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Re: Full moon in Pisces

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  • Skye Coe
    Aloha! This is from a good friend Siobhan from one of her favorite astrlogers-Lisa Dale Miller. If you copy it or pass it along she asks that you give Lisa
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      Aloha!   This is from a good friend Siobhan from one of her favorite astrlogers-Lisa Dale Miller.  If you copy it or pass it along she asks that you give Lisa credit.  Enjoy!  Skye
      Full Moon in Pisces
      Thursday, September 7, 2006
      8:42am HST
      15º 00'
      Partial Lunar Eclipse
      8:51am HST
      Vying for your attention on this Full Moon in Pisces is a stellium of planets in Virgo (the healer/mentor)-Venus (love), Sun (personal motivation), Mercury (mind), Mars (action) and the South Node (accrued knowledge)—and on the other side Uranus (the awakener), Moon (intuition), and the North Node (knowledge seeking) in Pisces (the Bodhisattva). I hope you are ready to step deeply into a celebration of commitment to the enlightenment of all sentient beings. No doubt about it; this will be a very spiritually demanding Full Moon. I cannot emphasize enough the intense nature of this opposition, especially with the lunar eclipse. Though it will be a rather small partial eclipse, the partial phase lasts over 1 1/2 hours. The event is best seen from Africa, Asia, Australia and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, none of the eclipse is visible from North America.
      The Sun/Mercury in Virgo and Uranus/Moon in Pisces opposition represents a revolutionary call to bring awareness to the condition of your emotional mind in an effort to uplift all other minds on the planet. Add Mars and Venus in Virgo to the mix, and the mindfulness revolution becomes extended to include attending to the quality of action and relationship. This is the night to commit to right action and right relationship; both of which are rooted in the intention to do no harm.
      So you think emotions are produced by the heart? Think again. Every emotion you have is sourced in your mind and mediated primarily through the production of neurotransmitters and enzymes in the brain. Thankfully, the human body is wired so we feel our emotions in the heart. But actually the quality of what we feel rests solely with how the brain's synaptic and neuronal pathways are wired. The good news is the brain is plastic. So mindfully attending to the quality of our thoughts, feelings and interactions actually enlivens compassion, empathy, and depth of intention—and rewires the brain. In fact, this Full Moon is perfectly set up to help you create a ritual that will move the group's mind as well as each individual mind toward the most evolved form of the Pisces/Virgo axis: sacrifice, service and enlightenment.
      Pisces is known for its desire to let go of self-identification thereby allowing the soul to merge with its source; pure consciousness. What a finish to the last two weeks of Waxing Moon work on our Virgo commitment issues. This is the night to put into action all of your intentions around better health, healing, facing addictions, and giving of yourself in service to the community. A life lived in sobriety and moderation follows a road that opens one to the disciplined joy of learning to sit with pain and suffering, while learning to open oneself to compassion for that suffering.
      So, no messing around with those most devolved Neptunian/Piscean hedonistic fantasies. Don't waste this Full Moon mired in the negative spectrum of Pisces: partying the night away in a drug or alcohol induced haze. This is the Full Moon to join with others and be lifted out of denial and ignorance. The world is suffering and we all need to wake up and do what we can to relieve suffering. Take responsibility for your own suffering and the suffering of others. Love yourself by loving others. Do what you can to stay in the present and in your heart.
      Two truths: We are all connected and there is no security; for all things are uncertain. We are nothing and everything; full and empty. It is time we relearn to care for each other and start living communally in love and peace. Pisces wants to transcend all perceived separations. This Full Moon comes at the start of harvest season and foreshadows the coming of nature's transition into the winter months of rest and renewal. If you were unaware of how much you have, hopefully a quick look back one year to the Katrina disaster will awaken your sense of gratefulness and a need for recognition of the impermanence of all things.
      On this Full Moon it is important to recognize the fundamental relationship between gratefulness and non-attachment. Use this Full Moon to look at what you cling to and your fear of letting it go. Do you spend most of your time grabbing and craving for more things; trying to fill your inner emptiness with a multitude of possessions? We come here with nothing and leave with nothing. Why then do we hold so tight to things that will not last? This is a great time to ask, "What can I freely give away? What can I share?"
      Tackling the issue of non-attachment makes a great group ritual. Ask your guests to bring something they truly love that they feel ready to give away. During the ritual allow each person to openly express his or her desire for, and attachment to the object they brought, and talk about what it will mean to no longer have it in their lives. Some groups decide to exchange items with each other, while others donate everything to a favorite charity or thrift store. Either way, this giveaway ritual becomes a wonderfully freeing and very Piscean experience for everyone involved.
      Use this Full Moon to create a group ritual for your family, friends, and/or community that centers on healing anger and pain. Acknowledge your own anger and pain, take it in your arms like a baby, wrap it in compassion and let love work its healing magic upon your soul. Know that your pain does not define you. Find your true self in your compassionate heart and create the conditions for peace to grow within and without. Then seek to acknowledge the pain of others while acknowledging your part in causing them to suffer. Wrap them up like a baby with your compassion, allowing love to work its healing magic. Go to them; tell them how sorry you are. Allow them to reciprocate these compassionate feelings to you. Realize that what is done to one is done to all, and create the conditions for peace to grow.
      The Pisces Moon uses an intuitive recognition of truth and with Jupiter in Scorpio, we can have the courage to face what is painfully true about ourselves and our relations with others. Add a section to your ritual where each person picks a personal sacred cow and puts it before the group for some good old-fashioned Socratic questioning. With Mercury in Virgo, your analytical skills should be quite agile. Don't be surprised if you find yourself questioning everything on this night.
      This is the Full Moon to practice compassion and selflessness by radiating peace and calm through group prayer and meditation. Unlike Virgo, its opposite sign, Pisces knows no distinctions or differences: it perceives the unity within the diversity. Pisces acknowledges our essential connectedness and realizes it through the practice of unconditional love and unwavering compassion. Pisces is Bodhisattva consciousness embodied in self-sacrifice. Pisces' bottom line is to learn to love unconditionally, and to work for the collective enlightenment of all sentient beings; no matter how hard it may be or how long it may take.
      Because Pisces represents unconditional love and compassion, it must also deal with anger and hatred. If we waste our lives holding onto anger, resentment, and hatred, we will continue to create a world that reflects our own inner violence. Be aware that the hatred and anger in your heart is helping to feed the violence we see all over the world. It is time to stop the senseless killing we create all around us. Give up the label of victim and embrace your own part in continued killing. It is the first step to becoming a peacemaker. If you fearlessly open your heart and let compassion be your guide, you will automatically become an active peacemaker. Love is the language of selflessness. If each of us would practice this language daily, violence would surely end.
      So on this Full Moon, join with others to pray and work for peace. Allow Uranus, the awakener, in Pisces, to open your mind to alternatives. Utopia is a mindset that finds it source in the transcendent bliss of the nothingness/everythingness. This is your source; call it what you wish, but use this Full Moon to dive deep into source and open yourself to the interconnectedness of all things.
      ©2006 Lisa Dale Miller
      All rights reserved

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