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Fw: June 6

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Wednesday the 6th of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.


      The full Moon continues in Sagittarius.

      Our emotions tend to be lofty and idealistic and need to be tempered with realism. There is a fondness for travel and the outdoors.

      On a Soul level, this influence urges us to structure people, events and ideas so that the most good may be distributed where it is needed. Idealism merges with practical considerations for the well being of the whole.


      Jupiter trines Uranus and opposes Mars


      This influence relates to the fusion of spirit and matter.

      The deep thirst for new knowledge can be used in the service of humanity. Devotion to the path and courage blend with idealism, activating the sacred warrior and revealing the love that is hidden behind dualities. Spiritual concepts, religious doctrine and exclusive belief systems are transmuted into a wiser, more understanding and inclusive perception of the universe.

      Many of us have difficulty accepting the best. This usually comes from basic feeling of unworthiness which we may have taken on at and early age. If we find ourselves having difficulty seeing ourselves in the best possible circumstance, it might be time to take a look at our self image.

      Accepting and loving ourselves enables us to take advantage of important opportunities. Emotional depth-work is recommended(see Trauma Clearing or email for the information).


      Venus enters Taurus at 6:25 AM.

      Venus functions to turn knowledge into wisdom. It links the lower and higher mental faculties in the rhythm of relatedness.

      It is this energy which promotes diplomacy and establishes Right Human Relations between people and nations. Through magnetic attraction, Venus brings harmonious relations within pairs of opposites, furthering synthesis on all levels.

      Some aspects of the personality centred love nature may need to be transmuted in order that the higher more soul oriented and transpersonal qualities of Venus may be experienced.

      Venus in Taurus gives the ability to attract form, money and possessions. Attunement to the idea which embodies the form energises the magnetic attractive power of Venus and is the first step in creative visualisation.

      Spirit is the energy of the universe, the Higher Self. Form is the physical world. When spirit joins with form, our goal is to create a form that can do everything our spirit wants to do easily and beautifully. It is important to have patience and love for the unfolding creative process in the world of form.

      There is a strong attunement to the Earth and to nature. Our values are changing. It is just as important to understand what objects represent as to value them outwardly for their worth.


      The Moon opposes Jupiter at 9:28 AM.

      The emotional intuitive realm aligns with Divine Wisdom. Horizons expand and hopes dawn.

      Feelings and emotions play an important part in our life. Relationships based on healthy feelings and emotions provide the foundation for realising our dreams and attuning to Soul-purpose.

      It is important to keep things in perspective and maintain trust with partners by delivering on our commitments. When experienced from a Soul oriented level, detachment and compassion help us to overcome restless impatience as we move forward on our goals and ideals.


      The Moon sextiles Uranus at 3:26 PM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with electric will.

      Making changes and taking chances seem like the right course of action now. There is excitement in the air and friends may help us to see new opportunities for advancement.

      Keen perceptions into the nature of archetypes give insights into human relations. Our intuition helps us to make the right decisions in harmonising group endeavour.


      The Moon conjoins Mars, Chiron and Galactic Centre at 3:37 PM.

      There can be strong emotionally based attachment to the past. The Fourth and Sixth Rays combine to transmute separative desires and crystallised habits. Releasing the old makes way for a more heart focused energy of compassion and attunement to the sacred.

      Many of us are remembering our Soul-purpose which is the reason why we came here on Earth. We are learning to transmute the "survival consciousness" of the physical world. The influence of Chiron and Galactic Centre is activating the sacred warrior archetype on a massive collective level. Many of us are now regaining our touch with our true power and our spiritual origin. This influence is helping us to remember our connection to the Divine and the presence of the higher power in our lives.


      Mars sextiles Uranus at 11:59 PM.

      Divine love in action combines with electric will.

      This influence gives will, power and courage, bestowing a capacity for decisive action. The energy is very directed and focused. This aspect is in effect for several days, opening up a window of opportunity and making unique accomplishments possible.

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