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  • Mike Eggleston
    I have come to find labels are meaningless in this day and age. Its all about what resonates as truth with each soul, and that we keep aware that we are all
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2006
      I have come to find labels are meaningless in this day and age. Its all about what resonates as truth with each soul, and that we keep aware that we are all Divine and we must act in accordance of what is in the best interest of all. And that the Divine, Source, God , whatever name we give him / her is the essence of all that is.

      We are all one.


      ROXANNE YOUNG <my4by4forus@...> wrote:
      Aren’t you all just amazed.  How many different levels and aspects their our to ones on path or journey? 
      I am learning so fast.  ( by choice).   That at times I have to stop and reflect.  And I still end up wondering if I missed anything. 
      What I do miss?  Is more  love for God. Not my own Faith.  But in seeing the way others view their own path. And how they left him out.  And the angels.
      When I started my path.  I wanted to learn everything.  So I studied it all. Tried different levels of understanding on  the views of others.   Tested it for Truths. 
      Held on to the things I knew to be correct.  But learn to let go and allow the flow to show me more.  Found there is a difference between meditation and prayer.  And the way we pray to God isn't the same way we communicate t our spirit guides and angels.   Once the  third eye developed.  I saw my guides and angels.  So it became more  difficult  to deny they are there.  I hear people say all the time. 
      Yes.  We are Gods.  We are made in the image of God.  We can be God.  But then I wonder why.  People don't put as much time in on prayer as they do on meditation.
      I brag/ claim to be a healer.   But the next breath  I reclaim it to God.  I always say. Let his desires for this situation be done.  I'm just the hands.  He is the energy.  He is the facilator.    I can't explain,  how I am able to see the spirits.  All of them.  The ghost.  Or the  native guides.  Or the animals spirits as well. 
      Its different then feeling the energy.  You can feel them around you as well.  You can smell them around you.  I still havn't seen a fairy.  But know they are real.  I am starting to understand Heaven is on earth.  All around us.  And death isn't to be feared.  That fear is of the dark energy.   I am still lost in why there is things such as Wicca or sorcery.   Why play with the dark energy as I see it.  Still learning! 
      I have talked on line to a few Shamans.  That aren’t very nice!  ha ha.  But I'm not trying to judge.  Just sharing where I am at in my thoughts and my journey.   I know shamans are healers.  And I fall more under the line of this as well.  Or medicine person.  Or mystic.  But what is with the label.   When did  I'm a Child of God ,  go out of style?   Could I have gotten this far with out him?
      One of the things I can say.. Just like some of the Dark side issues I've mentioned.  Things I didn't understand before.. I do now.. And use them.  Like crystals.  Or Herbs.   Or  meditation verses prayer.   What automatic writing is used for.   How to receive your own guidance.. Use your own intuition.  How to use a pendulum  for confirmation of answers.    To use a pendulum for healing  or finding water.   or Essential oils.  Native spirit information.  Music to heal!  Drumming.  Reiki healers.. verses  one with no training.  Ha ha. 
      There is so much to learn.  
      But for me.  I still need to feel I am pleasing God.  I want to aid all the animals.  And the spirits that need my assistants.   But I also need to  know God is pleased with me!  And so...
      I know when I allow the guidance.  Good comes.  When I don't try and listen.  The confusion of the world takes over.    I know   when you hug a tree.  And ask the tree to aid you.  You do rebalance your energy.   The more time you spend in nature.  The more wholeness you will find.  
      And please people.   Let go the past.  It aided us in becoming who we are today.   Now..lets work with what we know.  and trust the  teachers will come if we are to learn certain things. 
      But... don't be afraid to say... Jesus   I need you!    Aman.   Roxy

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