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{ECETI News} The Arcturian Spiral into the 5th Dimension plus healing request

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  • Ash
    Please excuse my relative quietness but this week, especially, has been quite taxing for me. There is a possibility of mini-strokes taking place so am having
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2006
      Please excuse my relative quietness but this week, especially, has been quite taxing for me. There is a possibility of mini-strokes taking place so am having an ultrasound done my neck on the 7th plus tomorrow I am having another EEG as well as an MRI & MRA on the 8th. I might have had some type of seizure two days ago so please keep all of this lifted in your prayers, meditations and healings.
      While I am able to I have two sets of messages to pass along that I felt guided to share with everyone. May you all have a very blessed week and thank you for gifting not only myself but the planet with your energies and love. Namaste, Shay
      [ECETI News] The Arcturian Spiral into the 5th Dimension

      Wednesday, 15. November 2006, 02:44:33

      Just after we crossed the threshold into the new dimension, two
      things occurred that are significant at this moment our planetary
      ascension process. The first is that the Arcturians were right on
      cue in beaming down a 5th Dimensional Spiral of Light to assist us
      with aligning and raising our vibrations into the 5th Dimension. The
      Arcturians are very focused on assisting us to quickly and
      gracefully transcend the 4th Dimension and to ascend right into the

      The energy of the Arcturian Spiral is being sent to all lightworkers
      and emissaries to anchor for the benefit of all Humanity. The energy
      of the Christ Consciousness is helping to unify us as a single body
      of Love and Light, while the Arcturians are weaving the pathway we
      will follow energetically as we raise our vibration to enter the
      upward spiral of evolution.

      At this moment, there is a great reunion of soul groups happening in
      the physical, as we gather together with those of a similar soul
      frequency to support each other to take an evolutionary leap.
      Through this reunion, we are awakening a global vision of Humanity's
      potential that is able to guide each of us through our common
      commitment to manifest this blueprint for a new paradigm.

      The other event that occurred when we crossed the threshold into the
      new dimension was that our contact with the astral plane
      dramatically increased, and a flurry of activity began as many
      beings that live in that realm began casting their nets to snare
      human attention into that level of reality. This seemed to occur
      simultaneously as the Arcturians began clearing the path for us to
      move gracefully past this level of energy.

      We have reached the point of opening to all the dimensions beyond
      the 3rd, which means that just as the 5th dimension and beyond is
      now more available than ever before, the unresolved and misqualified
      energy of the astral plane or lower 4th dimension is also more
      present than before.

      Just as we crossed the threshold into this new territory, I
      witnessed a bombardment of implants and astral thought projections
      being sent from within these realms towards Humanity. It was a
      little intimidating at first glance, but I affirmed strongly that I
      only served Divine Will and Plan, and that I only communicated with
      pure Love and Light. This qualified my field and completely knocked
      out any astral forms or discordant projections.

      I will give you an example of how some of these implants work.
      Imagine a woman who is attached to the idea of owning a dog like the
      one she had when she was a little girl. This longing in the
      emotional body for something that could replace what was lost
      creates an energy that astral beings can read. The astral plane is a
      plane of illusion. An astral being that wanted to tap into the
      woman's emotional energy could project a thoughtform of a dog that
      feeds back from the woman's thoughts, and this image would be used
      as an implant in the woman's emotional body.

      This astral thoughtform of a dog would live in the woman's field,
      and the image of the dog would continually be projected into her
      mind to trigger the emotional response of loss and longing, or the
      affection she felt for that image. In this way, the astral being
      could siphon off this emotional energy and feed off it, feeling
      powerful through this skilled manipulation. The woman might be aware
      of this image continually popping into her mind, and might feel
      stuck in her thoughts, dwelling on the past.

      There are many unintelligent lost beings in the astral that roam
      around in fear, searching for a host that will give them attention
      or allow them to live within the field of conscious energy that
      emanates from the living, but the challenge is with those beings who
      live in this realm, yet are intelligent, clever and sophisticated in
      the art of illusion and manipulation.

      In this realm, beings take on the thoughtform images of people's
      fears. If a man fears being shot then an astral being might be
      attracted to this fear and continually project the image of being a
      gunman, threatening the man to gain power through tapping into his
      fear. It is for this reason that it is wise to clear yourself of as
      much fear and attachment to the past as possible, so as not to
      attract beings who are skilled at manipulating human energy through
      playing with our fears and attachments.

      Again, the Arcturians are excellent at clearing implants from our
      field, and can assist you become aware of and let go of any fears or
      attachments that bind you to the astral plane. Over the past months
      this is where my own guides have been focused, helping me to clear
      all remaining attachments to the 3rd and 4th dimensions before we
      reached the barrier, so as to take full advantage of the Arcturian
      Spiral into the 5th dimension.

      One of the most important things that have come up through this
      process of letting go is the attachment to friends and people who
      are not choosing the upward spiral at this time. We have all been
      stuck in the density many times, and have experience the end of the
      previous golden ages together; and we have all made friends with
      souls who we experienced this journey with through the density.

      Now that we are being called by the upward spiral, many of us are
      becoming present to the fear of leaving our loved ones behind. There
      is a resistance to moving on in vibration because we fear we will
      lose the friendships if we change too much, and will not be able to
      be with our friends who will be at a lower vibration. We must
      realize that we can help everyone better as our 5th dimensional
      selves than would could as our 3rd dimensional selves.

      It is time to let go and trust in the divine timing. There is a
      sequence to the triggering of the spiral within the collective body
      of Humanity, and not everyone will go at the same time. Each will go
      in their own timing, and some of us are asked to go before others,
      to show the way. Call forth the Arcturians and Archangel Michael,
      and ask for assistance to let go of all forms of attachment to the
      3rd and 4th dimension, and especially to any soul friends in these
      realms that are not ready to go with you into the next level.

      Those of us who are blazing the path into the 5th dimension do not
      have to worry that we will just disappear. At this time,
      surrendering to the upward spiral simply means a shift in
      consciousness, while the body will stay anchored on the Earth,
      though at a higher vibration. We will be right here in physical
      reality with everyone else, we will just be in a different state of
      consciousness. In some ways it may be more challenging to relate at
      first to many whom you have called friends, but we will bridge that
      gap through Universal Love.

      It is important as we move into this phase to see everyone as
      Christ, and hold everyone around us in a space of equality with that
      Christ vibration that is awakening inside of us. It is very powerful
      to practice holding this space of equality in places where there are
      a lot of people around that can benefit from that vibration.

      Adi Gaia
      Universal Citizen
      http://uciv. bravehost. com

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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