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Jaguar Speaks That time of the month

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    That time of the month L I F E S T Y L E ... Health Sunday October 1, 2006 That time of the month GOOD VIBRATION By JAGUAR SPEAKS I MADE a very special Mala
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      That time of the month

        L I F E S T Y L E

      Sunday October 1, 2006

      That time of the month

      I MADE a very special Mala for a Malaysian lady a week ago, and that is the basis for this week’s message. She had just started her monthly cycle and she was concerned whether she should use the specially prepared and blessed Mala.  

      Some beliefs tell us that the time a woman cleanses her body is a time of uncleanliness. It is not ! The time when a woman’s body cleanses itself of the lining of her womb (menstruation) is in fact a time of great power.  

      Let’s remember that the lining of a woman’s womb provides the life force for a newly conceived child. So how can the source of a life force be in any way unclean?  


      Power source 

      The fact that the blood leaves a woman is no more than a natural cycle and a return to the earth of the unused energy source. During this time a woman is more aligned to the natural world than at any other time. Men do not have this blessing. Sure I know that words like “the curse” and other negative words have been applied to this time. However, I want women in Malaysia and around the world to understand that their monthly cycle is a time of great power and there should be no restriction of any activity during this period.  

      Traditional societies have long recognised the power in the released blood of menstruation, and this is often mixed with herbs and other plants to make healing paste. In these societies, these healing paste and lotions are used in so many diverse ways, many beyond our ability to comprehend. 

      Just as there is a cycle for the production of the egg to be fertilised, so there is the production of a fresh supply of blood to provide the nutrients. Certainly some women have pain when they enter their monthly cycle. This is also a natural part of life and many natural exercises are available to open the channels to allow for painless discharge. 

      It is not necessary to feel pain. Pain has become part of the psyche for menstruation and part of the genetic heritage we need to clear as we balance the matriarchal as well as the patriarchal energy. If we learn to balance and enjoy life, then we enjoy all aspects of life and pain is more easily controlled. If we are in balance with self, then old concepts held within pain barriers disappear.  

      Some women become a bit moody at this time, but only because their body is letting go to allow the new to come in. 

      In life we need to constantly let go of what we have to become what we can be. The monthly cycle of our women guides us on how regularly we need to “let go” – at least once every 28 days. 


      Green tourmaline 

      Crystals assist us in this “letting go” process and this week I am recommending green tourmaline, which presents an image of the “fountain of life” and is a powerful reminder of the spiritual source that nourishes our lives.  

      The crystalline majesty of green tourmaline communicates to our hearts and spirits of the beauty present in our world. It represents the inner and outer states of balance we aspire to achieve.  

      Green tourmaline has a strong connection with the plant and devic kingdoms. In several ancient civilisations, it is connected with fairy magic, and devas linked with the plant domain. Devas are the energetic light beings responsible for maintaining stability within the mineral and plant kingdoms. Devas help to link the two realms together, establishing a balanced interplay between them. 

      Because of its intense green colour, this variety of tourmaline is intimately connected with the heart. It helps draw us up from the place of reacting with fear, to moving into action through love. It opens the heart centre, helping us look at what is really in our hearts and what we truly desire. 

      Green tourmaline is a crystal of prosperity and wealth. It brings an awareness of prosperity first to our spiritual nature, and then it filters through to our material lives. This ensures true prosperity and success are expressed and created. 

      It also helps to generate abundance in the arena of the life force. Tourmaline has a strong energy field around it. This can even be experienced physically by rubbing a tourmaline wand onto a paper and seeing it create a field of attraction to small pieces of paper left near it. 

      Tourmaline wands have been used by shamanic practitioners in Native American and African cultures. These shamans were aware of the potent energies available for healing and balancing our bodies. Those tourmalines with a natural crystal termination intact are the most powerful ones for healing 

      Green tourmaline has a positive male or yang polarity of energy, serving to balance feminine or yin energies in those striving to assert a more ascendant force in themselves. 

