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Free Celestial Timings for November 2006

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  • Ash
    Note to Paid Subscribers...If you didn t receive an email before this one with password info then what you need to know is the password is the same as last
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
      Note to Paid Subscribers...If you didn't receive an email before this
      one with password info then what you need to know is the password is the
      same as last month...I won't have email access for at least a week so
      if you don't know what last month's password is I won't be able to send
      that to you until next week sometime.

      Huge, monumental, unexpected, life altering, mostly fun, often
      unsettling changes have been at work for me these past few months. I am being
      reminded daily to let go attachments and to roll with the flow as my
      personal assemblage point is shifting daily these days. I am quite
      delighted that I managed to get the November Timings completed inspite of not
      being settled for more than a few days in any one place for the last
      few months.

      In this month of Thanksgiving I am also giving thanks for getting the
      paid subscriber Celestial Timings posted on the Celestial Timings
      website before Nov 1 especially since Mercury just went retrograde and I am
      having challenges with my email, with access to the internet courtsey of
      my local library. If you are a paid subscriber and did not already
      receive an email with this month's password...with all the other changes
      going on I decided to keep it simple and keep the password from last

      Unsubscribe Directions for November...I am unable to access my regular
      email so and I don't know if my volunteer for November has sent me the
      Celestial Timings or not...I will post and send as soon as I receive
      them. I am having to find an alternative way to send the free timings
      this month. If  you want to unsubscribe from this list you can use the
      unsubscribe feature below but to make sure you get off the regular list
      you will need to go to the Celestial Timings page of
      www.shamanicastrology.com and unsubscribe from there. Directions are at the bottom of the

      So it is also important to note that I will not have email access for
      the first 5-10 days of November while we do the Faywood Night Sky event
      and then drive to Wisconsin where I will be for a couple of months. I
      am definitely looking forward to being in one place for awhile.

      I have posted the first week of the November Timings on the Free Page
      of the Celestial Timings website but I am not sure when Timings will be
      posted on the Shamanic Astrology Website. Please feel free to share
      this with others.

      Don’t forget you can access the past Celestial Timings of the last few
      months on the archives page of the Celestial Timing Website.

      Enjoy this month of Thanks Giving!

      Cayelin K Castell

      November 2006 Celestial Timings
      by Cayelin K Castell

      Gratitude is the Transformational Key we can all utilize to change our
      lives and the world around us. In this month of Thanksgiving here are
      some quotes to further inspire our own gratitude experience from a
      Louise Hay Book appropriately titled Gratitude, A Way of Life.

      Gratitude is indeed like a gearshift that can move our mental mechanism
      from obsession to peacefulness, from stuckness to creativity, from fear
      to love. The ability to relax and be mindfully present in the moment
      comes naturally when we are grateful. ~ Joan Borysenko. Ph.D.

      Transcendental Gratitude, however, goes beyond social conventions.
      Instead of feeling grateful to someone, we feel grateful for them - for God
      or Spirit working through them. We begin to feel grateful for everyone
      and everything that arises in our lives. The feeling uplifts us,
      embraces us, and helps us uplift and embrace others in the recognition that
      we are, ultimately, in this together. ~ Dan Millman

      The common meaning of gratitude is to be thankful for benefits
      received. While this is important, I feel that the energy of gratitude is one
      of the most powerful attracting forces in the universe. A heart filled
      with Thanksgiving, even when appearances tell us that we are mired in
      scarcity, conflict, and affliction, moves us to a higher frequency in
      consciousness – and we soon witness reality shining through the illusion.
      ~John Randolph Price

      Gratitude is not the result of things that happen to us: it is an
      attitude we cultivate by practice. The more we are thankful for, the more we
      will find to be thankful for. ~Alan Cohen

