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Short and sweet slogans

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  • B K
    Short and sweet slogans Action is eloquence. Precision brings effectiveness. Hold the roots and keep the wings. Vision is a mission. Work is worship. Peace is
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2006
      Short and sweet slogans
      1. Action is eloquence.
      2. Precision brings effectiveness.
      3. Hold the roots and keep the wings.
      4. Vision is a mission.
      5. Work is worship.
      6. Peace is the language of the soul.
      7. Faith is the aroma of the soul.
      8. Love is the essence of the soul.
      9. Purity is the nature of the soul.
      10. Silence is an art.
      11. Freedom starts from within.
      12. Cheerfulness is a treasure.
      13. Smile for miles.
      14. Sharing is caring.
      15. Dance with joy.
      16. Creativity is the spice of life.
      17. Wisdom is the treasure of life.
      18. Wisdom is an inner reservoir.
      19. Pray for all.
      20. Pray for peace.
      21. Prayer is dignity of soul.
      22. Co-operation is a good-will.
      23. Be the master of the self.
      24. Everything is possible.
      25. Nothing is impossible.
      26. Impossible says Im possible.
      27. Patience brings power.
      28. Be concise, clear and positive.
      29. Think positive.
      30. Be positive.
      31. Dont worry.
      32. Today is made for you.
      33. Have commitment and get accomplishment.
      34. Pick up virtue from everyone.
      35. Be your own true friend.
      36. Be the friend of all.
      37. Just relax.
      38. Just do it now.
      39. Just do it.
      40. Goals are like magnets.
      41. Design today and gain forever.
      42. Let go and lets go together.
      43. There is no other alternative of hard work.
      44. Make gratitude your attitude.
      45. Keep smiling.
      46. Check your intentions.
      47. Check your motives.
      48. Have motivations.
      49. Create your own success story.
      50. Be the master of your success story.
      51. Concentration is the key to success.
      52. Determination assures success.
      53. Smile brings success.
      54. Sincerity brings success.
      55. Goals attract success.
      56. Your good-will attracts success.
      57. Success is my birth- right.
      58. Success is disguised behind hard work.
      59. Create a difference for success.
      60. You can win.
      61. Defeat laziness and be the winner.
      62. Have a winning smile.
      63. Prefer to win.
      64. Character is your identity.
      65. Character is your dignity.
      66. Character is your personality.
      67. Reflect inner joy.
      68. Reflect peace of mind.
      69. Knowledge is power.
      70. Accumulate knowledge and grow wisdom.
      71. Be the solution.
      72. Create an interest for a inevitable tasks.
      73. Begin your day with a smile.
      74. Begin your day with a prayer.
      75. Begin your day with a determined thought.
      76. Begin your day with a pure thought.
      77. Keep learning and keep growing.
      78. Life is a journey.
      79. Responsibility earns mastery.
      80. Have value for all values.
      81. Sky is the limit.
      82. Make a difference.
      83. Choose happiness.
      84. Speak soft, sweet and less.
      85. Create inner space through meditation.
      86. Explore inner reservoir through meditation.
      87. Reflect inner beauty through meditation.
      88. Meditate for world peace.
      89. Meditate for best wishes towards all.
      90. Now or never.
      91. Seek and get.
      92. Give and get.
      93. Share and multiply.
      94. Every problem will change you.
      95. Just wait and hoe for the best.
      96. Hold the flag of hope.
      97. Pray it down and pray it up.
      98. Accept change and enjoy success.
      99. Every day new avenues of success open for you.
      100.    New horizon of success is waiting for you.
      101.    Choose to succeed.
      102.    Believe in yourself.
      103.    keep the faith.
      104.    Believe and you will achieve.
      105.    Dont trust the clouds-trust the sunshine.
      106.    Dont set your compass by the flash of lightening-set in the stars.
      107.    Trust the sun-dont trust the shadows.
      108.    Believe in your dreams dont believe in your despairing thoughts.
      109.    Have faith in your faith and doubt your doubts.
      110.    Trust in your hopes never trust in your hurts.
      111.    Decision-making is easy if there are no contradictions in your value system.
      112.    Lord, give me the guidance to know when to hold on and when to let go.
      113.    Lord give me the guidance and the grace to make the right decision with dignity.
      114.    Attack your problem with courage and your possibility with enthusiasm.
      115.    Adjust your mind to changing times.
      116.    Always add up your strength.
      117.    You are stronger than you think you are.
      118.    Accept the fact that you can be successful somewhere, somehow, someway anyway.
      119.    Affirm that you can do it.
      120.    Positive words provoke positive results.
      121.    Positive words inspire positive emotions.
      122.    The words you choose will change your mood for better or worse.
      123.    You and only you can shape your personality.
      124.    I deserve to succeed as much as anyone else.
      125.    Commit yourself to a dream.
      126.    When you are inspired with a dream, God has hit the ball into your court.
      127.    A giving attitude is the secret to successful living.
      128.    Every beginner is a winner!
      129.    Junk the junk food of your mind.
      130.    You may not be able to control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you will react.
      131.    Knock out all kinds of forecasts of gloom and doom.
      132.    Knock out discouragement.
      133.    Persevere: dont give up.
      134.    Look at what you have left, never at what youve lost.
      135.    Quit complaining.
      136.    The me I see… is the me Ill be!
      137.    There is no substitute for work.
      138.    Beginning is half done!
      139.    Brownouts do not have to be burnouts.
      140.    There will never be another now Ill make the most of today.
      141.    There will never be another me Ill make the most of myself.
      142.    Dont kill the dream execute it!
      143.    You wont win if you dont begin!
      144.    Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.
      145.    Todays decisions are tomorrows realities.
      146.    Gods delays are  not Gods denials.
      147.    You can choose what your problem will do to you.
      148.    Every problem holds positive possibilities.
      149.    Every problem has a limited life span.
      150.    Never let a problem become an excuse.
      151.    Put your problem in proper perspective.
      152.    Every living human being has problems.
      153.    If its going to be, its up to me!
      154.    Its impossible to fail totally if you dare to try.
      155.    When youve exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You havent!
      156.    Tough time never last, but tough people do!
      157.    Do surrender leadership to FAITH.
      158.    Do you think you are terrific? You are!
      159.    If God is for us, who can be against us?
      160.    Quality questions create a quality life.
      161.    Masterpieces take time.
      162.    Repetition is the mother of skill.
      163.    Raise your standards.

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    • Skye Coe
      As many today are experiencing the freedom from a regular day at work and taking holiday on this Labr Day in the United States, I thought I d share this
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 4, 2006
        As many today are experiencing the freedom from a regular day at work and taking holiday on this Labr Day in the United States, I thought I'd share this beautiful piece just sent to me by a dear friend with all and with many who have written to me recntly and I haven't taken the time to respond to.  It is sent in the spirit of honoring whoever your guides and gods are be they internal or external.   Please pass along as is appropiate.   Thanks to each of you for being such a wonderful part of my life!   A Million Blessings to You!  Enjoy! 
        > This movie is a production beautiful in both pictures and words. It is
        >a piece of a greater intention as
        explained in a related website.
        >     It does take about 4 & 1/2 minutes to view.
        With Aloha!  Skye
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