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Fw: June 7

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Thursday, the 7th of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.



      Yesterday’s potent and transformative full Moon is in effect during the next few days. The emotional intensity shows us the light and the shadow side of Gemini while the intense energies of Pluto may have highlighted splits in our personality.

      When we experience these dislocations, we may find that we have to take action to heal these damaged emotions in order to continue on our evolutionary journey.


      The Moon enters Capricorn at 1:23 AM.

      The restlessness and soul searching of yesterday is calmed down a bit with the Moon in practical cautious Capricorn. Simplifying our lives and releasing attachment to the outer form can free up creative energy for spiritual unfoldment.

      We are awakening to the awareness of what we really need versus what actually brings more worry and financial stress. The resources that we are able to share for the purpose of group endeavour, free up tremendous creative energy and bring us greater joy. We are learning to restructure personal and collective resources so that they may be used for World Service.


      The Moon trines Venus at 2:56 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with magnetic attraction. Insight into the world of matter shows us how to attract the people and circumstances that can move our projects forward.

      The Fourth and The Fifth Rays combine allowing the mind to become a vehicle for releasing the forms of expression that bring greater harmony in our surroundings. Encouraging others can uplift their spirits and inspire them to tread the Path


      The Moon is inconjunct Juno at 6:12 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with emotional responsiveness. In order to be supportive and understanding of our partner, we need to find emotional security within ourselves first. Learning to be loving and nurturing towards ourselves requires the healing of damaged emotions through emotional depth-work. Emotional dialogue is recommended(See Trauma Clearing or email for the information.).


      The Sun conjoins Rigil at 8:54 AM.

      Rigel is the educator, the one who brings knowledge. It is the forward foot in the constellation of Orion the Hunter, also know as the foot of the Pharaoh. The foot of the Pharaoh was the symbol for the giving of education, civilisation and protection

      This star confers strong will-power, love of action, and lucky hand in enterprise. It denotes a courage that can take on anything before it when it is tempered by wisdom and sincere purpose.

      This combination augurs well for today, giving us the courage, will and wisdom to heal our emotions and integrate our personality. Personality attunement strengthens our inner resolve and shows us the way forward.

      The Moon is inconjunct Saturn at 1:06 PM and conjoins the South Node at 1:40 PM.

      Low self esteem and fear of people can cause us to feel as if we don’t fit in. This causes us to behave tactlessly and clumsily, thus continuing a vicious cycle. As we gain self-awareness and learn to value ourselves, our lack of confidence changes to poise and self-assurance.

      Negative programming and rigid, limiting attitudes give way to open, intuitive spontaneous expression when we attune to our Soul-purpose.

      Divine providence urges us to look at our emotional behaviour and identify negative, self defeating attitudes. Emotional-depth work can be used to heal our self concepts.


      The Moon trines Vesta at 7:48 PM.

      The emotional intuitive realm combines with the sacred fire. We keep the fire of spirit alive by maintaining our focus in the present and involving ourselves in World Service.

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