      The Message of green tourmaline is: “Your true prosperity and success is measured by your spiritual wealth and success.” 


      Healing essence 

      I had just made another special mala for another friend in Australia. I had to “break” 13 of my crystal bracelets to make the new Mala. As I was breaking and re-making, I was clearly hearing, “Break the past, let go. What you have has to change its form so you have to break and remake in a new form.” 

      The universe of which we are a part of wastes nothing, so when we are willing to let go of what we have from the past, it becomes transformed into what is needed now. Just as the aboriginal women of traditional societies utilise the power and energy of their menstrual fluids to make healing balm, so we can use what seems “unclean”, but is actually vital life force energy, to heal in ways we cannot imagine. 

      This week I share with you a special vibrational healing essence you can make yourself. To create one for yourself or to share with others, you may choose to make an essence by sitting a bowl with purified water in the sun and using the graphic to sit under the bowl while your essence “cooks” (usual duration is two to three hours, but you may “feel” that this essence needs a different time to cook). 

      This would mean using the traditional Sun Method for creating a vibrational essence. It is usual to preserve the essence by mixing it (half and half) with a good quality brandy. If for religious reasons or because of health issues, then the essence may be created with apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerine. I also use non-alcoholic combinations for babies and young children. 

      The shelf life for the vibrational essence is considerably longer if you use brandy or vodka compared to the apple cider vinegar/vegetable glycerine combination. You store the vibrational 13 stone essence in a coloured glass bottle and take a few drops at a time as is usual with any vibrational essence. 


      Alternately you may wish to simply stand a glass of water on the graphic included with this column (see illustration) which you should print out. You then drink the glass of water as often as you choose. You would need to place your graphic in a plastic pocket or laminate it in order not to damage the paper printout. 


      My personal message 

      When I made the master essence, this is what was given to me: 

      In the Name of God the most gracious, the dispenser of Grace, 

      All Praise is due to God alone, the sustainer of all the worlds, the most gracious, the dispenser of Grace, Lord of the day of Judgement. 

      Thee alone do we worship and unto thee alone do we turn for aid. 

      Guide us the straight way, 

      The way of those upon who thou hast bestowed thy blessings, not of those who have been condemned nor of those who go astray. 

      The two peacock feathers that went to Borobudur with me, 

      Two pieces of peacock rock, 

      I of the lotus blooms (whole bloom with leaves separated and inside exposed fully) 

      I piece Selenite, 

      I piece Fire Agate, 

      The Curved Knife Lama Tool, 

      A Vajra Dzi. 

      From the dreamtime we have come, 

      It’s time to transform all, 

      Just one drop is all it takes, if your heart is pure. 

      From near and far we call to you. 

      Your time is now dear friends, 

      The Galaxies call for you with open arms. 

      Just take the drop with love, 

      The Peacock and its eyes so bright will transform all of you. 

      Your heart your body, soul transformed, 

      Go and be THE ONE. 

      Just ONE is all it takes to make the difference your world needs. 

      You heard the call and answered it, 

      You are Our chosen ones. 

      You transformation did begin as Borobudur’s steps you climbed, 

      Now its time to spread the love and help your world transform. 

      The essence you have made with love was made from our pure love, 

      You listened and you heard and did as your hearts said. 

      So all you lent in any way their energy to this juice have paved the way for all to rise and be the light they are. 

      The pain is gone, you have come home. 


      We are One. 


      Jaguar Speaks (Hj Mohd Hazri Humphreys) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer dedicated to identifying and healing the root causes that hold organisations and people in negative consciousness. Join Jag on his journey around the galaxy. With jaws of life, he prowls the highways and byways, bringing love, life and healing to all humanity. The Jaguar is the bridge between the world’s cultures and religions, showing us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes only when we life a life of love and live as one. Visit Jag at http://www.cosmicevolution.org/CirclesofLifeJagGY.html  . 




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