      November Highlights
      Nov 01 Moon in Pisces occults Uranus (11 Pisces), Mercury Square
      Saturn, Venus trine retrograde Uranus
      Nov 02 Moon Moves into Aries
      Nov 03 Sun Trines retrograde Uranus
      Nov 04 Moon moves into Taurus fullest rise of the Moon while it is
      still waxing and Venus passes Zuben Algenubi
      Nov 05 Full Moon at 13 Taurus
      Nov 06 Moon passes by the Pleiades and moves into Gemini, Venus square
      Nov 07 Sun at cross quarter (15 Scorpio), Mercury conjuncts Venus, Moon
      at Lunar Standstill and the Galactic Edge
      Nov 08 Mercury Square Neptune, Mars trine retrograde Uranus, Mercury
      transits over the Sun, Moon into Cancer
      Nov 09 Sun (17 Scorpio) square Neptune (17 Aquarius) retrograde Mercury
      makes second pass by Zuben Algenubi
      Nov 10 Moon Moves into Leo
      Nov 11 Mercury conjunct Mars
      Nov 12 Leo Last Quarter Moon (20 Leo) conjunct Saturn (24 Leo), Venus
      square Saturn
      Nov 13 Moon moves into Virgo, Mercury trines retrograde Uranus
      Nov 14 Mars reaches 15 Scorpio Cross-Quarter
      Nov 15 Moon in Libra, Venus conjunct Jupiter,
      Nov 16 Sun square Saturn
      Nov 17 Venus moves into Sagittarius, Mars squares Neptune and Mercury
      stations direct
      Nov 18 Moon in Scorpio
      Nov 19 Moon conjunct Mercury and Mars, Uranus stations direct
      Nov 20 Scorpio New Moon (29 Scorpio) conjunct Jupiter (29 Scorpio),
      Moon moves in Sagittarius
      Nov 21 Moon conjuncts Venus in the underworld, Sun conjuncts Jupiter
      (29 Scorpio),
      Nov 22 Sun moves into Sagittarius, Mercury trines Uranus, Moon
      conjuncts Pluto in the Lunar Standstill
      Nov 23 Moon moves into Capricorn, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius
      Nov 24 Jupiter in Sagittarius until Dec 18, 2007
      Nov 25 Moon moves into Aquarius, Venus squares Uranus
      Nov 26 Moon conjuncts Neptune
      Nov 27 Pisces First Quarter Moon (6 Pisces)
      Nov 28 Moon occults Uranus for second time this month, Mercury squares
      Neptune again, Mars squares Saturn
      Nov 29 Moon Moves into Aries
      Nov 30 Venus sextiles Neptune

      November Sky

      Mercury is visible in morning sky with Low Horizon on Nov 15 after
      Transiting the face of the Sun on Nov 8 and reaches greatest elongation
      Nov 20

      Venus is traveling with the Sun in Scorpio moving into Sagittarius on
      Nov 17

      Saturn (bright Saturn outshines Regulus, heart of the lion, about 6
      degrees west) Moon passes by Nov 12 and 13.

      Mars spends most of November within the glow of the Sun’s light but
      joins Mercury low in the East on Nov 26

      Jupiter is traveling with the Sun reaching exact conjunction at the New
      Moon on Nov 20 at 29 Scorpio.

      Nov 1, Wednesday. Nov 1 is known as All Saints Day by the Roman
      Catholics honoring their Saints who already reside in Heaven. Also in the
      Catholic tradition Nov 2 is All Souls Day reminding souls here to live a
      holy life and to pray for the souls lost in purgatory. In many ancient
      traditions this is a time for honoring the Dead. In Mexico and parts of
      the Western United States, Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead
      (Nov 2) dates back at least 3,000 years surviving the Spanish
      Conquistadors attempts to eradicate this Meso-American tradition . This is a time
      when many northern hemisphere cultures recognized the dying plants were
      preparing their seeds for rebirth, and used this time to honor and
      remember their ancestors, those who have come before and have died. It is a
      time for celebrating and recognizing the cycle of death as an important
      part of the cycle of life.

      The ancient Celts celebrated this cross-quarter time as their New
      Year’s point called Samhain (pronounced sow-in) usually on the New or Full
      Moon closest to the astrological cross-quarter. (See Nov 7) The November
      cross-quarter is when the veils between all the worlds, especially the
      world of the living and the world of the dead, are thinnest. The Celts
      believed this timing was most powerful for looking into the future and
      for accessing other worlds more easily. This was (and is) a time to go
      within and seek guidance from the ancestors for the coming year. This
      was celebrated as a time of High Magic for those attuned to the
      mysteries, celebrating death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, that which
      has been and that which is yet to come. It was also believed that this
      timing, when worked with consciously, helped to set the pattern for the
      coming year.

      Synchronistically with this magical seasonal time the Moon is occulting
      retrograde Uranus (11 Pisces) visible with binoculars and telescope in
      most of Australia and part of New Guinea. “Occult” is a word rooted in
      Old English, Greek, and Old German that means concealed, covered,
      hidden, secret, and supernatural. Astronomically speaking the definition of
      occultation simply means “covered.” This year we have already had 6
      Moon occultations over Uranus. Today is the 7th. Another one occurs Nov 28
      and again on Dec 25 making a total of 9 Moon/Uranus occultations this
      year. These Moon Uranus occultations are accelerating the possibility
      for a radical assemblage point shift in our personal and collective
      objective awareness. This is an opportunity to see directly into the
      radical, revolutionary Uranian mysteries as they accelerate Piscean changes.
      When healthy Piscean style change comes from compassionate acceptance of
      what IS then it is also a time for tuning in to the hidden myste
      ries of divine union or the inner Holy Grail.

      Nov 2, Thursday. Day of the Dead. The waxing Moon Moves into Aries
      energizing the mysteries of trust, spontaneity and courage emphasized by
      the Aries Archetype of the Warrior/Adventurer/Explorer. Trusting our
      in-the-moment intuitive process for inner guidance supports courageous,
      authentic, spontaneous, decisive action. Decisive, inspired action is a
      key element in the three-fold creative process. Sometimes the best, most
      useful action is to get ourselves out of the way and do something FUN.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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