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  • Mike Eggleston
    Our angels and guides are always with us :) ROXANNE YOUNG wrote: Mike once again... I do agree with you. See what happens with me. I
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 1, 2006
      Our angels and guides are always with us :)

      ROXANNE YOUNG <my4by4forus@...> wrote:
      Mike  once again... I do agree with you.  See what happens with me.  I see the angels standing next to my native guides in protection of me.  And I feel Gods hand on me telling me he is pleased.  I feel the love inside  from all of them.  The guideance of the divine ones. 
      What I have learned.  Is prayer is my one on one phone call to God.
      But meditation is how I see  the guides and angels. 
      And like you.   All I have to do ..  Is allow the blending of all.  To work in harmony.
       I have more native guides,  And moments.. Then angelic ones.   Now.  But in the beginning.  I saw  the angels often.  Then as I allowed them to enter into my life.  I welcomed the spirit of others. 
      I am now being  asked to learn more on Shamans.  But when I joined a site.  I found that site to be full of
      unkindness to one another.  And ego! 
      So  I got disappointed.  Thinking.  Why can't  Shamans  still repect the teaching of All forces.  And not be so unkind to one another.   But I know 4 shamans.  now.  That  hold love and light of the Great spirit. 
      I am now willing to learn more!   Thanks for your answers.   Roxy
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      While being a Shaman I do Believe that Jesus was one of , if not the greatest man / prophets in history among others .... I try to follow the teachings of truth and compassion in all I do, I am very disapointed at what the religious fundamentalists are doing in the name of religions world wide.


      Mike Eggleston <awakened_1_consciou sness@yahoo. com> wrote:
      hey Roxy!
      I am a Shaman, if i have to put a label on it...lol, yes I believe in God, not in the organized religion way, but the source of all creation, light and love. I work with energy, nature and practice meditation and healing. It is really taking the ancient knowledge that has become labeled esoteric and use it for the highest good of all  people, animals, planet, universe, infinity...

      Being a Shaman really consists of Knowing and communicating with the spirit world, knowledge of this world. combining the wisdom of the spirit in the physical . Everything I do is based on INTENT for the highest good of all.

      Hope this helps a little

      Peace and Love

      ROXANNE YOUNG <my4by4forus@ msn.com> wrote:
      Ok..  teach me.  
      What do Shamans and wicca, sorcery,  ect ect.   Believe in god and the angels?
      They don't right?   Roxy

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