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The 13th Diamond - Your Intergalactic E Mail ~ 073 ~ 1 November 2006 ~ In Love I ask Prime Minister Badawi to show how much he loves Malaysia and Stand Aside

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  • JagGY,Julono 3, Your Personal & Corporat
    Souls don t have races or sexes or religions. They are beyond artificial divisions. -- Brian Weiss Music Playing is: All is Gone ... Intolerance is rooted
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      “Souls don’t have races or sexes or religions. They are beyond artificial divisions.”

      -- Brian Weiss


      Music Playing is:  All is Gone

      Intolerance is rooted in fear.

      Intolerance of differences always exists in people who don’t know who they are,
      people who don’t have a strong sense of their own authentic self, the soul within.
      and this is the basis of
      If ever there was an impossible war to win
      THIS IS IT
      I watched the Nuremburg Trials on TV this week
      The War to end all wars
      The system of justice to ensure never again
      and yet
      We have
      After world war two the Deafeted were helped to rebuild and today Germany and Japan stand as examples of what can be done if the defeated enemy is turned in to a viable friend
      The money being spent on the War of Terror can create viable sustainable friends
      Of course the weapons manufactures will have no one to sell weapons to
      The Security services will be out of "Work"
      and the conspiracy theorists would have nothing to "worry about"
      We could board a plane again with worrying about issues of hijacking and more
      We are on a downward spiral
      despite all the love in the world
      the decision makers are determined to keep the spiral going down

      They are personally Insecure and Afraid
      The basis for having a strong sense of self-esteem is to replace our unconscious idea of basic
      unworthiness with a conscious knowing of our fundamental inherent goodness.
      Countries need Leaders who are secure in themselves
      I am going to go on record as saying that the Islamic World does not have EVEN ONE leader
      with the fundamental inherent goodness as their predominate personality trait and that is why the Muslim world gets such bad press worldwide
      If The Prophet of Islam came to any Islamic country in the world today
      He would be arrested as a Heretic
      because the Islam taught and practiced today is not the Religion left behind by the prophet when He ascended
      The say can be said for the CHRISTIANITY taught and Practiced today
      Where is the Turn the other Cheek and Father Forgive them for they know no what they do teaching of Jesus
      Where is the
      Where I live in Malaysia we have perhaps the most personally Insecure leader in 50 years
      and regrettably Malaysia is not the only Place where INSECURE PEOPLE are the Leaders
      and INSECURE PEOPLE make their decisions based on FEAR
      so the WAR ON TERROR feeds the Fears of ALL regardless of the Religious or Political Perspective we choose to follow
      now Just the Perceived Threat is enough to bring things to a stop
      and perceived threats can be created by anyone anytime
      the source of the information has to remain confidential to protect the intelligence services
      SO we are asked to TRUST our Leaders who are Ruled in their own Lives BY FEAR
      Can you TRUST and RESPECT and LEADER who is RULED BY FEAR
      I do not know about you
      In Love I ask Prime Minister Badawi to show how much he loves Malaysia and
      Stand Aside
      To call elections within the Party for ALL Positions
      (Please note: I am not calling for a change of government I am calling for a Change of Leader for His and the Nations Highest Good)
      I recommend you make the same call in your country if you have a leader who is ruled by Fear
      That's what LOVE DOES
      I am calling for 100 Malaysians who are willing to chant a Mantra for One Month for the peaceful Transition of Leadership in Malaysia
      Contact Me and I will send the Mantra to You. I will not disclose your name to anyone unless you wish it
      Remember a Mantra based on love CANNOT HARM anyone. God does not harm and neither should we.
      If you want to do the same in your country ask me and I will ask for the mantra for Your Country
      Wo Ai Ni
      Aum Aum Aum


      Radiating Truth from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love

       (c)JagGY, Julono 3  (13th Diamond)- 1 November 2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The 13th Diamond with all as you are guided in your heart·




      Colour: Black and Dark Brown, with white or Grey inclusions


      Card Name: "Kokopelli's Dream"


      Chakra: Base (1st)




      Numbers: 1 & 8


      Cultures: Native American, Mayan& Aztec, Roman & Japan


      "Kokopelli's Dream" takes you into the heart and mystical womb of the Great Mother. It is a direct link to the realm of Gaia and her grounding energies. Obsidian was born out of the fiery forces of the earth, rebalancing herself through volcanic activity. It is created as the lave erupts from the earth, cooling too quickly to crystallise, then forming layers of glass like Obsidian.


      Obsidian has always been a tool of healers, shamans and medicine men, and in many ancient cultures was used for scrying (a form of divination and prophecy) It is associated with the drawing off and removal of negative energies, dispelling unwanted forces from our auras and environments. Snowflake Obsidian, with its striking black and white markings, is perhaps the most beautiful member of the Obsidian family, and the most gentle. It absorbs and quietly assists with removing unwelcome negative forces.


      Obsidian is an extremely grounding gem. It can support those who lack integration into the physical world, by giving them a deeper connection with it. It provides an amalgamation or synergy, with the power of the earths energies, allowing us to acquire a greater understanding of how to connect with the forces of nature.


      The Power of Obsidian is best experienced by placing it at the base chakra and solar plexus regions. It provides stability and serenity, in getting us in touch with ourselves. It is a very meditative and introspective stone. Snowflake Obsidian has an affinity with the past and retrieving information needed by us in the here and now. By meditating and embracing Obsidian during contemplation, we are opening ourselves to our spiritual history. It can help us  to access past life knowledge and in formation. Obsidian is most strongly linked with knowledge of our spiritual ancestors and teachers. The Native Americans had information pertaining to obsidians connection with tribal history. They used this gemstone during shamanic journeys of inner exploration.


      Best with: Hematite, Jasper, Agate, Smokey Quartz and Sugilite.


      The message of Obsidian is to look within, and to look to the earth for your answers and insights



      The Ooranya Kalori (The Rainbow message stick) in Brisbane with Gaele from the 3rd November 2006
      The Rainbow Body Program with Jag in Kuala Lumpur starting on 11th November 2006
      WO OH NI AI

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