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Fw: June 2

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Saturday, the 2nd of June


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.


      The Moon trines Uranus and forms a grand trine with Jupiter at 1:49 AM.

      The emotional intuitive realm aligns with will and wisdom. This combination encourages us to depart from the routine and to seek out new and different people.

      By allowing ourselves to be fully and freely who we are, we are allowing our energy to flow freely from our own deepest source and to be in touch with the wisdom and creativity of the universe.

      Each of us has an important contribution to make. Attuning to our Soul-purpose is attuning to doing something that we really love to do and that comes easily to us. As we learn to follow our feelings, dreams and visions, we can explore doing the things we love and discover our higher purpose.


      Venus trines Mars and is intersected by Uranus at 3:04 AM.

      Venus serves to modify Mars through spiritual love. The desire nature comes more easily under the influence of our Soul-aspirations. When we attune to the source within, we are able to magnetically attract to us the things that we really want in our hearts.

      As our group consciousness develops, we find that we experience ever more joy when we are able to encourage others to tread the path. Organising people and blending individual talents so that they work with maximum efficiency brings group intent into focus.



      The Moon sextiles Mars, Chiron, Galactic Centre at 4:08 AM.


      This influence helps us to understand how emotions can help or hinder spiritual progress.

      This position gives compassion and balance regarding the needs of others. When we respond to others from deep within the heart, we intuitively know what needs to be done


      The Moon in Libra opposes Venus in Aries at 4:13 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm aligns with magnetic attraction. There is strong sensitivity to the reactions of others. This influence gives intensity of feeling and a desire to interact with others.

      The home could be a gathering place for social activities


      Saturn conjoins Vulcan at 5:58 AM.

      Mental patterns and rigid thinking are challenged and transmuted so that so that we are able to attune to the source. Rather than seeking to discount opinions other than our own, we are learning to forge links between them.

      Vulcan relates humanity to the mineral kingdom. The First Ray energy of Vulcan is teaching us to transform material selfishness in order to implement the Plan on Earth. The conscious use of the resources on our planet can be used for the purpose of bringing humanity together rather than for war and conquest


      The Moon trines Mercury at 10:41 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm aligns with wisdom. This influence gives emotional attunement and sensitivity to feelings.


      The Moon enters motivated penetrating resourceful

      Scorpio at 10:56 AM.

      This influence urges us to distinguish between the shadow and the self.

      Whatever we tell ourselves in our internal dialogue when we are emotionally upset plays a part in the programming that we are creating in our lives.

      By blaming things outside ourselves for how we are feeling simply strengthens the patterns. We tend to justify our negative emotions with our rational mind and this perpetuates the feelings.

      When we re-live a disturbing emotion by staying with the feelings, we can consciously transmute these feelings in a safe non-threatening way by using emotional depth work(see Trauma Clearing message or email if you would like to receive it).

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