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Fw: Owl medicine... blessing or death?

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    New Message on Paths of Enlightenment Owl medicine... blessing or
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      New Message on Paths of Enlightenment

      Owl medicine... blessing or death?

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      From: ?Gyp§yJaguarT©

      I was drawn to this post because Owl is my main totem.  Owl means many things to me.  Whenever I have a major vision I see Owl eyes in my mind.  I believe that animals or other symbols will show up to us meaning whatever we personally believe.  It is different for everyone depending on your beliefs.  Signs of death can also sygnify something other than a physical death, as in a death of a way of life or way of believing to make room for a rebirth.  Here is what my friend Hawk has posted at another room dealing with Owls...

      OWL -- Owl is the Keeper of the Mysteries -- the dark, silent and mysterious night flier that has so intrigued and terrified the human mind and soul since the beginning of time.  True to legend, Owl is indeed very wise, and will share his wisdom with those bold enough to seek him out and clever enough to listen.  He teaches of the secrets of all things mystical and hidden.  Owl has a decidedly dark and somewhat eerie demeanor, and often frightens others just by being around.  He is sorely misunderstood, though, especially by the few tribes that view him as a bird of ill omen that brings death and doom.  In reality, Owl is strange and rather creepy at times, but his wisdom is truly invaluable.  Learning from him is reminiscent of the archetypal Hero's Journey into the darkness to gain insight and power -- harrowing, but invaluable.  Owl teaches of the dangers of deception -- especially self-deception, the worst kind of all (in this he is much like Dragonfly) -- and of the importance of truth.  He shows us the naked and unfettered (and often ugly) truth(s) of any situation, allowing us to make our own interpretations.  Owl has learned by being something of a (mostly self-chosen) outcast how to turn almost any disadvantage into an advantage, and reminds us that sometimes we have to remove ourselves from the world and shun the company of others for a time to learn important lessons that come from deep within.  Owl is also the patron of divination, and teaches how to interpret readings with vision and objectivity.  He is intimately connected with Grandmother Moon, and is the diametric opposite and natural complement of Hawk.  Like Hawk, he is very stern with students and hard on them, but also like Hawk, is secretly very caring of and almost fanatically loyal to them.  Wise beings listen to Owl's words -- and the hidden subtleties behind them -- when he chooses to speak


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