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Through the Looking Glass

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  • Mike Eggleston
    Through the looking glass.... By: Mike Eggleston Through the looking glass we are able to glimpse the future. Through belief we are able to experience and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      Through the looking glass....

      By: Mike Eggleston

      Through the looking glass we are able to glimpse the future. Through belief we are able to experience and interact with the unseen. Through determination we are able to triumph, even over what seem the darkest of days. There are so many paths, so many choices one can make. The realm of existence is infinite in the possibilities. So many easily deny, or write off what they do not know, what seems unfamiliar to them. So many get angry or violent when their beliefs are challenged or discussed. So many skeptics in a world that has been conditioned to accept this way of thinking. You have to think, do I believe what I do because of experience, or because I am told to? Many do not understand or believe, because they can not see it or sense it with their 5 senses. It is like the child who see's spirits or the person who experiences psychic phenomena and then is told it is not so. They are told not to believe in "fairy tales". And there for the sense is not nurtured and lies dormant, waiting to be awakened.

      Through the looking glass we are able to know truth, bring it into this realm we call home and share it with those seeking to learn. Belief has everything to do with it. Words are sometimes so useless in describing what we want to, because those words do not translate what we truly feel. How can we explain something in a way someone who has not had the experience will understand? We cant. We can only describe it so they can hopefully catch a ripple effect of that energy, the thought, the emotion. There is so much about ourselves and our world that we do not know. Partly because it is hidden and not taught and somewhat because of the way we are all conditioned to react. We are taught words for objects, colors, emotions, sounds, and everything in our physical world. But do those words truly represent what something is? No.

      Reality is manifested in such a way that our very thoughts, our very consciousness are unknown to most. Most go about their life’s unaware of the forces and energy affecting their actions and their life’s. We wake up go to work, come home, possibly a few tasks or places to go and we repeat the process over. Most do not notice the "coincidences" in their lives or see the meaning behind chance encounters, or events that bring us messages and insight into our lives. Thankfully this is changing. Everyday more people are getting the "feeling" that something else is going on in their life. That some other force is present. Whatever you want to call that force, Nature, The Universe, God, Source, etc.... It is all the same.

      Each day is a new day, a chance to change, a chance to learn and grow. Each day is a new beginning, a new chance to wake up and experience life in all its beauty. There is so much change happening in this world that many are so distracted they feel lost and do not know which direction to move. We are each responsible for our own emotions, actions and feelings. It is a choice how we react to a situation and how we will live our life. Your Job, your bills, your surface appearance does not make the person you are. To many fall into this role, and feel trapped and grow frustrated. We are all one, every action we make affects the world we live in. Every time we hurt each other or nature we hurt ourselves. We all have the choice to use love over fear in every situation we face. Once we realize our true nature and our roles in this world we are able to gain control of life. To say that something doesn’t affect you personally, for example, war, global warming, the struggle of poorer nations, or that it doesn’t matter because the impacts wont be felt for another 30 or 50 years is ignorant and closed minded. In the here and NOW we must come to the universal realization that we are all connected and everything that is going on in our world, is being affected by our actions.

      The looking glass is there if we choose to see, to learn to truly see, with our hearts. It is there if we choose to open our minds eye and accept our destiny. The truth is not always as easy as we would like, it is the equivalent of taking the red pill or the blue pill, but when we choose to drop the games and see through the illusions of this world, the truth is the only way. Remember, the entire planet is going through changes, we are all in this together. There is no place left for Ego or getting a big head. There is no place for ignorance, hatred or greed. There is work to be done here and we need to help each other, at all times, even when we may tend to disagree. Learn to see, feel and make decisions with your heart, for the benefit of all.

      Peace and Light


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