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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone on this lovely fall Sunday in America: As I woke a few minutes ago, I realized that I had neglected to share the message from my Doreen Virtue
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
       Hello everyone on this lovely fall Sunday in America:
      As I woke a few minutes ago, I realized that I had neglected to share the message from my Doreen Virtue card deck yesterday.  I was so involved in defragging my computer that I  just totally forgot about this message.  So let me share it now.  It may be a little late, but at least it is a good way to start the day -- even though the card I drew for us all relates to sleep.
      I do apologize for not sharing this last night, when it would have been more appropriate, but just keep these words in mind when you go to sleep tonight.
      That said, let me now get to the message from this wonderful angelologist -- Doreen Virtue.
      "Take a look at the topic of sleep in answer to your question.  Most likely, this is a message for you to get more rest.  Cut unnecessary activities from your schedule and get a good night's sleep, if at all possible.  If emotional upsets are keeping you awake, give them to God and your angels.  Yu can easily do this by mentally picturing your angel holding a bucket (for those of you who are good at visualization).  Put all of your troubles into the bucket, and watch the angel take them away to Heaven, where everything is resolved.
      "Make sure that your sleeping space is conducive to a good night's rest, and check that your bedding is clean and hypoallergenic.  Your increasing sensitivity means that you need to avoid chemicals and allergens in your bedroom; and it also needs to be dark, quiet and cool.  Fresh air can help you as well.
      "This is also a message to take more time for rest during the day.  You are pushing yourself too hard.  Avoid or cut down  on stimulants  such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine and chocolate.  Take frequent meditation breaks -- even  two minutes of closing your eyes, taking deep breaths and always holding positive thoughts will also help."
      What I got from this message today is that whatever it takes to help us all get some extra rest during the day and to sleep good every night, we should be doing -- besides  taking sleeping pills.  I am not sure about anyone else, but when I have a lot going on in my life and stay overstressed during the day, I also cannot sleep at night.  So I am in the process of trying all kinds of different methods to help myself relax more during the day and get some much needed rest every night.  I do not take sleeping pills and never have; I want my sleep to be restful -- not forced.
      One more tip for those who have niggling problems they cannot get rid of before going to sleep.  Do like the man in the story we have all seen who hung his problems on a tree beside his front door each night when he came home from work -- to pick up the next day.  Or imagine a clothes line in your mind and picture yourself hanging your problems on it to get back to later.  In both cases, when you go back to deal with them later, you will find that they are not nearly as crucial or as bad as when you placed them there.
      Then, even if you are one of those people who just cannot seem to let your problems go, put them all in an imaginary box the entire week and then set a time each week when you will deal with them all-- like fifteen minutes each Friday afternoon.  Be sure to use a timer for this.  And during that fifteen minutes, you can get upset, scream, cry, hit the wall, whatever -- for fifteen minutes only.  After that, promise yourself that you will let them go completely. 
      I am finding that the last one method works really well for me, right now, probably because it gives me a chance to vent any anger I may have -- for fifteen minutes.  Fifteen minutes of venting is all I seem to need anymore, probably because I don't get that upset that many times during the day or even the week anymore.  In fact, the only times I have been really upset in the past few months have been related to problems with my computer, and, believe it or not, my periods of frustration and anger are getting a little bit easier to control each time I have a problem.
      For now, to all of you special people, I wish the most blessed and joy-filled day possible.  May you day be filled with  serenity, light, and hope and touched by love in some special and beautiful way.
      Peace, love, light, harmony and angel hugs,
      P.S. The midi I am sharing is called 'All Through the Night,' and while I know it is not appropriate right now, it will be tonight, and every night.
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