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Conference Call Update, Oct. 3 - 9

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    This page is up at www.spiritussanctus.com Beings of Light Cynthia Rose Young
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      Conference Call Update

      This page is up at www.spiritussanctus.com
      'Beings of Light'
      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser
      Weekly Conference Call Update
      October 3rd thru October 9th
      Full moon, Friday, October 6th, 11:12 pm EDT 
      When NESARA is announced, all conference calls will be suspended until after the education.
      ( 1-2 weeks? )  After which, we will only be meeting on Thursday nights, temporarily, as a means of keeping in touch with each other.
      ***Important Note about printing this document included in the footnote area near bottom.
      : Cynthia's Special Class
      Call Carol for details: (760) 367-7718
      : Daytime Call
      Book Readings 1 to 4 PM (EDT)
      Ph: (212) 990-8000 Pin: 5454#
      : Inspirational / Meditative -
      From 8pm to 11pm (EDT)
      Ph: (212) 990-8000 Pin: 5454#
      : Open Visiting and Sharing News, unless we book a special speaker.
      From 9pm to 12 midnight (EDT)
      (212) 990-8000 Pin: 6552#
      : Information and Teaching Call,
      (Health, Technology, Law, etc.) -
      From 11:00 am to 4:30pm (EDT)
      Ph: (212) 990-8000 Pin: 7446#
      Gratitude Call - 1st Sunday of Each Month - (Nov. 5th)
      From 6:45pm to 10pm (EDT)
      (212) 461-5800 6467#
      MONDAY:  "Higher Realms" ~ Antarah Rose
      12:45 pm - 4pm (EDT)
      Class closed.
      MONDAY: Ancient Teachings for Today’s Lightworker ~ Sterling McVay
      From 9pm to 12 midnight (EDT)
      Ph: (212) 990-8000 Pin: 5454#
      WEDNESDAY CALL: October 4th, Class #48
      9pm to 12 midnight (EDT)
      Cynthia's special class: for information please call Carol at:
      (760) 367-7718
      : October 5th ~ Book Readings with Carol
      Currently we are reading and reviewing "Telos, vol 3 ~ Protocols of the 5th Dimension".
      Join us for a gathering of those of us led to learn more about the de-mystifying of "ascending" to the 5th Dimension.
      1 to 4pm (EDT) ~ ph: (212) 990-8000 Pin: 5454#
      : October 5th
      Weekly Inspirational and Meditative Call
      This is our weekly "Family" call. The usual format is visiting by everyone on the call during the first hour. The second hour is for meditations, reading of poetry, interesting items, etc., and the third hour is more of the second hour and/or with Tara and Rama including a session from Mother Sekhmet.
      "Spirit" often leads this call. Sometimes we will plan a special guest that is appropriate for this call, but more often than not, this call is loosely structured, so we can enjoy the flow of spirit. Please join us. This is a call on which we get to know each other better.
      Looking forward to meeting you here.
      8 - 9:00pm (EDT) ~ Phone Family Visiting Time
      9 - 10:00pm (EDT) ~ Spiritual and Visualization Hour
      Angel Su will open the call with prayer and meditation leading into Sterling's most loving, spiritual session of us co-creating the Reality we want through group visualizations . Join us in a very powerful visualization to bring Light into areas most needed.
      Cynthia will complete the hour with a session on putting into practice the dynamics of processing feelings in a group context. She draws from many metaphors and life experiences to share her light during these transitional times. Not to be missed!
      Angel Su is filling in for Agi until further notice.
      ~ Agi, our prayers are with you and Wilfred. ~
      10:00 -11:00 pm (EDT) ~ TARA & RAMA

