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The 13th Diamond - Your Intergalactic E Mail ~ 044 ~ 2 October 2006 ~ What will you do today to make your world a better place?

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  • JagGY,Julono 3, Your Personal & Corporat
    Transformation comes from within It is time to release and let go It is time to move forward into new ventures, without the cords of past beliefs and
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      Transformation comes from within

      It is time to release and let go

      It is time to move forward into new ventures, without the cords of past beliefs and patternings

      The first step is acknowledgement

      the next step is choosing on all levels of your being to allow change to happen

      come with me and enjoy the journey

      Gaele Arnott 28 September 2006

      Music Playing is:  ahavatiai

      Don't Take Sides quickly 

      From my Practising Spirituality with Taoists course

      Dynamic interplay comes about when material forces evolve. A line leads to something above and something below, which polarizes into opposites that lead to the reverse. Night always becomes day, and day reverts to night again. A circle has a centre and a circumference: inside the circle and outside the circle. The cycle of life flows from being to nonbeing, and back to being. Define an object and you also define what it is not. Don't take sides quickly, because you know that revision takes effect.

      -- Annellen Simpkins and Alexander Simpkins in Tao In Ten

      Don't Take Sides Quickly
      Pay attention ~~~ we are not told to be neutral
      We are told to TAKE TIME
      To Hear with our Hearts
      To Hear with our Eyes
      To Hear with Our Souls
      To Hear with Love
      Then when we take a Position to ask if it is for our highest good and for the highest good of all beings
      Then if we are in a state of Unconditional Love
      We Act
      In love
      Many Countries in our World today are OUT OF LOVE and have Leaders who are OUT OF LOVE
      and as such they do things to perpetuate their Positions
      Malaysia's Prime Minister
      America's President
      Zimbabwe's Prime Minister
      to name just three
      The list is almost endless
      when we look at  these leaders we see living proof
       "The first sign of corruption in a society that is
       still alive is that the end justifies the means.":
       Georges Bernanos
      Malaysia's Prime Minister has just extended his term as Party President (and thus Prime Minister) by 18 Months in response to growing calls for him to step down
      in the name of serving the people
      He is the most dangerous Prime Minister the Nation has ever had universally UNLOVED
      That's why I keep him surrounded by Reverse Fuchsia Mirrors
      (and I copy him with today message)
      All of us can use Reverse Fuchsia Mirrors to speed up Divine Justice
      If by chance we are wrong
      A Reversed Fuchsia mirror cannot hurt anyone who does things based on love
      In our world there is so much UNLOVE in the actions of the worlds leaders
      who are good at seeing what is wrong with others
      and cannot see the damage they are doing to themselves and  their own people
      They cannot admit mistakes
      They use their positions to enhance their own position
      regardless of the long term damage they do to their Nation
      My concern is Malaysia it is My Home (now)
      Your Concern should be YOUR HOME
      You should be looking at what is happening where you are and acting IN LOVE to change
      The System, The Leaders who put themselves above the suffering of others
      and especially when they claim they are doing it to
      Protect The Nation
      Remember if we see something and do nothing
      Everyone can do something
      What will you do today
      to make
      a Better Place
      I Love You





      IS FOR


      Edmund Burke


      Radiating Truth from and To the Cosmos with Pure Love

       (c)JagGY, Julono 3  (13th Diamond)- 2 October 2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share The 13th Diamond with all as you are guided in your heart·
      Who comes to mind as you read The 13th Diamond? -
      They need the message and You are the messenger!


      Vajradakini - The Dakini ofVajras In Tantric Buddhism, Dakinis are dancing goddesses.

      Their name is derived from the Sanskrit word for space. Their name in Tibetan, Kbandroma, means "sky-walker."

      The space that the Dakini dances in with such freedom and abandon is the mind.

      Each Dakini is a representation of an aspect of a Buddha manifesting in the world through our minds.

      They are like the Anima Mundi of Western alchemy.

      Vajradakini is the manifestation of Aksobhya.

      She holds his vajra in her right hand. Because Aksobhya favors wrathful manifestations, she is sometimes shown holding a skull cup or standing on a corpse.

      She is the manifestation of wisdom in one's psyche.

      She is a good idea or clear, unobstructed thinking.


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