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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: Don t you just love this stationery that a very special friend from down-under, Gaele, shared with me? No only is it beautiful but all of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2006
      Hello everyone:
      Don't you just love this stationery that a very special friend from down-under, Gaele, shared with me?  No only is it beautiful but all of the angels are in mauve and white gown, which is an added plus.  Thanks so much, sweet Gaele, for this special gift today.
      First of all, the message today from my 'Angels All Around us' desk calendar for today is:
      "It is the grand decree of God, the One Eternal Mind, to unite the kingdom of the angels, mankind and the elementals (the elements!)  With angels trumpeting at our side, this is not hard work, but a natural rising of consciousness that can only be described as joyous. --- Lynn Fischer, 'Angels of Love and Light"
      Since God is all That Is, omnipotent, omnicient and omnipresent, I guess it would make sense that when all is said an done and He wants to have all of His children around Him all the time, along with all of His other creations, this idea makes perfect sensese to me.  And as it says, for this to be done could only be described as joyous as well as absolutely wonderful for allo uf us.
      Now for the words from my tiny card deck of 'Angel Power' cards made by Wulfing von Roher and Gayan S. Winter, today's message is"  "End this evening with an inner song of thanks."
      You know the old saying "If the only prayer you ever pray is 'thanks, that would be quite enough."
      I am not sure who said that but think it might have been someone whose name we all recognize, maybe even a saint.  
      Again, a great message for us all to think about today. And with that, let me bring this mesasge to a close and say again, that I hope your afternoon is going swimmingly (I never do know for sure what that means but I just like saying it and hope it means good!) and that your evening will be filled with happiness and joy as as stress-free as possible.
      Peace, love, light, harmony and angel hugs,
      P.S.  The midi I used today is called 'Thanking You, Lord' and I know that it came from Gaele also, along with one of her Moment messages.  Thanks again, my special Aussie Music Angel.
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