      Tara, Rama & Mother Sekhmet will close the hour with their wonderful insights, perceptions and revelations in these changing times.
      8 to 11 pm (EDT) ~ (212) 990-8000 Pin: 5454#
      : October 6th 
      9 PM to 12 midnight (EDT) ~ (212) 990-8000 Pin: 6552#
      Visiting and Hard News unless we have a special guest.
      Special Guest ~ LENNY BLOOM
      Tonight will be jam-packed with exciting news.
      Don't miss tonight ! ! !
      : October 7th
      11:00 am to 4:30 pm (EDT)
      (212) 990-8000 Pin: 7446#
      PLEASE NOTE: The 1st 30 minutes of this call is for the callers to visit
      with each other. The next ½ hour is for the day's schedule, teasers for upcoming events and other information important for the group.
      ~ ( Health, Technology, Law, etc. )
      This call is designed to keep our family current on information from many fronts. We enjoy presentations from health professionals, product information, intuitive counselors, and more.
      Each week we have 1 & ½ hours of info on our national and worldwide current events--Breaking News, if you will.
      Often, Cynthia will bless us with a Trauma Clearing session. This is a process Michael developed during his years working with combat vets with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Cynthia knows that Michael wished to teach this method far and wide, since it is a self empowering technique that is simple enough for almost anyone to learn. These are "don't miss" events, folks. You won't find this wonderful information in a book, as Michael has left that behind for Cynthia to carry on with.
      1) 12 noon - 1 pm (EDT) ~ JAMIE E. SMITH
      JAMIE, the tourguide, will be talking about the REAL history of the so-called "Civil War",
       which took place in the USA from 1861-1865. Many lies and myths about the Southern
      culture and people will be exposed, as well as the truth about what really happened on
      both sides during this war and the real reasons it was fought. Prepare to be shocked!
      Jamie was previously a professional tourguide in New Orleans, Louisiana for 25 years,
      until forced to evacuate due to Hurricane Katrina. She now lives near Baton Rouge, La.
      Personal website:
      Phone:  (225)  341-4805
      2) 1 pm - 2 pm (EDT) ~ TAMMY HOLMES
      TAMMY HOLMES, internationally renowned medium, coach
      and event producer shares her gifts and guides seekers in the release
       and purging of what does not serve their spirit and the surrendering to Spirit.
      She is a Wellness and Spiritual Coach, as well as a Teacher who has toured
      the U.S. for the past 8 years, studying "A Course in Miracles" and has provided readings
      for clients since 1996. Tammy has been a peace circle leader for Marianne Williamson's
      Global Renaissance Alliance for the last 2.5 years. Her workshops are powerful and enlightening, as she is a true lightworker whose very presence speaks of love and guides you to your own peaceful connection with Spirit.
      Events, November Concerts, The Awakening Concerts, Workshops
       November 16,17th Phoenix, AZ.
      I will be talking about how we all know how to manifest and know what it is we desire.
       Then why is it we still are not receiving what we are desire?
      I will talk about how to open up your energies to receive more and to ok with it.
       Most of us are not used to receiving on any level, especially unconditionally.
      This is an opportunity to learn where you are blocked in your thinking that creates your experience. Getting clear on receiving is the key to manifesting.

      3) 2pm - 3:00pm (EDT) ~ TARA & RAMA
      Up to date "Breaking News" from those who have been there and have seen it. Years of first hand involvement give both Tara and Rama a great base of credible knowledge that they are willing to share with us, who are hungry for their fare. Serious information, playful presentation.
      You may email questions you have for these incredible one's to:
      or Call Carol at: (760) 367-7718
      They will address as many questions as time allows.
      Thank you Tara and Rama! We love you!
      4) 3:00pm - 3:30pm (EDT) ~ BRUCE McDOUGALL
      Current News not available on regular media.
      During this half hour we bring a range of subjects to the attention of the Phone Family. From "HARD NEWS" that you won't hear on Mainstream Media, to Political, Military, Historical and Earth events.
      5) 3:30-4:30pm (EDT) ~ SURPRISE HOUR
      Y'all come ! ! !
      (Cynthia will not be with us today. She will be back next Saturday.)
      "Higher Realms"
      12:45 - 4 pm (EDT)
      Class closed. No new members.
      "Ancient Teachings for Today's Light Worker"
      Sterling McVay will be sharing his 33 years of knowledge about Sanskrit, yoga, the Master's and more. This class will help us prepare for changes in Body, Mind and Spirit, as well as the outside changes that we may be experiencing. If you are interested in becoming more knowledgeable about these amazing gifts, and, also enjoying more serenity in your life, you won't want to miss these classes.
      9 pm to 12 am (EDT)
      phone (212) 990 8000 Pin: 5454#
      Due to listener’s not being vigilant about keeping their phones, and speakers on MUTE, we cannot enjoy opening our Caller Line for Questions.
      If you know someone who is not MUTING their phone, and/or speaker, please let them know, so they can be more conscious about monitoring their phone.
      We miss the interaction of the family, on our calls, and would like to go back to opening up our Caller Line.
      Thank you very much for your Help! If you have any Questions for Saturday Presenters, Contact them Directly, or Call Carol, before the Saturday Call.
      For Questions and/or Suggestions for Future Calls,
      (760) 367-7718
      Attached to this mailing is a Rich Text Formatted document
      to be saved and used for print-outs.

      The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.

      THE LAW OF

      We are all one.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are helped.

      Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

      and I AM one with all;

      ALL CONCERNED happen.

      I give thanks that this is done.

      SO BE IT!






      It is natural that the minds of God & Buddha are peaceful.  However, human beings indulge in selfish interpretations of God & Buddha.  The difference in values among human beings gives rise to judgements.  These produce opposition and conflict.  God &  Buddha never think to conduct a war.  So called religious wars do not mean war between religions, but war which is produced by believers.

      War must not happen in this world in order for human beings to have their true happiness.  If the world is not peaceful, people cannot live happily.  In order to make peace in the world, we human beings should mutually realize and practice the following:

      1. By means of intellect which only humans have, we acknowledge the holiness which exists behind the universe.

      Having given up our ego as much as possible by our own will, we try to combine ourselves with holiness.
      3. By such efforts we mutually serve to help others.

      By such deeds, we positively follow the harmonious rule of the great world.

      If we do the things mentioned above, eternal peace will be not only brought to this world, but the individual will also be guaranteed essential salvation.  And only in these efforts are to be found the noble value of human beings and the highest way of life for man.  The highest way of life and the root of the value of human existence is to be found in each human being.
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