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Fw: June 3

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Subject: June 3

      Sunday, the 3rd of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.



      This festival is observed on the seventh Sunday after Easter, commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles as they celebrated the ancient Jewish feast of Shabuoth (see Acts 2.1-4). In the Church of England and other Anglican churches the festival is called Whitsunday, a reference to the white robes traditionally worn by the newly baptised.

      Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow.

      Uranus opposes Lilith and sextiles Mars, Chiron, Galactic centre.

      The Sun opposes Pluto today and tomorrow.

      Mercury stations at a critical degree in Gemini. This means that we need to pay attention to the higher spiritual values of Gemini. Gemini is all about resolving polarities into higher Unity.

      Gemini helps us to first become consciously aware of duality before we can use synthesis to transmute the duality into something new, more beautiful and inclusive.

      Superficiality and excessive talking is an aspect of Gemini that we can well do without.

      There are powerful healing opportunities in the areas of lack of commitment, the maintenance of rivalries, personal freedom, emotional detachment and resentment.

      There is the need to align the personality with the right use of will. Certain aspects of the personality related to the will may need to be transformed so that the personal will can be aligned with our Soul-purpose.


      The Moon Squares Neptune at 2:16 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with wisdom. There are strong qualities of love and devotion in this influence. Discrimination is needed to distinguish between true devotion to Service and emotional confusion generated by exclusive attitudes.

      These mental and emotional patterns can now be released and transmuted into more heart-centred energies through emotional depth-work.


      Jupiter conjoins the fixed star Bellatrix by longitude at 5:46 AM.

      Success through the shadow


      This star promises great potential but only through a journey which deals with the more difficult aspects of our psyche.

      Courage, fighting spirit, strategic talents and the ability to organise must be used with wisdom and discrimination. There is an opportunity to heal reckless aggressiveness and belligerence in our personality through emotional depth-work.

      The Moon Scorpio trines Hygeia in Pisces at 8:22 AM.

      We can use our intuition to find where our damaged emotions are causing stress in our physical body.

      Disharmony manifests in mental and emotional realms before becoming apparent in the physical realm. Our physical health is intimately connected with our emotional and mental health.

      Our health improves as we bring various aspects of our life into balance.

      We have a choice of using illness as a means of justifying retreat and withdrawal or it can teach us to develop compassion and acceptance of human frailties.


      The Moon is inconjunct the Sun at 10:11 AM.

      This is a chance to look within and see what aspects of our personality need to be transmuted in order to make our life more beautiful and aligned with our Soul-Purpose.


      The Moon parallels Pluto at 10:33 AM.

      This aspect give opportunities to transmute damaged separative emotions. Our personal empowerment takes place when we transmute damaged emotions and integrate the personality. This allows us to use the mind positively and affirmatively. Old programming is transmuted and replaced by positive attitudes of abundance and empowerment.

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