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Fw: June 4

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Monday the 4th of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.


      Jupiter opposes Mars and trines Uranus.

      Courage blends with idealism to give devotion to the Path. When dualities are harmonised, the result is an increase of Love-Wisdom in the world.

      A lot of separative Sixth Ray energy is being transmuted into love and compassion. This is where the courage of the spiritual warrior comes in. Exclusive belief systems and devotion to personal spiritual concepts and separative ideologies can be transmuted into a more compassionate, heart-centred and inclusive understanding of the universe.

      We are learning to talk to each other and create dialogue. Seeing both sides of an issue is the beginning of wisdom.


      The Sun in Gemini opposes Pluto in Sagittarius.

      The warrior energy today is strengthened by this aspect which calls on us to focus on healing our emotions and integrating our personality. We must learn to make peace with the warring aspects within ourselves before we can expect to create peace without.

      The critical degree of a sign is the last degree. We are called upon to transmute the negative aspects of that sign and to invoke the positive aspects. A Mercury station on the critical degree of Gemini suggests that we need to go beyond superficial understanding and ask the really important questions in our lives. Are we really happy and do we feel passionate and alive within ourselves?


      Mercury stations retrograde at 1:16 AM.

      Against this background, Mercury’s station at the critical degree of Gemini is very significant. We need to develop an awareness of our internal dialogue that goes on all the time.

      This is especially true if we are constantly whispering negative self-defeating thoughts to ourselves and reinforcing negative affirmations about ourselves. When we stop blaming others for our problems and focus on our own healing, we have already won half the battle. We have come out of denial.


      The Moon conjoins the fixed star Agena at 5:39 AM and opposes the fixed star Capulus at 6:21 AM.

      The pain of learning and male aggression. Our flight or flight nervous system has served us well until now. We are no longer hunter-gatherers forced to fight off wild animals. Nevertheless, we often behave in the same fight or flight patterns of our ancestors. This has often led to sociopathic tendencies and other forms of inappropriate behaviour.

      We no longer need this excessive adrenaline to flood our systems. Our nervous system is being transformed in order to adapt to new conditions. Humanity is learning to adapt the nervous system to a new more enlightened way of life.


      The Moon squares Uranus at 7:29 AM.

      The emotional intuitive realm combines with electric will. This influence is a test for sanity and wisdom. We may be tempted to make sudden erratic decisions based on our emotional conditioning or triggered response patterns.

      When our desire nature is centred around the personality, we are likely to make decisions which serve our selfish interests and egocentric desires rather then our Soul aspirations.

      Such actions lead to repercussions until we finally learn that ‘what goes around, comes around.’ The path of Dharma is the path of serenity and enlightenment.


      The gibbous Moon goes void in Scorpio at 7:29 AM.

      In any case this is not time to take action, but rather a time to reflect. The void Moon often gives rise to poor judgement in the outer world where the left brain must be employed. The time is much better spent making our inner life a priority. We must be stable within before we can become stable without. As above so below.


      The Sun opposes Pluto at 7:48 AM.

      This aspect is happening at the same time and suggests that the decisions we make have almost fated implications because our Soul aspirations are being tested for separative emotions and attitudes.

      Self-inquiry(Atma Vichara)requires that we begin an internal dialogue regarding our purpose for existence and the nature of life itself. Self-inquiry and meditation help us attune to our Soul-purpose.


      Mercury parallels Hades at 11:11 AM.

      The nature of these tests is described by this influence. This aspect clues us into the disintegrative forces that are unleashed when we indulge in our separative emotions and mental attitudes.

      These forces are associated with the general debasing of conditions, undermining influences, breakdowns in communication, capitulating to our weaknesses, maliciousness and promoting our own agenda over the common good.

      When we examine our negative feelings, Hades teaches us face our shadow and awaken our spiritual discrimination(Viveka). Emotional depth-work is recommended(see Trauma Clearing or email for the information).

      The Moon enters straight forward, freedom loving, philosophical Sagittarius at 4:58 PM and this ends today’s ten hour lunar void cycle.

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