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Owl Totem

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    Owl Totem From the animal speak book of Ted Andrew re written with tons of mistakes. ha ha. Roxy No bird has as much myth and mystery surrounding it than
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      Owl Totem    From the animal speak book of Ted Andrew
      re written with tons of mistakes.  ha ha. Roxy
      No bird has as much myth and mystery surrounding it than the owl. Most perception of it are confuse.  It is not unusual to get contrary opinions of the owl.  It has an ancient aura of mystery about it.  Part of this is because it is nocturnal Bird and night time has always seemed mysterious to humans.
      The owl is symbol of the feminine, the moon , and the night.  It has been called a cat with wings.  It has been worshiped as an idol and hated as the reincarnation of the devil.  It has been believed to have great haling powers, both in North America and on other continents, Because of its association with the moon, it has ties to fertility and seduction, for the moon is the arouser of men and owls. The owl is the bird of the magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom. 
      To the ancient Greeks the owl was associated with the goddess Athena.  And its was a symbol of higher wisdom.  It was the guardian of Acropolis. To the early Christian Gnostic's, it is associated with Lilith, the first wife of Adam who refused to be submissive to him. To the Pawnee. it was a symbol of protection, To the Ojibwa, it was symbol of evil and death. To the pueblo, it was associated with the Skeleton Man, the god of death , but who was also a spirit of fertility.  " owl medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic, both black and white."
      Many superstitions beliefs have come to be associate with it.  Owls have been thought of as the reincarnation of the dead.  In Wales, the owl has come to be associated with fertility.  In heard around a pregnant girl, it indicates an easy birth. The most predominant is that of the owl being able to extract secrets. It was believed in ancient Rome that to place a feather or part of an owl on a sleeping  person would enable you to discover his / her secrets. This is all tied to one of its keynotes, especially when we look at its acute vision and hearing. 
      The owl is a bird of the night, and the night has long been a symbol of the darkness within---the place in which humans hide their secrets. The owl has great vision and hearing. They can adjust in an instant from a telescopic to a microscopic focus. The pupils respond in a fraction of a second to very minute changes  in light intensity. The owl's eyes are specially adapted to detect subtle movements.  They also have extra light - sensitive cones and rods in the retina to help with this.
      The yellow coloring of the eyes is very symbolic.  It makes the eyes much more expressive. but it hints of the light of the sun, alive in dark of the night. The lives through the owl at night.  Meditation on this alone will reveal much about the magic of the owl within your life.  Contrary to popular belief, the owl can see very well during the daylight.  It is just more effective and more acute at night. 
      Even in the darkest night, with its acute eyesight an owl can pinpoint the exact location of its prey.  Its hearing is just as keen as its  eyesight.  The ears of the owl are asymmetrical, and one ear is usually larger than the other.  They are also located in different positions on the head.  This enables it to sort out the auditory signals it picks up. facilitating it being able to locate its prey more easily. 
      The barn owl can locate its prey as easily or even easier with its ears than its eyes.  it will swivel its head and rock back and forth to pinpoint noises of prey with great accuracy.  It will also make period clicks as form of echo location. 
      One who works with owl medicine will be able to see and hear what others  to to hide.  You will hear what is not being said,  you will see what is hidden or in the shadows.  You can detect and pinpoint the subtleties.  This can make others uncomfortable because they will not be able to deceive you about their motives or actions.  Owl people have a unique ability to see into the darkness of others' souls and life.  This is very scary to most people.  This vision and hearing capabilities has metaphysical links to the gifts of clairvoyance of clairaudience as well. 
      The owl, as a bird of the night, can teach all the secrets of the night.  Theses secrets involve everything that transpires when the sun is gone. Owls are the eyes of the night, and they see what is not in the open . They have secret knowledge that they can  share.  Their medicine can extract secrets.  
      There are over 100  species of owls, and they have always had an intimate link to humans.  Where ever humans live. so do rodents the primary food of owls. Because of this , owls live where ever humans live, so do rodents, the primary food of owls.  Because of this, owls live where ever humans live.  The unfortunate part is that many hunters and farmers kill owls frequently, believing cats will do a better  with rodents control.  Nothing is further from the truth.  A barn owl can kill ten times the amount  of mice than a cat in a single night and more if their are young to be fed.
