon, holding the energy of the passive principle. She is the Whole, the Center, the Axis Mundi. The primal Feminine energy, all things emanate from Branwen. She is the Goddess of the Land Manifest, as well as the Spirit of the Land. On Avalon, Branwen was primarily consulted in matters dealing with Her Realm – that is, concerning the full tapestry of Avalon, rather than the individual stitches. She is the Goddess of the grand scheme of things, the broader perspective that allows the greater patterns to be revealed. 
      Mythological Source for Branwen: The Mabinogion - "Branwen, Daughter of Llyr"
      - Excerpted with permission from Avalon Within: Inner Sovereignty and Personal Transformation Through the Avalonian Mysteries (2004) by Jhenah Telyndru.
      Mistress of the Winds & Spring figures  and the above information on The Five Goddess was found at:
      The Blodeuwedd figure was sketched by Mary bird. The owl is a patoa tube.
      The spirit figure for Rhiannon was created by me
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      Today's graphics were created by Gaele in PSP IX
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      Wo Oh Ni Ai (I love You)
      The midi playing is: Celtic harp
      The Peace Candle
      I ask that you join me, Gaele each day at the dinner hour (evening meal) in lighting a candle together, so that we as One People may join voices together for Peace On Earth.
      Peace will come when we are all free to love with compassion each other, as One family, without the constrictions of past beliefs. Together we can create a reality free of fear, greed and manipulation, where all people in all lands may have the freedom to move freely in joyful harmony.
        FEB. 14, 2007   "The Sound Heard Around the World"
        Sounding an "AH" for planetary peace!
         World Sound Healing Day­  The Sound Heard Around the World. For five minutes, sound  healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all humanity and sentient consciousness will send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heartsound “AH” filled with the intention of  Peace and Love!
        (visit www.healingsounds. com  for more information on this event and to download an “AH” sound you can tone along with)
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        Evolution is a leap in consciousness
          The Circle of Life is charged with coincidences of the moment. To follow your heart in recognizing the power of chance, invites the energy of the subconscious mind to create a new reality.
          "Simply the Present Moment" (c) Gaele Arnott
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      If you missed part or all of the Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage an  overview of each day's journey  is posted on the web at the following website with the intent that you may enjoy the journey at any time. It is also our wish that you may recall your own experience simply by visiting the day again, at any time. Gaele and Rupunda
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