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Fw: 13 Gemini The Angels of Diplomacy

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    ... From: Spiritus Sanctus To: Spiritus Sanctus Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2001 2:46 PM Subject: 13 Gemini The Angels of Diplomacy ... 13 degrees Gemini The Angels
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      Subject: 13 Gemini The Angels of Diplomacy





      13 degrees Gemini

      The Angels of Diplomacy

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Paschy"


      The thirst for spiritual perfection is the instinct of Life Force. The Life Force is the indwelling Divine Consciousness in all Beings.

      On the path of mental wisdom, as the children of God embrace and embody polarity with all encompassing unconditional love through the Angels of ‘Bagoloni’, they are ready to bring enlightenment to all peoples and all beings of the universe.

      As you know, INTENT that is in harmony with the INTENT of the Unified Field, which is the Web of Life, desires only the highest good of all concerned. This is the source of all Wisdom and it is also the way to automatically access All-Penetrating-Power. The INTENT of the individual aligned with the INTENT of the ALL equates to unlimited all-penetrating- POWER.

      We bring access to absolute clarity and the highest purity of all ideas, combined with high intuition concerning the rhythm of life and harmony-legality, to every child of God who must tread the path of diplomacy. Regardless of the immensity of the problems, we inspire eventual success in all diplomatic endeavors.


      P…Our longing for spiritual perfection is expressed as devoted humble service.

      A…We confer enlightened wisdom which takes the form of eloquence and mental powers and talents.

      S…We totally control humans and their consciousness and bestow clairvoyance and the gift of prophecy.

      Ch…We unveil secret knowledge about life and death.

      Y…We teach humans to see and know prophetically the fate of all creatures, man or animal, infalibly.’

      The melody created by the letters of our name are the notes of B, G, G sharp, D sharp, and C sharp.


      Here is our story:

      David heard the sounds of confusion in the murmur of the crowd. It was up to him to avert war and he knew it.

      He turned and faced the glittering reception hall of the Ambassador. None of the others had any idea how to solve the problems facing them. He closed his eyes and prayed to the Angels of ‘Paschy’ for inspiration.

      "Angels of Paschy," he prayed fervently, "You must pull off a miracle, many miracles, to heal this wound and protect the hearts of the people."

      Too many people had already died, too many promises had been made and broken. Something had to be done.

      Ambassador Fervante appeared mysteriously at his side. With sly eyes he whispered darkly, "David, I hear that the United Kingdom is preparing a new line of defense."

      David turned and looked him directly in the eye. He knew intuitively that the Ambassador held the key to the whole situation. Going deeply within, he connected with the light hidden beneath the darkness in this man’s consciousness.

      "Ambassador," he replied, "I know that you have the solution already in hand."

      Not wanting to appear off guard, the Ambassador was momentarily silent. He had not the slightest idea what David was referring to.

      David continued, "I hear that you have come up with the most brilliant plan for defusing the situation on the East Bank."

      Quickly the Ambassador’s mind performed a thousand calculations, what could David be talking about? He decided he had to find out what David knew.

      David casually turned and picked up his goblet of wine. "Ambassador," he said looking him in the eye with great admiration, " I cannot believe that no one thought of this plan before. I just wish that you had spoken of this sooner. I am sure it will lead to the cure for all of our problems."

      By this time the ambassador was completely mystified. What was this brilliant plan that David kept thanking him for? Was this a joke, a hoax? He looked suspiciously at David and said, " I am glad that you appreciate it. I did not want to announce it before I was certain that it would work."

      David placed his hand on the ambassadors elbow and led him to a small alcove off the main ballroom. Sitting down, David again looked at him deeply, " I have to hand it to you Ambassador, you certainly had us all fooled."

      Calling on the Angels of ‘Paschy’, David took a giant risk. He took both of the Ambassador’s hands in his own and closed his eyes. He said quietly to the Ambassador, " Let us pray, you and I, for the success of your plan. Surely you will be hailed as a great hero for generations to come."

      Ambassador Fervente closed his eyes. Suddenly he felt himself shift into another reality in another time and another place. He was a small child again, playing in his Mother’s garden on the outskirts of the village. The cows lowed far off in the distance; a dragonfly hovered over the brilliant and towering flowers.

      It had been many years since he had remembered. It was before the great war, and the great suffering that destroyed the fabric of his life and his consciousness.

      Deep, deep he went into the memory. All awareness of the glittering ballroom faded. He was looking down at his own tiny hand as he held a struggling caterpillar. How beautiful the caterpillar was! How fat and how helpless! Gently, gently he touched it, wanting only to bless it and protect it from harm. "Mother?", he asked, "Where can I put him to make him safe?"

      "Here, my pet," she softly answered, " Put him here on the flower. He will spin a cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly. He will know that you have loved him and he will return and kiss you when he has wings to fly."

      Suddenly he jerked back to the present and looked with alarm at David. "What did you do?", he asked nervously. "How did you do that?"

      Feigning surprise, David said nothing. A long silence followed. Then David said, " Ambassador Fervante, I think your plan to restore the East Bank to the insurgents is brilliant. It will make you a hero and take their mind away from gaining control of the harbor."

      The Ambassador’s head snapped back and a look of fear passed over his face. He felt his heart flutter and remembered that the doctor had not given him a clean bill of health. He knew that his time was short.

      "David," he said quietly, "Thank you for reminding me of the necessity of haste in this matter. I will see that this gets implemented immediately."

      David moved away. Ambassador Fervante sat and remembered the butterfly. How he longed for his Mother’s touch! The glamour of power and prestige left him like a mist rising off of a lake. He sat there alone with his own soul.

      The next day he made the calls and set up the meetings. In a week the army had pulled out of the East Bank. The plan proved brilliant and he was hailed as a hero.

      The strange change in his character continued. Ambassador Fervantes had changed from a worm to a splendid creature of soaring spiritual strength. In spite of his weak and failing heart, he worked tirelessly to bring peace to the region.

      The next spring when he died, people from both sides mourned. Over his grave a tall flower bloomed. A magnificent butterfly kissed the etchings on the monument that read, "Here lies a true hero, one who cared more for the people than he did for his own life."





      Previous angel messages are on line at





      Names or phrases in italics or single quotation marks are quoted or paraphrased from the books

      of Franz Bardon, ISBN 3-921338-02-6 [The Practice of Magical Evocation] and 3-921338-13-4 [The Key to the True Quaballah]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.

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