      Like humans, they blink by closing the upper eyelids, giving them a human expression which has added to the mysticism of owls.  Unlike humans thought, their eyes cannot move. Their neck is flexible. giving them a wide range of peripheral vision. They cannot turn their heads completely around, but they do move it  so quickly that it gives that appearance.  The symbolism  of the neck and its flexibility should be mediated upon for those with owl medicine.  If your neck is stiff and inflexible, you are hindering your perception to great degree.  Neck massages would be very beneficial for anyone working with owl totem.
      The owl, like hawks, and other birds of prey, has a third eyelid. This nitrating eyelid moves from side to side.  It closes the eye. clearing its vision . Again your were born very perceptive---with a vision of others that you may or may not have recognized or acknowledged.  Often those with an owl as power totem have a unique ability for seeing into the eyes of the soul of others.  Often these perception are discarded as wild imagining or with such phrases as " Why in the world would I think  that about  this person?"  These kinds of imaginings, positive and negative, should be trusted. 
      The mating habits of owls follow similar patterns to others birds.  The male will often increase its hooting and dance to get the attention of the female. Many owls like living alone and only come  together for breeding. ( haha.  OK.  I'm an owl! )  So the female, especially of the great horned species, only mate when she truly trust the male.  Some owls of the great horned species , only mates when she truly trusts the male. Some owl  mate for life, such as the barn owl. Others mate and stay together only until owlets leave the nest. 
      Many owls do not build nest.  They will lay eggs in the forks of trees or use abandoned nest of together birds.  Because they often have unusual nesting procedures, it is not uncommon to find owlets and fledglings at the base of tree  where they have fallen. Many people pick them up , believing them to be abandoned. this is rarely so.  If left alone. the mother will take care of them. 
      Usually only the female will brood, but the male will keep the mates and owlets in steady supply of mice.  A male feeding the female and her brood can kill dozens of mice  or its equivalent in a single night. This attest to the great hunting ability and rodent control that an owl can bring to an environment. 
      Owl fly silently. The front edge of the wings has fringe that silence the flight.  Most owls have wings that are great for the size of the owl.This also enables the owl to fly slowly and smoothly,, facilitation its silent hunt.  This silence  is something that all with an owl totem should practice.  Keep silent and go about your business. This will bring you the greatest success.
      Some owls are endangered .This is partly due to destruction of habitat and partly due to unthinking hunting.  The spotted owl is threatened or endangered in many states. This is due predominantly to hunting and the perception of owls as pest.
      Much study has been done on owls in regards to their prey.  This is possible predominantly due to " owl pellets." An owl will usually swallow its prey whole and head first. The parts of the prey that are indigestible ( bones, fur, teeth claws. and such) are then regurgitated in form of pellets.  This is very symbolic act in which much significance can be found.  In the swallowing of the prey head first, the owl takes into itself the wisdom and energy of the prey. The regurgitation reflects its ability to eliminate this aspects that are beneficial and unhealthy for it.
      It is important to stuff the individual characteristics of each species of owl,  as well as those for all owls in general. This will help you define exactly how the owl is going to affect you and your life. In the context of this book, we are only going to examine six particular owls, But this will be enough to provide you with an idea as to how best to relate your owl totem to your individual life. 
      Some owls have a balancing raptor. The owl is lunar and nocturnal, while some raptors are diurnal and solar.  Owls and some Hawks will share the same territory, one hunting and using it by day, and the other hunting  by night. They don't necessarily get along, but they do tolerate each other in varying degrees. These can be seen as solar equivalent. They can be used to balance the male and female. 
      One  example  is using owl and hawk feather together as part of a dream bundle to help stimulate lucid dreaming. For example a red tailed hawk feather  tied between two great  horned owl feathers and hung over the bed may help you assert  your own dream state.  This can be used to develop astral projection or just for conscious control of drams scenario during sleep. 
      The most common example  of owls and their daytime hawk equivalent are found in the  chart below:
      Owl                                                                                 Hawk
      ( lunar/ Nigh time)                                                   (Solar/ daytime )
      Great horned Owls                                                  Red-tailed Hawks
      Barred owls                                                             Red shouldered Hawk
      Screech Owl                                                            Kestrels
      Short eared owls.                                                     Harrier Hawks
      Snowy Owls                                                             White phase Gyrfalcons
      OK.  part two will go into  each of the six owls.   But  that is good for now.
      With much love .Roxy

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