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The 13th Diamond - Your Intergalactic E Mail ~ 075 ~ 3 November 2006 ~ Can you imageine if the Islamic world LISTENED TO THE PROPHET OF ISLAM TODAY

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  • JagGY,Julono 3, Your Personal & Corporat
    Souls don t have races or sexes or religions. They are beyond artificial divisions. -- Brian Weiss Music Playing is: Voyager ... Couple married in the after
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      “Souls don’t have races or sexes or religions. They are beyond artificial divisions.”

      -- Brian Weiss


      Music Playing is:  Voyager

      THEY did not know each other when they were alive but that did not stop them from “getting married” in the after life. 

      The two did not know each other when they were alive but they were buried at the same cemetery. 

      Their families came to know of the couple’s intention to get married when they had dreams about it. 

      Both families agreed to the “marriage” and went to great lengths for the ceremony. 

      The families also burnt a paper house and boxes of paper clothes for the newlyweds. 

      There is NO separation in TIME and Space
      Everything is possible as long as we believe it to be so
      We know about previous lives and relationships in previous lives
      As the Soul Lives for ever
      Is there any reason we cannot have a
      send our request
      BY DREAM Messenger to our Existing Earthly Family
      (I have made my request today!!!!!)
      So (with tongue in cheek a little bit) who do you want to marry in the AFTERLIFE
      Being serious
      Can we do anything for those we love who have passed on
      In Islam someone can be a proxy and perform the hajj for someone who has ascended without performing the Hajj
      so if we can do something like a HAJJ PILGRIMAGE
      on behalf of some one who is now
      we must be able to do many many many things
      especially if we dream about what a relative would like.
      We know those we love can communicate with us once they are freed of their physical body
      and if we listen we find that doors open to us because we are willing to TRUST what comes to us from
      Once we ascend we see things we could not see in our physical bodies as all memory inhibitors dissolve with our physical body
      In our Pure Soul form we see and remember every experience in every lifetime and we are able 
      guide those still in their Physical Bodies
      The question we have to ask ourselves is
      Imaging Communicating with ascended Prophets and asking their advice on current situations
      Can you imagine if the Islamic world LISTENED TO THE PROPHET OF ISLAM
      Or the Christian world listened to the Voice of JESUS!
      not based on what they did generations ago in circumstances that existed then
      Just Imagine
      Wo Ai Ni
      Aum Aum Aum


      Radiating Truth from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love

       (c)JagGY, Julono 3  (13th Diamond)- 3 November 2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The 13th Diamond with all as you are guided in your heart·




      Colour: Black and Dark Brown, with white or Grey inclusions


      Card Name: "Kokopelli's Dream"


      Chakra: Base (1st)




      Numbers: 1 & 8


      Cultures: Native American, Mayan& Aztec, Roman & Japan


      "Kokopelli's Dream" takes you into the heart and mystical womb of the Great Mother. It is a direct link to the realm of Gaia and her grounding energies. Obsidian was born out of the fiery forces of the earth, rebalancing herself through volcanic activity. It is created as the lave erupts from the earth, cooling too quickly to crystallise, then forming layers of glass like Obsidian.


      Obsidian has always been a tool of healers, shamans and medicine men, and in many ancient cultures was used for scrying (a form of divination and prophecy) It is associated with the drawing off and removal of negative energies, dispelling unwanted forces from our auras and environments. Snowflake Obsidian, with its striking black and white markings, is perhaps the most beautiful member of the Obsidian family, and the most gentle. It absorbs and quietly assists with removing unwelcome negative forces.


      Obsidian is an extremely grounding gem. It can support those who lack integration into the physical world, by giving them a deeper connection with it. It provides an amalgamation or synergy, with the power of the earths energies, allowing us to acquire a greater understanding of how to connect with the forces of nature.


      The Power of Obsidian is best experienced by placing it at the base chakra and solar plexus regions. It provides stability and serenity, in getting us in touch with ourselves. It is a very meditative and introspective stone. Snowflake Obsidian has an affinity with the past and retrieving information needed by us in the here and now. By meditating and embracing Obsidian during contemplation, we are opening ourselves to our spiritual history. It can help us  to access past life knowledge and in formation. Obsidian is most strongly linked with knowledge of our spiritual ancestors and teachers. The Native Americans had information pertaining to obsidians connection with tribal history. They used this gemstone during shamanic journeys of inner exploration.


      Best with: Hematite, Jasper, Agate, Smokey Quartz and Sugilite.


      The message of Obsidian is to look within, and to look to the earth for your answers and insights



      The Ooranya Kalori (The Rainbow message stick) in Brisbane with Gaele TODAY
      The Rainbow Body Program with Jag in Kuala Lumpur starting on 11th November 2006
      WO OH NI AI

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